1. Bradly

    NA Fever Clan - Horde | Raid Schedule for the release of Uldir

    I have just finished the schedule for our raid days and times for the release of Uldir. Please look it over and see which days you are included and what times on those day we are raiding. Please also read in detail the information at the top and the side of the schedule as this contains...
  2. M

    NA Clan hangout?

    I'm wondering how busy the clan is in this game. I'd like to join a clan where there're enough people online at all times of day that I can hop on and have some casual fun whenever I'm not working.
  3. N

    EU EU Fever Clan

    I realise most people will never join a second D3 server. Not everyone is going to be interested. However, I would like to mention a few key points on why 'some' people may want to consider it. The first point, for me, was the second seasonal journey / second additional stash tab. Along...
  4. Bfkmilkbelly

    New to Fever Clan

    Yo whats up, BFK Milk Belly is the LOL name. Looking to hone in my skill on some more roles and play as a team. My real name is Joe, From WISCONSIN USA 28.
  5. Tef42

    clan team

    Hello All, I'd like to create a team for us here: PUBG Clan Stats Please tell me if you would be ok with me adding you to this clan (or add yourself). This page is no 1 on google when you search PUBG clan so it would be good to have our activity on there to drive more applications for...
  6. News Bot

    How to Invite People to Clan in Destiny 2

    What started as a small addition in the original Destiny has transformed into a massive element of Destiny 2. I am, of course, talking about clan functionality. Clans in Destiny 2 allow dozens of gamers to join together under a banner, fight for a common cause, and earn awesome loot. But before...
  7. Gizmo256

    World of Warships - Fever clan is in game! (WoWs NA Server)

    Our navy is growing! We're up to 7 clan members as of today; plenty of room for more captains who want to battle on the high seas! Though our clan in game is less than a month old, we already have 3 shipyard structures that give you a discount on Tier V, VI, and VII ships. To build structures...
  8. N

    Do people use the FEVER clan channel on DotA?

    I have been in it all day and I have seen people in it consistently. Do we use it? If not then should we? Bonus Question: Does anyone wear the FEVER tag? I have seen one steam person with it so far.
  9. Grant

    SMITE IN-Game Roster (NEW!)

    Name IGN Region Platform adrianbrodynose adrianbrodynose NA PC Blckhwke442 blckhwke442 NA PC BruC0Ndr EarthOne EU PC bobcooljet120 bobcooljet587 NA PC Cronofan Cronofan NA PC Dalmor Dalmor EU PC Grant Princ3iples EU PC Jaydentaylor1...
  10. S

    Clan tag

    Hey guys Matt here was wondering what sort of tags we use for like cod and other games.. Example. Fev or fever just wanted to make sure before I put it on
  11. S

    Clan Text Chat

    I was away for a while so I'm probably in a secondary clan chat - is there a way to check or get placed back in the main clan in D3 so I can see and interact with others?
  12. G

    Having an issue joining the clan in D3

    Keep getting a (Error 319043) every time i try to put in a request to join the clan in d3. Anyone know how i can fix this or a solution. TIA
  13. cbizzle

    NA Fever Clan Competitive Squad Signup

    Please reply to this thread if you are interested in trying out for the comp team. Reply with ingame name, fever clan name and MM rank. (i dont care about your rank, but shows what skill group you are playing with) For information about the comp team, please check here. cbizzle icemanshane1...
  14. MortaleMago

    Leviathan Raid with Full Clan Fireteam

    I am going to be looking to run the Leviathan Raid on either Friday or Saturday night. We still have not done the raid with a full clan fire team in order to get the engram. I will be on most of the evening and night both of those days and will be looking to complete the raid.
  15. K

    New To The Clan And Just Wondering Is There Any Ark Groups Playing ATM?

    Just looking for a tribe to play with on any servers (offical, private...)
  16. R

    Fever clan Reddit recruitment post.

