1. News Bot

    Overwatch April 18 PTR Patch Buffs Hanzo, Defuses Tracer's Pulse Bomb

    The Overwatch League kicked off Stage 3 in grand fashion two weeks ago when Game Director Jeff Kaplan took the stage to announce Overwatch Retribution, along with a new PvP map. He did note that the map would need some PTR testing and that time looks to have come. What he didn't mention is that...
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    Bomb Chicken Hands-on Impressions and Interview at GDC 2018: Exploding with Flavor

    Bomb Chicken is a fun side-scrolling game about a chicken that lays bombs instead of eggs. The main character is special chicken who gained the ability to lay bombs after being dipped in some sort of special sauce. Developer Nitrome chatted with Shacknews at the Nindies GDC 2018 event to chat...
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    Call of Duty World League In Dallas Shut Down Due To Potential Bomb Threat

    During a pretty intense match between Optic Gaming and Enigma6, an alarm sounded in the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention center. I'm her attending the event and, when not much movement was made and the competition continued, I figured it was a prank or someone may have gone out of the wrong...
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    Dr. Junkenstein's Chocolate Popcorn Treats Are Bomb AF, Fam

    Overwatch is gearing up for Halloween with some cool social media posts. We are drooling over the latest creation from Dr. Junkenstein. Please take a look at these Chocolate Popcorn Bombs. Ladies and gentleman, Dr. Junkenstein’s latest creation. @Tasty &mdash...
  5. DerangedDrew

    Resolved: Bomb Shelter Contestation

    Hello my name is Deranged Drew and I was placed in the bomb shelter a month or two ago and I have decided to let things cool off before contesting my "2 month timeout". So it was a usual night I was on, jokingly as ever and I was telling a true story. I started to troll a bit and make the story...
  6. H

    Dirty Bomb Jobs

    Dirty Bomb MISC Section Dirty Bomb Job Opportunity The miscellaneous section is looking for a motivated individual for Dirty Bomb. The people interested will be responsible for in game management for their assigned sections. You will also be responsible for running or finding the section a...
  7. Requ1em

    Dirty Bomb presents... The MOFO Update

    With this update, Ranked Season 1 is officially over. With the many changes to the maps, you'll have a chance to get used to them before we kick off Season 2 with a bang next year! We'll be delivering the Trinket you've earned for your Ranked Season 1 placement in another update. Match...
  8. W

    MISC Section Dirty Bomb Job Opportunity

    Fever Members, The miscellaneous section is looking for a motivated individual for Dirty Bomb. The people interested will be responsible for in game management for their assigned sections. You will also be responsible for running or finding the section a game night host. Recruitment and...
  9. Bubberducky

    Closed: Out of Bomb Shelter plz

    ok so i was mad about my removal but i'm done with that now. not that i don't care but i just wanna go and talk to people that are still my friends a personal promise from me is you will hear no more from me about the removal and no more problems will come from me about anything and if you...
  10. Battlecanuck

    Giveaway: Bomb King Weapons Skin

    I have a Bomb King Weapons Skin to give away. Send me a PM if you're interested. If there are lots of you then I may have to do a draw. HURRY!!! It looks like the code expires really soon!
  11. Stormeey

    Nerf Bomb

    I guess I am glad i don't intend to do much this next season with all the group buff nerfs. Support DH got hit pretty hard with the nerf. Sad times.
  12. CaliberJacob

    Get the Fever Dirty Bomb channel back up!

    So...I don't remember how long ago it was, but one day I open up TS and see that the Dirty Bomb channels have been removed from the room. At first, it made sense...Fever's Dirty Bomb community isn't exactly the largest or most active, so discontinuing a channel in TS that isn't utilized all...
  13. CaliberJacob

    Aimee is the next merc

    Aimee is going to be the next merc, as she has been added to the game's source files. If you access an offline server and enter the right code, she will appear with her primary, secondary, melee and third eye camera abilities for testing. It's clearly not a finished build, but it's better than...
  14. Tankbankz

    Weekly Pwn Report - Dirty Bomb

    Lets see if you all can beat this!! 28/5 was my best KDR 16k score was my highest - Stopwatch game
  15. Apoc99

    Dirty Bomb Weekly Game Night

    We have weekly Dirty Bomb game nights, Saturday at 1pm PST, 3 pm EST, 9pm GMT. Match type and mode will be decided on meet up based on player preference. Kraken
  16. Kraken

    weekly dirty bomb get together?

    is there a day perhaps we can all get together and play dirty bomb? EDIT: so what I am reading is that Saturday afternoon will work for most people. around 1pm PST, 4pm EST. and people who are joining us are CaliberJacob, Tankbankz, Badger, Turnus correct?
  17. CaliberJacob

    Not ironic at all.

    Really? No, like...I had no idea.
  18. Operator

    So using a N bomb is ok?

    > deleted.
  19. T

    Dirty Bomb teams

    Hey guys what time are you dirty bomb players usually online? I'm looking for at least 5 guys to play comp with. Also some casual practice would be nice add me on steam: TheIngameMelon
  20. Kraken

    dirty bomb play times

    I was wondering what time do people normally play dirty bomb? because so far I have only seen the channel being empty.
  21. M

    Pending: Munch's LoL/Dirty Bomb Application

    Games you play: LoL and Dirty Bomb Main Game: LoL and Dirty Bomb Age: 23 Gender: Male Country: England FPS Username: Munch/Munchy/Munch101 League of Legends or other Moba Username: Munchzy Steam Username: Munchy101 Other Usernames: Skype- Munch101 Do you have a Mic and Teamspeak3: Yes...
  22. News Bot

    The Angry Birds Movie trailer introduces us to Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Pigs

    The Angry Birds Movie is coming to theaters next summer, and today, its first trailer was released. The trailer highlights a number of birds that we’ve come to know from playing various Angry Birds games. Red, played by Jason Sudeikis, appears to be the angriest bird of the bunch, although...
  23. Troncmaster

    KT chain bomb take-down explanation - learn it, use it, pwn all.....
  24. R

    Strongest support?

    Just throwing it out there out of curiousity. I've only played two of them and until I can try them all (through free rotors & purchases) I wonder what other people's opinions are. For discussion's sake, I would say Aura - her healing station can turn the tide of a game if placed well and her...
  25. J

    Hot Fix - 8/10/15 - Dirty Bomb Forums

    Link to Official Information: [COMPLETE] Unscheduled Maintenance + Update Notes - 8/10/15 - Dirty Bomb Forums