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    GDC 2018: Celeste IGF Audience Award Interview with Matt Thorson

    Celeste has taken the world by storm in 2018. The dash-based old school platformer is a fresh take on the genre. Matt Makes Games took home the IGF Audience Award at the GDCAs last week, and we caught up with Celeste's lead developer Matt Thorson to chat about the game. Matt let us know some of...
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    GDC 2018: Rami Ismail GDCA Ambassador Award Interview

    Rami Ismail is one half of the video game developer Vlambeer, known for their game Ridiculous Fishing. What many folks may not know about Rami is that he has been fighting for the rights of his fellow developers, especially devs who are located in the Middle East. Shacknews caught up with Rami...
  3. Bob_o

    Leadership 101 Award

    Please post all Leadership 101 Awards here.
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    Do it for Shacknews Award 2017: Panic Button

    A few years ago, we changed the Shacknews slogan from "It gets you chicks" to "Do it for Shacknews." This puzzled and angered some Shackers and left other folks wondering what it means to do it for Shacknews. Sometimes a person or company won't even know it but they are actually doing it for...
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    Shack Shop Super Savings Spectacular: Most Improved Swimmer Award

    No one has bought the Intel Inside Pentium Pro Mug, the Obsolete Globe or the MS DOS 5.0 START UP DISK. This is it. My last chance. I am going to have to sacrifice something I really care about to keep Shacknews alive until E3. Jeff Bezos is coming for me. AWS will be my undoing unless a...
  6. Miss Joker

    Fever Clan Historian Award

    Log here all Fever Clan Historian awards that were awarded.
  7. Miss Joker

    Outstanding Fever Weekly Member Award

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    Epic co-founder Tim Sweeney will receive Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2017 GDC Awards

    Tim Sweeney, co-founder of Epic Games and chief architect of the inaugural Unreal engine, will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's GDC Awards ceremony. The ceremony will take place on March 1 at 6:30 p.m. Pacific at the San Francisco Moscone Center, the backdrop of the Game...
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    Uncharted 4, Inside, and Battlefield 1 lead GDC 2017 Choice Award nominees

    Nominees have been announced for this year's Game Developers Choice Awards, an annual event where developers recognize the work and accomplishments of their peers (via Gamasutra). This year's Game Developers Choice Awards marks its 17th annual occurrence. The full list of nominees can be found...
  10. M

    Resolved: Typo in one coin award Specifically the "accpeted by Daddy" part of it. I'm assuming it's an automatic message rather than a manual one (in the latter case it's admittedly entirely a non-issue), so I felt it's appropriate to mention it somewhere. I'm not sure whether this is the...
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    Game Awards 2016: All the award winners announced at the show

    Best Mobile Game Pokémon Go – Niantic, The Pokémon Company, Nintendo Best Fighting Game Street Fighter V - Capcom Developing... More...
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    The Game Awards will honor Hideo Kojima with an 'Industry Icon' award

    The Game Awards will be taking place on December 1st, and after not being permitted to attend last year’s show, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima will be presented with the “Industry Icon” award during the event. The news comes from The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley who...
  13. GhostRogue

    Question about "Guardian" award

    I figured this was the best place to put this question (sorry if it was supposed to go elsewhere). In order to attain the "Guardian" Fever award in the D3 category, does "all levels of the Season Journey" mean just the Chapters? Or, does that mean I have to complete the Slayer, Master, etc...
  14. Kimenu

    Social Media Award

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  15. SycoMage

    Outstanding Company Commander Award

    If you give out the Outstanding Company Commander award, please log it here.
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    Oculus VR film 'Henry' wins Emmy award

    Ahead of the 68th annual Emmy awards show airing on September 18, Oculus has announced that its VR film Henry won the award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program. The category marks an important distinction: Sleepy Hollow VR Experience became the first VR app to win an Emmy when it...
  17. Strae112