    The following link is for our new FortniteBRteams subreddit recruitment post. Fever clan Fortnite Recruitment : FortniteBRteams thanks, Rain Days.
  17. S

    Online Clan Chat

    Been busy lately so likely in the secondary clan online but back and playing more regularly...would it be possible to get back into the main clan/chat in game? :D
  18. News Bot

    FaZe Clan Wins ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier and $500K Grand Prize

    ELEAGUE held its Grand Finals for its summer ELEAGUE Premier event for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Friday night. When the smoke cleared, FaZe Clan continued its hot streak, polishing off Astralis in two sets to hold up the ELEAGUE Premier trophy and win $500,000. FaZe took a close first...
  19. L


    Hello, i joined Fever Clan 2 on d3 but theres almost no one on ever, its very quite, is the main fever clan the same?
  20. F

    Looking for active LoL clan

    Doesn’t need to be high skilled just need people to play with for ip and xp Add- FreshFishyzz
  21. Sendain

    The Fever Clan community

    Hey folks, Please add Fever Clan to your list of communities. As we are spread out across Fever 1 and 2 for in-game clans it is our second way to talk to each other. The other being Discord which we strongly encourage everyone uses but I understand that unless we are having a game night or a...
  22. ArchaicLord

    Season 12 Clan + party

    Hi everyone, I joined Fever to try find people to play with. As of yet I still haven't and bored to tears playing on my own. For season 12 in order for this to happen I am prepared to move servers and put up with extra lag if I have to. I play on GMT London time. I...
  23. M

    Destiny 2 clan

    A couple of friends of mine started a small destiny 2 clan and were looking for more members for clan levels raids and just fun in general. If youre intrested heres the link to the clan and i hoop to see you in the field. FellowGamerz Clan |
  24. News Bot

    Destiny 2 in-game Clan features delayed 'several days'

    Destiny 2 is up and running, but not all of its features have gone live. In-game Clan functionality has yet to get off the ground, something Bungie made clear to the game's userbase on Twitter prior to launch. In-game Destiny 2 Clan Features will be unavailable for the first several days after...
  25. ArtemisofHT

    NA Register Fever Clan Tournament Teams

    This post is for Team Leaders only of your Ranked 5's team for the Fever Tournament. This is the registration for the Tournament. Battlefy | Find and Organize Esports Tournaments 
  26. Aedric

    Destiny 2 Clan Creation available.

    Hey the Destiny 2 clan creation is available now on the bungie site. Someone may want to make a Clan for the game. Just a thought.
  27. Shiva

    Event: Cross Clan Peep mode at 5pm EST tonight!

    For those who are interested, tonight (8/17/17) at 5pm EST we'll be doing a cross clan peep mode with Risen. Their SC2 coordinator has offered to bring people of varying skill levels and experience so that everyone gets a chance to face a wide variety of skill levels. This event is meant to...
  28. S

    new to clan and wondering

    i dont see any talk of Conan Exiles i know it's still in early release but was wondering if anyone has tried it , likes/dislikes ?
  29. C

    I would like to donate a key for Smite Tactics: Hand of the Gods Steam closed beta to clan

    I would like to donate a key for Smite Tactics: Hand of the Gods Steam closed beta to the clan. (just a note: I know smite tactics is open beta w/o steam I wonder why they are just doing a closed beta on steam) I got two keys in the invite and I was able to activate my key on steam. I would like...
  30. Nanbu

    Clan request

    Sent a clan request, but still haven't been accepted. Please accept my request :D
  31. sparkis

    Hearthstone Fever Clan Update - July 2017

    Hey there! Just wanted wanted to give you an update on some upcoming plans for Hearthstone at Fever Clan. CLEAN INSECT! Ok, ok, easy buddy. Housekeeping Ragnaros, the Cleaning Lord is planning to do some housekeeping in preparation for the upcoming expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne...
  32. S

    Been away for work, got kicked from d3 clan

    Hey all, Been super busy with work the past 6+ weeks. Life got real. :) Logged back into d3 a week ago to play, but noticed I was no longer in the d3 clan. I plan to play the next season... and I'm looking to get back into the clan. What should I do?
  33. Y

    Fever Clan Rainbow Six Siege Team?

