1. R

    Fortnite BR Subreddit

    I recommend checking out the Fortnite BR subreddit. It's specifically for the battle royale part of the game, and can be found here: Fortnite Battle Royale Often tips, tricks, guides, and good clips to learn new things can be found there. The Devs also respond to redditors and it's pretty active.
  2. T

    League of Legends: Need a coach / analyst for my team. Chance to join BR LCS (CBLOL).

    What Game are you requesting a coach for? League of Legends What Region/Server do you play on (NA/EUW/BR/etc.)? The team plays on BR server What Role/Race are you requesting a coach for? For the team, need a lot of work on draft and rotations When are you available for coaching...
  3. Croatoan

    New items in BR Crates and Mistery Bags v2

    Here are new items that will be getting from BR and here are the ones I like the most: Battle Royale Crate:Imgur Mistery Bag v2: Imgur
  4. Croatoan

    New BR T-Shirt

    It looks cool, I like it a lot