1. B

    East Coast Gamers

    (Please relocate this Post as needed) Hey guys/gals/friends, I had a long post write up and just scrubbed it XD.... If you are need help with these storms, hmu. We will do what we can to help.
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    How AbleGamers Turned an Old Coast Guard Facility to a Hub for Disabled Gamers

    The AbleGamers Charity has been helping the disabled get into gaming since 2004, but the 501(c)(3) nonprofit is continuing to search for ways to expand its reach beyond its humble West Virginia home base. Last week, the organization was proud to unveil the AbleGamers Center for Inclusive Play...
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    Sword Coast Legends now available for Xbox One and PS4

    Sword Coast Legends launched last year with much fanfare. Shack had it as one of its most anticipated games of E3 2015, and was a surprise of the show. Now console players can get their hands on the game, as it has launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will include the Rage of Demons...
  4. P

    Looking for CS:GO players on West Coast

    Looking for people that play CS:GO competitive on west coast. Not too concerned about rank just looking for people to queue up with. Having that said I've been up to MGIII from queuing solo and I have a lot of experience playing leagues from 1.6 days and prior. So, I have a solid grasp of...
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    Siege of Dragonspear Gets Support From Wizards of the Coast in Transgender Flap

    A minor character's comments about her gender in the recently released Siege of Dragonspear expansion for beloved RPG Baldur's Gate prompted plenty of negativity from the community bout the game, but Wizards of the Coast has come to the defense of developer Beamdog. "Dungeons & Dragons stands by...
  6. ManderMan

    Sword Coast Legends/table top rpg

    Does anyone else play this, Sword Coast Legends or table top rpgs?
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    E3 2015: Sword Coast Legends Coming to Xbox One

    During this year's E3 Indie Reel, Microsoft announced that the upcoming game Sword Coast Legends would be making its way onto the Xbox One platform. We don't have any in-depth information yet, but we will keep you updated as we learn more. Developing... More...
  8. chillforu

    The entire take on coast city

    Coast city is such a complicated place with many ways to handle the various stages of the game in order to complete the end objective. The current meta in order to play the game is solo top usually a blaster, one jg top one jg bot usually an assassin and enforcer/bruiser in the jg's, duo bot...
  9. BruC0Ndr

    Updates: Coast City will be only Solo/group Q from March 4th, first look at the new updated Coast City!

    Yeah no more Divided or Heights! Only Coast City until the next big update! It's coming it's coming!!!! So what is Coast City? Choice and adaptive tactics define Coast City. This 5v5 two-lane map features a large Urban Jungle that holds access to Elite Drones and control of the Doomsday...
  10. 0yme0

    yasuo prodigy of the west coast vooby Rehstraint
  11. BruC0Ndr

    Want more Coast City? Checkout the Coast City nightly schedule!

    My buddy The_Dycer is back at it, hosting nightly Coast City games! Custom games! Since Coast City is not available to Solo Queue, you can enjoy playing this amazing and unique 2-lane map! Weeknights starting around 8:30pm EST (-5GMT) Be there Protectors!
  12. BruC0Ndr

    All costumes unlocked and a full week of Coast City - Halloween Crisis

    Protectors beware! Stay inside with Halloween cuz Infinite Crisis is throwing everything in the ring! All dem costumes and CC!!!!!! Check this out! Between 2:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) on October 29th and 10:00 AM on November 4th, we’re temporarily unlocking all of the store available costumes in...
  13. BruC0Ndr

    Coast City available this weekend!

    Yaaay our beloved 2 lane map Coast City is playable this weekend! Had enough of GH and GD? Play CC this weekend! I've noticed that there are alot of ppl that never even played CC! SO GET ON THIS WEEKEND! And you can even play with me :P Also if you play CC this weekend you have a chance to...
  14. toki

    Photo: WEST COAST MINI FEVERCON CALI 2014 (photo evidence)

    WEST COAST MINI FEVERCON CALI 2014 bottomset Epic Jeremy Dirac Taybe LuckxR born
  15. Interrobang?!

    Dota2 Players NA East Coast

    Hey there, I've been with Fever for only two weeks... But I'm looking to see how many of you guys are NA EST. I noticed a lot of the game nights are GMT based, which is fine for the weekends. But I'm looking to see if there is any interest for some NA EST players to meet up once or twice a week...
  16. D

    :D Coast Cities Scariest Jungler

    I guess I'm the scariest Gaslight Catwoman in The_Dycer's Coast City, 28-2-12, 25-6-16, 22-1-12, and 20-0-8. Players quit when i was invited because they didn't want to play against me. :D I take that as an honor, I promise for every win I've always said "FOR FEVER CLAN!" Right now while I stalk...
  17. T

    Looking for East Coast Guild!

    Heya! I'm just starting SWTOR and I'm looking to see if there are any Fever guilds out there! I'm currently level 11 Imperial Agent on Prophecy of Five Server. If any of you can help me that would be great! May the Sith be with you! :P Thrister
  18. Q

    Daily Report: us drone found floating off philippine coast

    U.S. Drone Found Floating Off Philippines Coast
  19. YoungDragon

    Warzone Strategies: Novare Coast

    Novare Coast- The 5/3 split. When done right this one is a monster. Instead of the usual 1 run to east and the rest mid send 3 healers a DPS and a tank to south. Lots of cross healing and survivability. The whole purpose of this is to stop the cap and kite away. 1 tank and 2 dps (need 1 mara)...
  20. Q

    Science: 7.9 earthquake off the coast of Philippines

    Philippines Earthquake 2012: 7.9-Magnitude Quake Triggers Tsunami Alert
  21. Choboy

    Any East Coast?

    Let's narrow my search down even more. Anyone that lives in the DMV area? What is the DMV area? You don't live here then. :p