    Hi, I'm somewhat new here and I wanted to know if there was an official Fever Clan R6S team that I could try to join. If not, I'd like to make a team with some other people in the clan.
  34. News Bot

    Bungie Explains Destiny 2's Clan System

    In its weekly blog update, Bungie detailed how clans will work in Destiny 2, and how they’ll distinguish themselves from groups in the original Destiny. Clans can welcome up to 100 members, the same limit as Destiny’s group. Unlike groups, clans will be much more flexible. A...
  35. Kai

    Smite Ingame Clan Leader

    Hey! So apparently, whoever the previous leader was (@Kimenu I think) hasn't logged in for a long time and now the game has made me Leader of the ingame clan. So if someone can instruct me on who to give it back to please let me know asap. Thank you.
  36. Hoyy

    Important: Fever Clan official guild

    Hello everyone! There is now a new official Fever Clan guild in World of Warcraft. We are on the server Emerald Dream. We are still horde side, but this server has allowed us to read a much larger type of people. There is a large pvp community on this server including world pvp. It is balance...
  37. A

    Wanna join to clan

    Games you play: LOL, D3, Paladins Main Game: Paladins Age: 32 Gender: Male Country: Lithuania MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Arbata Steam Username: Logvin xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a...
  38. Ryaunn

    Clan Ranking

    is there a rank up every 2 weeks due to activeness ?
  39. News Bot

    Destiny 2 to Have Clan Support and Guided Games for Solo Players

    Destiny 2 seems to be pushing all the right buttons, bringing plenty of new features that the original game lacked. One of the biggest is Clan support, finally eliminating the need for keeping track of everything outside of the game or through the browser. The Clans function in...
  40. SevenSilences

    The reasons why I love this clan

    Browsing Forums when :
  41. M

    Love this clan

    I haven't been in any other clan but I'd have to say that I'd rather be in this clan than any other one. The staff is just wonderful.
  42. Projekkt

    I left in-game clan

    I'm in Royals now. They're a tryhard type of clan that's anti-botters, so it fits me pretty well. I'll still be on the forums. HMU in-game if anyone ever needs anything.
  43. BrockSamson

    Longtime NA HotS Player, New Clan Member

    Hey Clan. I’m Brock. Been playing Heroes of the Storm since beta. Just recently signed up for the clan. My battlenet tag is BrockSamson#1458. Looking forward to playing some HotS with you guys. Peace
  44. DarkslayerTV

    The Epic Conclusion to the Fever Clan in House Tournament!

    Hey guys, I got the privilege to get a hold of the epic best of 7 between Synizta and billydabob! With that being said, I have also joined the YouTube team and will be casting your Starcraft II replays! If you ever get an epic match, win or loss, send it my way! However, here is the first...
  45. Germanmagnum

    league has died in this clan

    i never see anyone play league anymore has every one died lol
  46. DreadKnight

    Possible Upcoming Clan Event

    Hey All ! Was looking at the turnout of last nights HOTS game night and I was blown away ! I must have counted somewhere in the vicinity of at least 15+ members across multiple channels, grats to everyone that participated and came out ! That being said and with the launch of 2.0 I was...
  47. jaylarr

    New to the clan

    Good evening, just wanted to pop in and say hello and thank you for allowing me to join! I had a good time playing with a few of you yesterday and look forward to more fun evenings. I mostly play ranged characters and lean towards support, but am working on getting better in other roles...
  48. zeiki

    Fever Clan 2 Members

    Hey folks, I was looking at our clan roster and noticed that 36% of our members have been offline longer than 40 days. The remaining 64% have been online-ish every now and then, but there's hardly ever anyone online to form groups. Can we have any officer look through the roster and conduct some...
  49. TirusR

    Hello Fever Clan

    I am your newly recruited peon. My favorite game currently is hots. I am really looking forward to 2.0 Hope to join you in many future games. En Taro Tassadar!
  50. D

    New to the clan

    Looking fr some heros of the storm players to group up with my battle tage is dag #1111 hit me up thanks.