    D3 ribbon award submittal thread

    I couldn't find an award submit thread so I started this one. I am submitting for GR65+ PL800+ and Guardian complete. I guess that means I am submitting for the 3 award ribbon as well. I hope season 7 is treating everyone better than me. Kadala seems to hate me this round. So does the cube...
  18. Strae112

    Award Submissions

    I don't know if there is an existing thread for submitting for awards so I am making this one. I would like to submit for WOW 9000 and lvl100 for my old WOW account. -Strae
  19. SycoMage

    HotS Award Update

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that the Grandmaster award has been renamed the Master award, and is given to members who reach master rank in heroes or team league. This won't affect anyone who already had it, just those who are seeking to earn it now. Good luck! ~Syco
  20. Miss Joker

    Change in award for HotS

    Hello everyone! As some of you asked for changing the "Hero of the Storm Award", awards council went through it, checked all possibilities and agreed on changing it. It was "Awarded to members who get 20 kills and no death in either quick match, hero league, or team league." We made it...
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    Battlefield 1, Dishonored 2, Horizon Zero Dawn lead Game Critics E3 award nominees

    Another E3 is in the books, and that means it must be time for some award nominations for what impressed the plethora of press at the event. We already presented our top games, but others want attention, too. The Game Critics Awards are probably the most well known, and they have released their...
  22. zefirus

    Resolved: Stigmaoftherose - Award issue

    Gyorn stigmaoftherose Pulled this from the chat. Looks like two vet ribbons, and the other two awards I am unfamiliar with (FPS awards) Log from chat: stigmaoftherose: hey any officers on who can help me with some discrepancies...
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    Weekend console download deals: PlayStation award winners and more

    It's Oscars weekend and PlayStation is getting into the spirit this weekend with some of the most notable award-winning games of the past year. That includes a lot of AAA games, like Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, Star Wars Battlefront, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and more that are being...
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    Opinion: After a decade, The Game Awards is an award show to be proud of

    For the past decade or so, Geoff Keighley's video game award shows have had something of a checkered history. During the early Spike TV days, they were downright embarrassing to watch, riddled with ridiculous forced humor segments and shoehorned guest spots from fad stars, like the cast of The...
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    Team Fortress 2 Saxxy Award winner takes the classes up in the air

    Let's hit the lighter side of gaming news to end today. Valve has named the winner of this year's Saxxy Awards, celebrating the best in Team Fortress 2 machinima. The winner was a collaborative effort from among TF2's more creative fanbase. Dunkle was the person behind this year's Overall...
  26. toki

    2015 National Book Award nominees and snippets

    Was reading this today, really interesting summaries of the 2015 National Book Award nominees' books. We read all 20 National Book Award nominees for 2015. Here's what we thought. - Vox There's a good mix of fiction and non-fiction, and I'm using the summaries to grab some more reading...
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    IndieCade 2015 Award Nominees Announced

    The finalists have been announced for the 2015 IndieCade Festival. Each of the nominees represent some of the most exciting games of the year, as determined by the IndieCade Jury. While all the nominees look good, some of the game that leapt out at us include Armello, Her Story, Kerbal Space...
  28. L

    not sure where the award thread is .

    I know i have several awards but i guess i needed screen shots lol so here is my first one(ever might i add)
  29. Miss Joker

    Outstanding Recruiter Award

    Please post all awarded Outstanding Recruiter Awards here
  30. ipaukko

    Award Proof

    here's the proof for 300 wins award Imgur
  31. SycoMage

    HOTS Award Graphics

    So here's the current set of awards you guys have come up with: Easy: Obtain a Master Skin Medium: Become the Hero of the Storm(20+ kills with 0 deaths at end of match, not co-op or vs ai) Hard: Reach a Player Hero Level of 300+ Very Hard: Reach Rank 3 or Higher in Hero League or Team League...
  32. IndiasMafia

    Fever Player of the Month Award and Video

    Fever Dota Player of the Month This is a competition anyone can enter to be awarded the DPM (dota player of the month). All you have to do if submit the replay of you doing something that makes you DPM. After looking through all of the replays the best submission will be chosen and the DPM...
  33. SycoMage

