1. Cid Raines

    Baseball: Opening day Schedule

    I am a huge fan of Baseball considering i grew up playing it till i was 18-19 years old so if anyone else is interested in Opening day schedule here it is along with times and pitchers for both teams Opening day schedule for all 30 MLB teams (all times ET): Arizona Diamondbacks vs. San...
  2. E

    Baseball: So anyone watching the CS? Dodgers-Cubs , Jays-Indians.

    Anyone got some rooting interest? I'm always up for a nice wager, we got the world series not that far away.
  3. toki


    Resharing an interesting article on Denny McLain. source link: Here's What Happened to Baseball's Best Pitcher | Flashback | OZY BY SEAN BRASWELLAUG 092015 In the fall of 1967, in the middle of a tight pennant race with the Boston Red Sox, the Detroit Tigers 23-year-old flamethrower...
  4. News Bot

    Xbox One and PC score Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings this summer

    Metalhead Software announced today that Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings will be coming to Xbox One and PC this summer. “Right now there are few options for quality, accessible sports titles on the market, particularly when it comes to baseball games on the Xbox One and PC,&rdquo...
  5. News Bot

    Xbox One and Steam score Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

    Metalhead Software announced today that Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings will be coming to Xbox One and Steam this summer. Super Mega Baseball is already available for download on PlayStation 3 and 4 have been since December 2014. “Right now there are few options for quality, accessible...
  6. L

    Baseball: Hey any Baseball fans??

    Hey! I live in Montreal and yesterday, there was a baseball game at the Olympic Stadium... OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING!!!!... Yeah, I went and saw it... I got great tickets and the game was awesome. The two teams where Toronto Blue Jays vs. Cincinnati Reds A very good and awesome game!
  7. R

    Baseball: Hot Stove time!

    So it's Hot Stove time in the MLB world, now that the World Series is over and the Giants are champs for the third time in five years (crazy). That means it's time for new contracts, new players on our favorite teams, and even our favorite players going elsewhere. What do you think will be some...
  8. Aug

    Baseball: Sweet Sweep Victory!

    ROYALS BABY!!!! Take the Crown!! I'm stoked right now. 29 years, and we have FINALLY made it back to the World Series. Not only that, but we are 8-0 for post season. That is UNHEARD of. Oh man. Party in the KC tonight!!!! Where my fellow KC members at? Ping
  9. kaseibp

    Baseball: Baseball playoffs

    KC wins AL Wild Card 1 Pitt and San Fran playing for NL Wild card right now.... Friday Detroit plays Baltimore and KC plays LA Angels!
  10. R

    Baseball: RE2PECT - Farewell, Captain!

    I may be a die-hard Red Sox fan, but my hat's off to Derek Jeter. 20 years. The face of the modern-day Yankees. A perennial All-Star. It's going to be weird not facing him when the Sox play the Yankees. Nothing but RE2PECT, Captain!!
  11. Drag

    Baseball: European Baseball Championship 2014

    Is anyone following the European Baseball Championship? I've been to my first two Baseball games yesterday because Group A games are very close to where I live. I've watched Great Britain vs France (France won) and Germany vs Belgium (Germany won). The complete schedule: schedule I've...
  12. R

    Baseball: Baltimore Orioles 1B Chris Davis Suspended 25 Games for Amphetamines Use

    Orioles with a significant AL East lead, and their 1st baseman gets suspended because he took Adderal when he doesn't "have a therapeutic use exemption this year." The guy led the team in home runs last year. Seriously, dude, make sure you're cleared to take your meds. Sucks for the O's since...
  13. R

    Baseball: If the playoffs started today...

    If baseball playoffs started today, the field would look like this: As of 8/31/14, prior to games starting - AL East: Baltimore Orioles W78-L56 (PCT .582) AL Central: Kansas City Royals W74-L61 (PCT .548) AL West: LA Angels W82-L53 (PCT .607) AL Wild Card: Oakland A's W78-L57 (PCT...
  14. kaseibp

    Baseball: 2014 Hall of Fame Inductions

    Here is the link from ESPN Click me The inductees were: Bobby Cox Tom Glavine Tony La Russa Greg Maddux Frank Thomas Joe Torre
  15. R

    Baseball: Joe Torre as Commissioner?

    Okay, baseball fans... Thoughts on how Joe Torre would be as Commissioner when Selig is done? Joe Torre: I’d listen if commish job was offered | New York Post He doesn't seem to want to do it since he's older, but let's play "what if..."
  16. kaseibp

    Baseball: Baseball All Star game roster

    NL Roster AL Roster The All Star game is Tuesday, July 15th. Winner gets Home Field advantage for the World Series.
  17. kaseibp

    Baseball: Tim Lincecum no-hits the Padres... again

    Tim Lincecum, also known as "The Freak", (and a Washington native! #NWPride) has thrown his second no hitter in less than a year against the Padres. Full story from ESPN
  18. Ajido

    Baseball: Any baseball fans excited for opening day?

    I'm going to the Mets opening day game next week, I've went the last couple years and it's become a bit of a tradition. I can't help but laugh at this though Is anyone else going to see their team on opening day? I got...
  19. Badger

    Baseball: Fantasy Baseball

    Me and dirk are wondering who would be interested in who would like to do a fantasy baseball!! Link: Sign In - Free Fantasy Baseball - ESPN
  20. Apothus

    Baseball: Yankees vs Tigers?

    Well, tonight the Yankees face the Tigers in Detroit. Growing up I've always been a Yankees fan but, it doesn't seem as if they dont have it this year. With Jeter, Mariano out, and Cano, A rod, and Swisher slacking hard... I just don't think they are gunna make a 3 game comeback.. especially...
  21. C

    Baseball: Rangers

    Ranger's are the best baseball team