1. News Bot

    Civilization 6's Next Update Will Add Australia to the Country Roster

    Civilization 6 will be getting another update in the next few weeks, this time adding the country of Australia to the roster of playable civs. And if that wasn't enough, the free patch associated with the DLC will add modding tools and Steam Workshp support are also being included in the patch...
  2. Germanmagnum

    Trump or hilary whos better for country

    So im just curious what everyones opinion is and why
  3. Chaves

    Closed: Users from country not working

    I go here and can't find anyone but they're members from that country. It affects the other ones as well.
  4. R

    Country selcetion

    Is there a way to see how many people are from a curten country or? o.O Watch Ted 2 Online
  5. DuDe Of LOL

    Country selcetion

    Is there a way to see how many people are from a curten country or? o.O
  6. BruC0Ndr

    Resolved: The country flag problem...

    I hope you did not forget Bogo This is still something I'm being bothered by, and also the wrong redirect amoretpax199 was talking about. You found a way so...
  7. Abom

    Great mash up of 6 nearly identical Country songs

    Much originality.
  8. BruC0Ndr

    Closed: When I click on a country flag I get... The Smilie List...

    for example what I get when I click on that link or anyones country flag under their name, I get the smilie list (link adress wont change) Help D:
  9. News Bot

    Country of Denmark recreated in 1TB Minecraft map

    Fans have made so many amazing creations in Minecraft that we've become pretty desensitized to them. Oh, you created a fully functional city in the game? That would have been impressive a few years ago, but the stakes have been dramatically raised. And now, the bar has been set by the country of...
  10. News Bot

    FarmVille 2: Country Escape hits mobile devices

    FarmVille 2: Country Escape has released on iOS and Android devices this week, part of Zynga's effort to revitalize flagging franchises. The free-to-play game lets you build your farm, tend to your crops and animals, and visit with friends--but as an "escape," it is intentionally slimmed down...
  11. News Bot

    Xbox One tours the country with test drives and parties

    Xbox One will be out on November 22nd. But do you need to try one out before plunking down cash on a pre-order? Microsoft will be touring the country, giving you an opportunity to do exactly that. Over 75 events are planned with "Test Drive" sessions and "Area One" parties to attend."Test Drive"...
  12. News Bot

    Saints Row 4 Grass Roots DLC is a little bit country

    Saints Row 4 has been a smashing success, selling more than one million retail units in its first week. Fresh off this victory, Volition is taking a trip to the countryside. The upcoming Grass Roots Pack takes your ruthless band of political gangbangers and sprinkles in elements of the rural...
  13. Kreps

    World News: Worlds Most Educated Country is...

    ...Canada. This article is a old but i thought it was cool world wide that Canada is #1. And the World’s Most Educated Country Is… |
  14. Ekaitz

    Political News: France: Newest country to approve gay marriage and adoption

    Another example to follow. This is a couple days old, but I'm leaving it here in case someone missed it somehow. Hey, you never know... BBC News - France gay marriage: National Assembly backs law
  15. Thizmanizz

    What is the best country for

    So I live in America at the moment, have lived here my whole life but I have always wanted to travel out of country or move to a different country. I believe in the whole fly away and meet your second half somewhere completely random, and things get better when you're at your worst if you go...
  16. Booyah

    Country Flags

    Rather then redo 200 peoples country Flags, do this shiz. Click on Settings at the top right of your screen Click on Edit Profile on the left There should be an option Country Flags, and change it Boom, Courtesy of @bobafetor