1. O

    Make sure to check accounts! -MUST READ!-

    Good Morning Fortnite community this is just a reminder that a lot of accounts have been "leaked" KillerClown/ (Myself) and a few friends have had people access our accounts reminder to check your emails and change password be safe out there and good luck on victory royals! although i could...
  2. BruC0Ndr

    eSports: Check Out GwentSlam #2 This Weekend! (Tournament)

    Lifecoach and team are back again with the second GwentSlam this weekend! Once again featuring a $10,000 prizepool as well as Crown Points for the qualified players. The tournament features the previous GwentSlam winner FreddyBabes as well as top 3...
  3. News Bot

    The Division Update 1.7 Hits Tomorrow; Check Out the Patch Notes

    The Division has been plodding along with its dedicated community, getting its Last Stand expansion and a major overhaul back in February. Now, as the dev team at Massive continues to investigate reasons for server lag, the game is preparing for another major update tomorrow. The 1.7 update will...
  4. Shozen

    Just launched my weekly Albion Online podcast check it out

    Hey Fever, For the last 3 years I have been playing Albion Online In that time I have learned quite a bit made a number of cool connections in the community. Recently I was asked if I would be willing to host a podcast and I agreed. 6 weeks later we have and...
  5. News Bot

    Check Out Video of Overload, the Spiritual Successor to Descent

    Overload is a new six-degree-of-freedom shooter from the makers of Descent. Revival Productions is creating a title that combines that classic Descent-style gameplay with modern tech. Currently, Overload is on Steam Early Access, but it already has a good chunk of content. The developers have...
  6. D

    Progress check up

    sparkis Ballbuster Mikvatarius GamerKnoob Hey guys. We still need more battles done. Reply to this, letting me know you're still interested and I'll let you know what we need specifically. Take care, -Death
  7. News Bot

    Check Out all the New Skins in Overwatch's Christmas Event

    Events have become a pretty big deal for Overwatch players, and this time around, Blizzard have gone all out with a Winter Wonderland themed event to help celebrate Christmas time. Coming along are some of your favorite heroes, and many of them have acquired some new duds along the way. We have...
  8. News Bot

    Check Out all the New Skins in Overwatch's Holiday Event

    Events have become a pretty big deal for Overwatch players, and this time around, Blizzard have gone all out with a Winter Wonderland themed event to help celebrate the holidays. Coming along are some of your favorite heroes, and many of them have acquired some new duds along the way. We have...
  9. News Bot

    Check Out Ellie Being Motion Captured For The Last of Us Part II

    Naughty Dog's announcement of The Last of Us Part II at PlayStation Experience 2016 has fans clamoring for the sequel to the 2013 hit. Nothing has been given away about the plot yet, but we can see they're already performing the motion capture sequences which will drive the emotions and actions...
  10. Beats

    Music: Like Electronic music? Check out Digitally Imported!

    I've only been using this site for a while but they have very many genres and so far every song I've heard has been good in Vocal Trance. The best way to look for new music are radios like these where much more underrated songs are brought up that may be more appealing. Site Link - Digitally...
  11. News Bot

    Watch Dogs 2 finally out on PC so check your system specs

    After a two week delay, Watch Dogs 2 for PC is finally out in the wild. Of course, playing on PC, you have to worry about if your specs can handle it, so here's a quick recap of what you need ( in addition to 50GB on your hard drive, and decnet Internet connection for multiplayer, and Windows 7...
  12. News Bot

    Check Out Our Pokemon Sun and Moon Review and Guide Hub

    "Pokémon games have gotten more sophisticated since the series’ debut 20 years ago, but the core mechanics of the main series titles have remained the same. Regardless of Pokémon-Amie, Super Training, hundreds of new Pokémon and new move-types, your quest in each game...
  13. News Bot

    Check Out The New Ultra Beasts and More Alolan Forms In New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

    Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming in under a week, so of course it's time to start ramping up the hype train. I've been playing the game for review, which will be going up soon, and can't wait to share my thoughts. For now, however, check out the newest trailer straight from The Pokemon Company...
  14. News Bot

    Check out Titanfall 2's launch trailer right here

    Standby for Titanfall 2, launching on Xbox One, PS4, and PC this Friday, October 28. Ahead of launch, check out Respawn Entertainment's and EA's launch trailer, "Become One." Respawn and EA seem to have improved and expanded on their original title in virtually every way. Formerly a...
  15. News Bot

    Here's What You Can Check Out in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta

    Looking to finally jump into the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta? Activision has come forward with a massive list of details on when you can expect to be able to access the beta as well as what's going to be found within. The first weekend of the beta is starting next...
  16. W

    Check out LOL video

    Here is a video made by Fever Member Ludiqress go check it out. While your there drop us a like and sub :). Also anyone else with videos they would be willing to share PM Worggy. If you are interested in joining the Youtube Team PST Worggy as well.
  17. Bot Doc

    Petition for better CSGO... CHECK IT OUT

    Good friend of mine made a video explaining key points that 99% of all csgo players have. Please check it out. Here is a link to the petition which should almost already have 25k signatures. Petition * Valve: Fix Your Game *
  18. Hand Banana

    Check out this sweet release trailer for no mans sky.

    No Man's Sky Release Trailer - YouTube
  19. LePotato

    Need Lucio tips? Check out this guy! :D

    Heya! ProfessorGanymede's YouTube channel is a very good source for (mainly) Lucio tips, but also covers other support heroes like Zenyatta and Ana! Check him out! :D His channel On video that has helped me the most to improve as Lucio has been this video ...
  20. News Bot

    No Man's Sky Update 1.03 slaps pre-launch players with a reality check

    No Man's Sky has gotten a bit of the shaft recently, first from a leaked copy that cost one Reddit user paid a huge lump of cash for, and then several larger websites and streamers who began covering it without the announced day-one patch. Early reviews of the game have even started, not so...
  21. W

    Activity Check

    This post is to see if anyone plays this game at all. Going off the forums this game is pretty dead. I mentioned the only person on the player base to see if you have any info on this. MustangPunk
  22. Meowffuu

    My friend did this amazing edit, check out :)

    Personally i absolutely love it, what do you guys think ?
  23. Requ1em

    Test Event - CHECK DATES!

    It's time for another Casual Matchmaking Test Event! Starting at 16:00 UTC on Thursday, June 23rd, the Server Browser will be temporarily disabled and Casual Matchmaking enabled. Join us in Dirty Bomb to help us put this new feature through its paces! Test Event Duration Casual...
  24. TekNyne

    Check this Smoke Snipe clip I was surprised i got the kill haha, but no complaints :yeahthat:.
  25. TekNyne

    Check this Ace and Clutch video!

    Had a good round today, here is a quick highlight video! Let me know what you think!