1. Linessah

    March 24th, All Day! "Bounties, bounties, and even more bounties!"

    We have had enough of the denizens and demons of Sanctuary! March 24th, we will ride out seeking to scour them from the map, collecting (you guessed it!) bounties on them all! Be prepared with the ability to quickly farm bounties. This is an all-day event, so people can come and go as their...
  2. MortaleMago

    Happy Leif Erikson Day!

    Hinga Dinga Durgen!
  3. SLIPX

    SLIPX's Funny Rust Video of the Day!

    Hey guys, today I'm going to start something new. I'm going to post funny Rust videos that I have found off of YouTube. Or at least ones that I think are funny. Anyway, here goes nothing! As Always, STAY RUSTY -SlipX
  4. A

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    I hope everyone has a great day and stays safe!
  5. DrDuck

    Joke OF the day! whit DrDuck ;)

    Her i will post the joke of the day!:beatdeadhorse::GB_bonesrock: . Quack
  6. News Bot

    Weekend console download deals: It's Batman Day!

    "I'm Batman!" Yes, tomorrow marks Batman Day, for some reason. What does that mean for the average gamer? It means deals on the best Batman games across both Xbox and PlayStation. So put on your Batman mask and look for Arkham Knight to go on sale, as well as its Season Pass. The rest of the...
  7. Leo

    Pirates day!

    By the way guys, its pirates day (it ends at 1pm tomorrow). You can go down to Booty Bay and dress like a pirate for a day. :P
  8. Pocalem

    My big play of the day!

    So, I went to ward dragon while the enemy took it to get the timer. Then, I decided Id try a steal. And, I did it! So, if anyone wants to see my Morgana dragon steal:
  9. Booyah

    Massive Patch Day!

    Heroes Closed Beta Patch Notes -- March 24, 2015 cherk hurr uoot
  10. Lord Exinur

    Happy Pi Day!

    (Article by Olivia B. Waxman via Why this year's Pi Day is a once-in-a-century affair March 14 (3/14) is celebrated annually as Pi Day because the date resembles the ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter 3.14 for short. And this years date syncs up with the first...
  11. BruC0Ndr

    Updates: March Update day! It's finally here! Full release notes!

    Yaaay update time! Game gonna have some big changes, new stuff and of course loads of Coast City! Game is down while they working on it! Check the stream here: Twitch And the full release notes here:
  12. Makeee

    Singles Awareness Day!

    So, yesterday was Singles Awareness Day, also known to the general public as "Valentine's Day" Honestly, I hate the idea of Valentine's day. Couples are together all year and yet they need a special day to commemorate their love and affection? Singles are alone all year, and they don't need a...
  13. Lil_Nora

    Anime Girl/Boy of the Day! --- Your daily dose of Hot Anime Characters!

    Please post up pictures of Hot anime girls and boys for the Anime Girl/Boy of the Day! Hopefully we will get a wide range of beautiful anime characters to suite all eyes. It would be very appreciated if you could caption the pictures you post, but its not a must. We just want to see some...
  14. Leo

    Yay launch day!

    I'm so happy it's launch day! hahahahahah.... crap....
  15. kaseibp

    Soccer: European Transfer Deadline day!

    Tons of stories happening today. Looks like Man U is having a fire sale on most of their players. LVG is trimming the fat, but with United still win less, is that the best move? There's been speculation since the the end of the world cup that Falcao was coming to the Premier League. With...
  16. Myzzeri

    Today is the day!

    Patch should be out shortly! Who else is excited?? :)
  17. 0yme0

    Osu! Fun fact of the day!

    The creator of Osu! (IGN - Peppy. IRL - Dean Herbert) also created the very widely known screencap software, This is noticeable easily as the osu website link is Osu.ppy.SH , and the puush link is puu.SH . Link to Peppy's site: Dean Herbert (ppy) Jungraxxx
  18. BruC0Ndr

    Happy Star Wars Day!

  19. S


    The day has come to have pancakes all day for 15 straight hours. Its actually Shrove Tuesday - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  20. silverdaggerfan

    Happy valentines day!

    Hello fellow fever members. Today is a fun day for all you couples out there but for the single people it's ok! We can be together and enjoy this day as brothers and sisters. Fever will always be my second family and I'll be on teamspeak all day if you wanna chill and talk Sent from my microwave
  21. Devon202

    The Joke of the day!

    A blonde goes to the doctor with both of her ears and her right hand are burned. "Sit down and tell me how it happened," says the doctor. "I was ironing my clothes when I received a call. Instead of picking up the phone, I picked up the iron and burned my ear." "'What about the other ear...
  22. Kronius

    Happy Women's Day!

    Well, a little late, but March 8th is Internation Women's Day! Even though U.S. does not recognize it ... but: To all the ladies in Feverclan, thanks for making this clan brighter all around. I am happy to know many of you.
  23. PreciousRage

    Fun website for the day! - Neonflames There ya go :) Post ur images please. I needs them:D
  24. Raiiken

    One more day! Preparation for a long weekend.

    One more day about to go to store tomorrow and get all my food and drinks and get ready to be in my man cave all weekend lol the day is finally almost here :cool:
  25. Miss Joker

    Jokes: Joker's jokes of the day!

    A professor at Auburn University was giving a lecture on Paranormal Studies. To get a feel for his audience, he asks, 'How many people here believe in ghosts?' About 90 students raise their hands. Well, that's a good start. Out of those who believe in ghosts, do any of you think...