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    You Have Lost Connection to the Destiny 2 Servers Error

    Well, Guardians, what would the first few days of Destiny 2 be like without connection troubles? There was the Destiny 2 is at capacity business on launch day, and today there is the “You have lost connection to the Destiny 2 Servers.” You Have Lost Connection to the Destiny 2...
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    Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Access The Peruvian Connection DLC

    The Peruvian Connection DLC is a bonus mission in Ghost Recon Wildlands that came with pre-ordered copies of the game. Unfortunately, the way Ubisoft handled accessing The Peruvian Connection differs from system to system. Additionally, although the DLC mission was supposed to be available at...
  3. S

    Connection issues with only Blizzard games????

    So Im truly puzzled with this one..... For the last two weeks, I have severe connection issues with only D3 and WoW. Where I am no longer able to do GR's or Rifts, just idling in town I will average 300-500ms ping, in Rifts of either type that goes from 300-500 all the way up to 700-999ms. I...
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    For Honor: How to Fix Uplay Connection Errors

    The For Honor open beta kicked off today and a lot of players are already reporting issues with being unable to start their downloads. Is Uplay down? Are the Uplay servers on fire? While there hasn't been any official statement at the moment, it is possible that the Uplay servers themselves are...
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    How to Fix Overwatch PTR Game Server Connection Failed Errors

    Overwatch gets a steady stream of updates, and before they release these patches onto the main game servers, they first test them in the Overwatch PTR server. These updates can be unstable, so sometimes when players try to connect to the Overwatch PTR game server, they get "Connection Failed"...
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    Pokemon Go's latest update breaks Go Plus connection

    Pokemon Go may be dropping in popularity, but there are still millions of folks who play. Right now, however, the people with Pokemon Go Plus are a bit miffed that the most recent patch for the game seems to have borked the pairing of the game with the accessory. "Trainers may experience issues...
  7. Juugo

    Resolved: Heroes of the Storm: Server disconnect

    Hello, I have a problem connecting to the Blizzard Servers. I can log into the client where you can choose which game to play. But, If I want to play HOTS (and try to connect to the europe servers) it tells me after a short waiting time. "Fehler: Du wurdest vom Server getrennt"...
  8. Stickz

    Resolved: Modem logs following connection dropping

    Hi again. I've had two techs come out and tell me that my signals are fine, and all cables are good(inside and outside). They replaced the modem as well, but the issue is still persisting. I looked in my logs today and noticed this; Also this; This has mostly persisted for the entire...
  9. MAniACK_Magee

    Resolved: Google Chrome Privacy Connection Error?

    SO I was trying to access google and I was stopped by this message. I have no Idea why this is happening. None of google's apps, such as youtube, work ether. Please help!
  10. XliquifyX

    You dont have a Reliable Connection to matchmaking server.

    Hello, this new update screwed me up in playing csgo. My friend just bought it and we cant play bc of this update i have tried all the things reddit has told me to ,and still not working. Please send me a private message if u can answer this for me please and thanks...
  11. HellzBallz

    Resolved: Steam - Connection Error

    Could not connect to the Steam network. Retry Connection / Start in offline mode(works) options. I've tried to log into steam on a different computer (same internet) and still doesn't work. Other steam accounts still work fine. Also my account works fine on " Welcome to Steam "
  12. ERoday

    Closed: Network connection disconnect

    Computer: CPU: Intel Core i7 880 Motherboard: ASUSTek P7P55D Memory: DDR3 16 GB Graphics: Nividia GeForce GTX 680 x 2 in SLI OS: Windows 7 SP1 Problem: Random disconnects every 2 hours or so for about 2 to 3 minutes. Tried redoing OS, installing a new wifi card, hard wire connecting...
  13. DrivenRage

    Resolved: Laptop Wired Connection HELP!

    I have an Alienware 14x notebook and i'm trying to connect to the internet through ethernet for a better connection. However I don't know how to connect directly use the ethernet and I can't find anything on google or youtube that's been able to help me! :( I have a cisco N wireless router and...
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    PlayStation Network once again experiencing connection issues

    PlayStation users can once again expect to experience connectivity issues with the PlayStation Network today that will keep them from logging into the service. Sony confirmed the PSN is currently experiencing heavy network traffic and its team of most-likely exhausted engineers are on the case...
  15. DoctorVibes

    Connection for Georgians

    I was curious if there were any other people in Fever that lived in the state of Georgia, USA. If so, if these people also have some connection issues with certain servers, such as certain games or the teamspeak server like me. Just seeing if I was the only one.
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    Xbox One Kinect adapter kit allows connection to Windows 8 PCs and tablets

    PC users looking to take advantage of Microsoft's Kinect peripheral may no longer have to make a separate investment. If those users have an Xbox One laying around, a new adapter will allow them to hook up the Xbox One's Kinect sensor directly to their Windows 8 PC. Microsoft unveiled the...
  17. Blessed

    Starting up Planetside 2 (PC) If my connection allows me!

    Good day! Planetside 2 was most definitely one of those "holy shit.. this games amazing.. and its FREE??!?!?!!!?!?! WTF!?!" games for me.. It literally made me sit there and go "if this is free, why the hell do I buy other games?" I loved it, every little nook and cranny of the game...
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    EverQuest director discusses Landmark's growth and connection to EverQuest Next

    Sony Online Entertainment never quite imagined that the user-creation tool Landmark would take off in the way that it has. EverQuest Franchise Director of Development Dave Georgeson even pointed out that part of Landmark's original function was a tool to segue into the upcoming EverQuest...
  19. cukaasha

    Closed: Website & TS connection faliure

    I'm having issues with connecting to Fever Website ( via my PC, when I click on the website it keeps connecting until it times out. Even when I try to connect to TS it says error !! I'm still able to connect to the website through my tapatalk but I don't know why its not working...
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    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shuts down for Wii and DS

    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the online functionality on Nintendo Wii and DS, has been discontinued today. That will mean online modes, matchmaking, and leaderboards for several of those games are no longer accessible, though Nintendo notes that Wii U and 3Ds games have been unaffected. More...
  21. Anyonenormal

    Closed: Ps4 Connection Error

    Sorry, wasnt sure where to post this so hopefully its the right spot.. about 2 weeks ago my ps4 stopped connecting to the servers.. meaning I can no longer stream content, and had to miss out on a couple events in game =/. I looked online to see what the error was but not many people have any...
  22. Stickz

    Resolved: Connection will drop randomly

    While connected to my Modem directly, My internet will sometimes randomly drop. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, it just stops working then disconnects. It'll reconnect fairly fast but when it drops me in a team fight in League, it's pretty fuking annoying. I know the Ethernet cable isn't...
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    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service on Wii and DS ending on May 20

    Nintendo will end its Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for Wii and Nintendo DS owners on May 20, according to a post on Nintendo's website. This means Wii and DS owners will no longer be able to use online play, matchmaking, or leaderboards across any of the two platforms' titles. More...
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    PlayStation Now recommends 5Mbps connection

    Sony's PlayStation Now announcement finally gave us a better idea of its plans for the 2012 Gaikai acquisition. We found it ran pretty well on the CES show floor, but more details are now available regarding what you'll need at home to make the experience work. More...
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    How Transistor uses the PlayStation 4 light bar to form a connection

    Sony's DualShock 4 has a light bar that developers can use to prompt players, and we've already heard some interesting gameplay applications for Thief and Killzone. The upcoming Transistor, the follow-up from Bastion studio Supergiant, is taking a different tack by having it accent a...