1. Zaraxy


    So ive been told that there is coaches for Fortnite, that show you the ins and out of the game, i would be intrested in that, since i recently came back into the game would be nice, im having so much fun with Fortnite right now!
  2. Idolator

    List of Coaches

    OVERWATCH COACHES FEVER CLAN NAME BATTLE TAG ROLE RANK N/A N/A Academy Coordinator N/A N/A N/A Coach N/A Please post below if you would like to have a coach assigned to you. State which role(s) you currently main, your current ranking, and which server you play on.
  3. Bae

    Looking for coaches

    Hello summoners, We are wrapping up fixing the coaching section and we are still looking for coaches specifically for two roles: ADC and Mid If you ended gold 3 or higher in season 6 and you can verify with me that the account is yours then you could become a coach! If you meet the...
  4. Bae

    League of Legends Coaches and Requests

    Welcome to the league of legends coaching section in this post you will find three things, how to become a coach, how to request a coach and what are our current coaches and the times they are available. To become a Fever coach please fill out the following forum: Become a coach...
  5. sasabo

    League of Legends Academy Coaches

    Hello, we are currently reworking the Academy, but like most things it will take more than one person. I am looking for players who wish to help out by either hosting the Academy, or helping with coaching. If this is something you wish to do, PM myself or talk to me within TS. i am on most of...
  6. digitalblade

    eSports: DOTA 2 MAJORS REGISTRATION is open , Coaches in Dota 2 Rules?

    Dota 2 - Overview One word "PUBLIC" If you wandered how Dota 2 Major registrations worked, finally Valve is giving us an easy way to find out. It also means that from now on all of us can see the Roaster changes, no waiting for Tweets. Now is the time to start making bets what EG and Secret...
  7. S

    HoTS coaches information and sign up meeting.

    This Sunday 8/21/16 @ 5pm CST i will be having/hosting a coaching information meeting for both those interested in coaching and those looking for coaching. we will meet in Heroes of the storm coaching room. -For those wanting to coach please come ready with your availability and what you would...
  8. S

    HotS Coaches, Availability and Information - Outdated

    HoTS Coaching Coaching is now available, to schedule coaching contact the coach you would like and set up a time and date. We are currently looking for more coaches. If you would like to become a coach please contact Flux . Alternatively go to the coaches thread and mention them...
  9. Daddy

    Ask the coaches - Short questions that do not require a separate thread

    Have a question about a lane-up, a build, a hero, or anything that is DotA related? Post in this thread and an answer should be given in no time!
  10. MrCruz

    To all HS Coaches

    Hello guys. All approved coaches could you send me your Battle tag. Imade a new sticky.Check it out here - Got any question? Feel free to ask me
  11. ThomMerlin

    League of Legends - Coaches List and Request for Coaching

    Coaching Management Lead Majes Assistant N/A All Times Listed Are Based on EST Timezone Coaches Availability Role(s) Member ELO M T W Th F Sa Su Jungle/Support/Top Bae Diamond N/A 11am-5pm N/A 11am-5pm 7pm-1am 7pm-1am 7pm-1am Jungle/Support/Top Mezzos Gold 8pm-3am 8pm-3am 8pm-3am...
  12. Thundernut

    Dota 2 Coaching requests and ask the coaches

    To request a coach, please add a post to this thread with the following information: What Region/Server do you play on (NA/EUW/BR/etc.)? What Role are you requesting a coach for? When are you available for coaching? What is your current MMR (if applicable): Any Preliminary Questions? Anything...
  13. 0yme0

    LoL Coaches are now officially LCS Team members

    Team Coaches Officially Part of LCS in 2015 | LoL Esports
  14. Trixie Lulamoon

    Looking for CS:GO coaches

    Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that we do have a coaching department, and that if you are willling to coach CS:GO players, you can go ahead and check this post here.
  15. Trixie Lulamoon

    Looking for sc 2 coaches

    Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that we do have a coaching department, and that if you are willling to coach sc 2 players, you can go ahead and check this post here.
  16. Trixie Lulamoon

    Looking for WoW coaches

    Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that we do have a coaching department, and that if you are willling to coach WoW players, you can go ahead and check this post here.
  17. T

    WoW: Looking for More Coaches

    Hello Fever Clan, the wow section is currently recruiting more coaches to help those members that want to purse a higher level of gaming in-game. For World of Warcraft coaches we are looking for players who excel at all roles of their designated class and have raid experience to support this. If...
  18. P

    Approved Coaches

    This is a list of approved coaches with their role(s) and game(s) League of Legends Role(s) Rank Notes @Rehstraint Mid, General Gold V NA @Chance32 Jungle and top/solo lane Gold NA @Shichika General @Tuj General Diamond NA @Hastyb General Starcraft 2 Race(s) Rank...
  19. Cybernetcrash

    Coaches coins

    Reply by writing which coaches got coins for coaching which members during the week.
  20. T

    League of Legends: Looking for Gold+ coaches to play normals with me I can ADC in

    I'm trying to learn how to out lane people that are a lot better than me rankwise so I can learn to carry the lower level games I'm playing in harder and hopefully pull my rank up...or just someone that can help coach me to be a better adc. I have LoL replay so can watch the post games too.
  21. S

    Current Coaches

    C-C-C-COACHING TIME! EU: shds EU Coach Bios: shds: Hey! So i have been playing cs franchise for more than half of my life. Im 18. I have played in many leagues and competitively (ESL, ED, ESEA and UNGL). I currently am the CO of the CS:GO platoon and am starting my own team. I...
  22. saryu

    New Fever Coaches

    So, with the increase in demand, we have increase in coaches. Every single 1 of these coaches has been tested by me. Basic : - konquer (US) - TheChaos (EU) - TheChainBoy (EU) - SaiintZ (US) - AcidRayne (SEA/US) - Blood Carry : - Blood (EU) - TheChainBoy (EU) - Kryo (EU) Semi...
  23. Ryreilan

    Blah, Any tips or coaches around?

    Me and my friends have made a ranked team. and we've just started. I mainly go mid or top. I do ok as mid, and ok as top, but I would love to do a lot better.
  24. saryu

    welcome to the new coaches, we need more trainee now.

    I know that this is kinda late but I would like to welcome our new coaches. the list of our new coaches are - Evill_DD = basic and support - Lehona = basic - Shini = basic, initiator, semi-carry - Grom = basic - SyN_ = basic and support - Booyah = team leader / leadership with...
  25. saryu

    DotA 2: List of coaches

    An up-to-date list of our coaches for your convenience in contacting a coach should they be assigned to you or should you need to contact them for any reason. Head of Dota 2 Coaching Section: - AznFaiL Basics: - saryu - Evil_DD - Geoffnl - Kultikkross - TheChainBoy - Blood - Konquer - Theino -...