1. Phoenix_Ace

    Overwatch Custom Games

    This is a Quick Guide on how to set up the most used custom games we use in Fever Game Nights. Feel free to tweak them and try them out yourselves! I Recommend saving the custom games with the appropriate names! Area's Marked with a * Is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Random Free For All Human VS...
  2. MemeQueen

    Custom Game Modes

    Hey everyone! So it seems our Thursday night game night has turned into a custom game night! They're so much fun and we've been experimenting with some different games. So I decided to post some of the modes and their rules here. (Shout out to Stryver theduckmilker and Cookie for bringing in...
  3. News Bot

    Fortnite Mobile Custom HUDs Now Available, Android Version Coming This Summer

    In a mobile-focused update, Epic Games shares a light roadmap for Fortnite Mobile including the release window for Fortnite on Android devices. "We are targeting this summer for the release," the team says. "We know many of you are excited for this release, and we promise that when we have more...
  4. News Bot

    Quake Champions March Patch Adds Instagib, 2v2 Deathmatch, & Custom Game No Abilities Modes

    Quake Champions has been puttering around Steam for the past year in Early Access, but the developers at id Software hope to add some pep back in the game's step with the latest patch which will be deployed on March 15. They posted this pretty amusing video on the official Quake Twitter account...
  5. News Bot

    New Twitch Rooms Launches Worldwide, Targets Discord's Custom Chat Groups

    At TwitchCon 2017, Twitch introduced custom chat spaces called Rooms and now they're making them available worldwide on web and mobile. Engaging with your community in new and dynamic ways has been a focus of many recent Twitch updates, including Extensions and a couple ways to gamify viewership...
  6. R

    Fortnite custom matchmaking

    Now that Fortnite are looking at adding Custom matchmaking we could possibly in the near future look at hosting Fever clan private tournaments as well as hosting games nights as we haven't been able to do so yet. As well as being able to do these things we could also create competitive Fever...
  7. News Bot

    The Rock Surprises Make-A-Wish Kids with Custom Brahma Bull Xbox One X Consoles

    In case you needed more of a reason to love Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, he continued to be an awesome dude this week. The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment History surprised three special kids from the 'Make-A-Wish' foundation with a private gaming event on the set of his new film...
  8. Aervenor

    Labor Day Game Night is ON

    Hey gang! To all my US folks out there, I hope you've had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend! To everyone else, hopefully you've had a great Monday. I just wanted to give you all a quick reminder that our Monday Game Night is being hosted today as regularly scheduled despite the holiday...
  9. G

    Custom Games

    Does anyone here have access to host Custom Games yet? Would be fun to try some variations such as pistols only, melee, or zombie. Most of the existing custom games are kind of a shit show w/ team killers, afk's, and general weirdos that sing into team chat etc...
  10. A

    48 Custom Controllers for Overwatch Anniversary (PS4/X1)

    Overwatch Custom Controllers - News - Overwatch
  11. Magrath

    Custom game application

    Just seen this posted on subreddit. Custom game application information. - News & Announcements - PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Forums Not sure if we are large enough but it doesn't hurt to sign up and see. Maybe we can do a recruiting blitz for this.
  12. M

    Studying custom spells.

    Does anybody know of a good guide to print off for my adventurers? I really enjoy inventing customized spells like low level moving force walls and such, but my adventurers are so boring sometimes.
  13. TheZombieGam3r

    "The Dawn Test" custom Role Play Game! Recruiting

    Hi everyone, So I'm in the works of making a new role play game called "The Dawn Test". It's similar to the horror game known as "Until Dawn", but with my own twists to the game. In this role play, you will need to survive until dawn by fast thinking, clues, and other things. This role play I...
  14. Ballbuster

    Custom 1v1 Tournament and Friday Game Night!

    This Wednesday 2/15/2017 @7:00pm est Zombie will be hosting our new 1v1 tournaments! If interested show up and try your best against the others! This Friday 2/17/2017 @ 10:00pm est LoL Game Nights back again, round 2! We had almost 20 people last game night let's get some more and have...
  15. News Bot

    Dishonored 2 gets second free update, adds custom difficulty sliders

    The team at Arkane Studios has released the second free update for Dishonored 2, this time adding custom difficulty settings and the ability to go back and replay any mission. The new update, which continues the "play your own way" theme that has made the series so popular, will offer 20...
  16. Toph

    RL Custom Training Code Website

    Some clever folks in the community have created a website for browsing for custom training codes to suit all your needs. Here are the current features: Full training list with filters. You can filter by platform, skill level, position and tags Login with Facebook & Google Submit a...
  17. News Bot

    Halo 5's Monitor's Bounty DLC is free, adds custom games browser on Xbox One and PC

    343 Industries and Microsoft announced Monitor's Bounty, the next free expansion pack for 2015's Halo 5: Guardians. Monitor's Bounty will add a custom games browser and Observer, a spectator-style mode that gives you more control over how you'll watch game sessions. "The new Custom Games Browser...
  18. News Bot

    EA announces 'Line of Sight' custom game type for Battlefield 1, will debut later this week

    EA and DICE announced Line of Sight, a custom game type for Battlefield 1 due for release this week. According to EA's official description, Line of Sight concentrates on medics and scouts—the only two classes available. "With double bullet damage the Scouts are more lethal than ever and...
  19. News Bot

    Halo 5: Guardians will support joining live custom games on PC and Xbox One

    Today marks the first anniversary of the release of Halo 5: Guardians, and to mark the special occasion, Microsoft and 343 Industries is giving away a REQ Pack for all who log into the game today as well as revealing some interesting news for Windows 10 PC players. The Greatest Hits...
  20. News Bot

    Windows 10 and Xbox One getting native broadcasting, custom tournaments, and more

    During today’s Microsoft “Imagine What You’ll Do” event, the company has announced some major improvements are coming to both Windows 10 and Xbox One. One of the first features Microsoft will be adding to Windows 10 is native game broadcasting. When the Windows 10...
  21. News Bot

    Nintendo's Switch runs on a custom NVIDIA Tegra processor

    Following this morning's unveiling of Nintendo's Switch console/handheld amalgamate, NVIDIA shared details on its custom Tegra processor that powers the platform. "Nintendo Switch is powered by the performance of the custom Tegra processor," per NVIDIA's announcement. "The high-efficiency...
  22. Silent_Storm

    Halo Forge PC Custom Games

    So I just found this out and did a little bit of playing. Halo Forge is available for pc on the windows 10 (anniversary) store. It's a normal forge for Halo but it comes with custom games. There is no custom game browser but it has been confirmed by 343 to be added. No date of release. ANyways...
  23. T

    QM or Custom

    Monday night game night..Im giving everyone a chance to pick this Monday night game night style also feel free to post and idea you might have. Thank You, THEBEAR
  24. W

    Worggy's Custom Games 09-30-16

    Worggy's Custom Games After a brief break due to work my events are returning. So you should be able to expect them to be a bit more consistent. Event Type: Custom Games Channel: Overwatch Channels Date: 09-30-16 Time: 1800-2000 CST To sign up simply post your btag and name below...
  25. News Bot

    Making a custom Xbox One S controller with Design Lab is painless but pricey

    It was at E3 2016 where Microsoft announced a new Xbox One controller would allow its owner to customize it any way they like. Microsoft promises over 8 million ways to make each Xbox One S controller unique, which is made possible through its Xbox Design Lab program. And with orders currently...