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    Rock Band Rivals Update Improves Online Multiplayer

    Bands come together and some bands break up. Maybe the drummer moved halfway across the country. Rock Band Rivals hoped to keep the music together through online multiplayer, but it still needed a few tweaks. Fortunately, Wednesday morning saw Harmonix issue the first big Rock Band Rivals update...
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    Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Uses Rock Band Keytar As Controller in Tournament

    Winning a fighting game tournament can be hard enough, just ask any EVO champion or competitor ever. But winning a fighting tournament using something as avant-garde as a Rock Band Keytar controller is not only a captivating oddity but also a brave endeavor. Still, that's just what one bold...
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    Call of Duty: WW2 Live-Action Trailers Get the Band Back Together

    There are certain elements of the annual Call of Duty release cycle that are like clockwork. There's the single-player trailer, multiplayer reveal celebration, and zombies. Always lots of zombies! But there's also the annual live-action trailer that shows real people getting ready to gather...
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    Harmonix to Pull Rock Band Blitz From PSN, Xbox Live Later This Month

    If you haven't tried out Harmonix's Rock Band Blitz on PS3 and Xbox 360 yet, you better hurry. The developer of the sans instruments musical arcade game will be pulling it from the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on August 28 at the latest. "It's not backwards compatible on either Xbox One or...
  5. M

    Suggestion for season 11 necro build: Rathma's One-man Halloween Band

    Hi everyone. For those that are a bit sad about the recent necro nerfs, here comes the salvation. This Rathma build takes a bit to master, but does damage like hell. I found it on the leaderboards, on which a lvl 950+ para scored a lvl 100 Gr, that after the last reboot. You can find the full...
  6. noctemdracone

    Movie: The Hitman's Bodyguard Red Band trailer

    I gotta say, it is about time these 2 got together for a movie. Very big Deadpool vibes to it.
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    Rock Band 4 Adds Sterling Archer Singing Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone

    In a rather odd combination of additions to Rock Band 4 shop, the March update has brought us self-centered Super Spy Sterling Archer singing Kenny Loggins, and some Mass Effect: Andromeda cosmetic items. Harmonix added Archer to get fans in the mood for the upcoming season of the FX animated...
  8. KittyMae

    Movie: Fist Fight - Red Band Trailer
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    Rock Band VR Touches Down For Oculus Rift This March

    Harmonix’s upcoming virtual reality augmented Rock Band VR is still coming (thankfully) and it will be touching down on Oculus Rift on March 23. If you want to ensure you get in on the virtual insanity, you can go ahead and start preordering today ahead of the game’s official debut...
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    Movie: Gold - Red Band Trailer
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    Rock Band 4 is bringing back popular songs as DLC to celebrate the franchise's 10th anniversary

    Rock Band developer Harmonix announced that several popular tracks will be coming to Rock Band 4 as DLC to celebrate the franchise's 10th anniversary. All tracks come from on-disc track lists from throughout Rock Band's history, 12 of which will be available in the Rock Band 4 store on Thursday...
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    Movie: Why Him? - Official Red Band Trailer #2
  13. KittyMae

    Movie: Wilson - Official Red Band Trailer
  14. KittyMae

    Movie: T2: Trainspotting 2 - Official Red Band Trailer
  15. NormsAlterEgo

    Miscellaneous: Rock Band Rivals Crew Recruiting (Xbox One)

    So, rivals has been out for a month and there are around 9000 crews that have been created. My crew of three has managed to climb to the top 100, but we're in need of more crew members to help with the weekly EXP grind. If you own the game on Xbox One and are interested in joining, simply leave...
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    Rock Out With Rock Band 4: Rivals, Out Now

    If you've been patiently waiting for Rock Band 4's much-needed update, rejoice! Rock Band 4: Rivals, the first full-fledged game expansion, is finally here as of yesterday, as well as the brand new foldable Jaguar Fender guitar from PDP. Rock Band 4's Rivals expansion is comprised of the titular...
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    Movie: Flock of Dudes - Official Red Band Trailer
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    Movie: Sausage Party - Official Red Band Trailer #2
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    Movie: The Edge of Seventeen - Official Red Band Trailer
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    Rock Band 4 DLC for July 5 includes Hinder and the Pixies

    With a new month upon us, that means new DLC tracks for Rock Band 4, with the first up being song from the Pixies and Hinder. Coming July 5, Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" and the Pixies' "Where is My Mind?" will be avaiulable for download for $1.99 each. In addition, Harmonix revealed the other...
  21. KittyMae

    Movie: Outlaws and Angels - Official Red Band Trailer

    Outlaws and Angels Official Red Band Trailer 1 (2016) - Chad Michael Murray Movie - YouTube
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    E3 2016: Harmonix reveals Rock Band Rivals expansion

    Harmonix released in June update today for Rock Band 4, just in time for the developer to announce its first expansion for the game, Rock Band Rivals. The aren't many details other than the title and the $30 price at the moment, but Harmonix claims that the new features will be all new to the...
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    Rock Band 4 turns Mad Catz earnings into $11.6 million loss

    Rock Band 4 was a good game, but sales were tepid. So much so that publisher Mad Catz' quarterly earning report in February began with the layoff of 37% of its workforce and the resignations of several key executives. The yearly financials for the company are now out, and the numbers still...
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    Rock Out With Double Kick Drum Support and Battleborn Characters in Rock Band 4

    Rock Band 4 is continually receiving updates still, with the latest addition to its roster double kick drum pedal support, and bizarrely enough, Battleborn characters Thorn and Miko. No one asked for this. Why is this happening? The update also brings with it a full set of bug fixes, which...
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    Rock Band 4 for PC falls short of crowdfunding goal

    Harmonix is now 1-1 in its attempts to get funding for different versions of its previous franchises. First, it was successful on Kickstarter in bringing the PlayStation 2 hit Amplitude back for PS3 and PS4. However, this time, an attempt to bring Rock Band 4 to PC fell woefully short on...