1. Kinta

    Beginner at Fortnite - Calm and Collected 3K while playing Solos

    REFORMED CS PLAYER PLAYS FORTNITE (Quick 3K while playing Solos) Pulling csgo aim on em' I'm playing on Fortnite for PC, my building could get better. This was around 2-3AM.
  2. News Bot

    Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire tops $2 million collected with 22 days left

    Pillars of Eternity was a rousing success for Obsidian Entertainment, not only in its crowdfunding, but also in reviews of the final game. So it is no surprise that the crowdfunding for the sequel is blowing through its goals as well, with some remarkable speed. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire...
  3. News Bot

    Over 300 Shovel Knight cheats collected by Steam users

    Shovel Knight has proven itself to be retro in just about every way. So it's no surprise that Yacht Club Games has packed their platformer with a slew of old-fashioned cheat codes -- over 300 of them, in fact. And Steam users have been working overtime to try and uncover all of them in a neat...