    Award Coins

    Here's a place to post who has earned coin rewards for the various top-tier awards. e.g. JoeMamma - POW award - 5,000 coins AngieDaddy - Philanthropist award - 10,000 coins 10,000 Coins Veterancy Platinum Service Commendation Platinum Recruitment Platinum Interview Gold Game Master Gold...
  34. Lil_Nora

    Mention ... Award

    So I'd be for a mention toki award, because she seems to be, at least for me, the most mentioned person. So and people who mention toki should get an award based on how often they mention toki. But here is the catch, every time toki starts a thread, one of those mentions gets contradicted...
  35. SycoMage

    Change to the Call of Duty Awards

    Since the new COD has gold camo as one of the regular camo rewards, and because it seems to be bugged, we decided to fix it so that you only earn the gold camo award for having earned the top level camo for 5 guns in any given COD game (which is how it was intended to be in the first place). For...
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    Hack 'n' Slash leads IndieCade 2014 award winners

    IndieCade has come and gone and the awards have been handed out across many categories. Hack 'N' Slash takes home the big prize, locking up the Grand Jury Award and beating out a competitive field of nominees. Other winners include Close Your taking the Developer Choice Award. This PC offering...
  37. SycoMage

    Arcade Award

    Post any Arcade Awards given out here.
  38. Costakilla

    Award PLZ!

    I have a kill death ratio of 15 and i kinda want my reward i will screen shot it if u want me to or i will email you the link plz replay to this post if ur an officer or ur congradulating me thank you.
  39. Miss Joker

    Game Night Award

    Please post all awarded Game Night awards here
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    Evolve wins top honors in E3 Game Critics award

    E3 has come and gone, and all that's left is to formally recognize the games that wowed convention-goers the most. You may have seen our personal picks, but the E3 Game Critics Awards have been announced for a wider view across the industry. More...
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    PS4's 'Perfect Day' commercial wins 2014 Game Marketing Award

    The annual Game Marketing Awards took place last night, awarding the best in video games marketing. Midnight Oil won best agency of the year, while Ubisoft took home the award for "Best Marketing Team." More...
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    Ken Kutaragi, 'father of PlayStation,' awarded with GDC Award & Mega64 video

    Ken Kutaragi, best known as the "Father of the PlayStation," received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards last week in San Francisco. Having worked on the sound chip within the SNES, he later became lead engineer of the original PlayStation, the first video game...
  43. News Bot

    NFL to award mobile games license through new competition

    While Electronics Arts may have locked down the NFL license on console, mobile is more open. NFL Players Inc is looking to give away their license to a new developer through a new competition.Through the "Mobile Madness Challenge," developers will submit pitches for an "innovative mobile gaming...
  44. B

    Sc2 Award Handouts

    Processed for now are the 3 different types of awards given over the past 3+ weeks: Fever Competition Award: All players playing games to contribute to the overall win of the clan war. This is focused on non-squad groups. Fever. vs. Fever: All players participating in a series of games...
  45. Kirbz

    Award Changes 2/22/2014

    Added a Platinum tier to Veterancy Award and Service Commendation Award 5 Years for vet award. Moved 10,000 posts to Platinum Made gold 5,000 (down from 10,000) ~Veterancy award was added a week or so back but no announcement was made on it. ~kirbz
  46. News Bot

    The Last of Us wins 2014 Writer's Guild video game award

    The Last of Us has won plenty of accolades from the gaming press, but it can now add another notch to its belt from outside our little sphere. Writer Neil Druckmann won the Outstanding Achievement in Writing for Video Games award from the Writer's Guild of America. More...
  47. Aug

    Changing the "Stood in Fire" award

    After reviewing the awards for WoW, we decided to change the "Stood in Fire" award. It doesn't make much sense to have it as an award anymore. It's difficult to get and most people don't want to have to go through the entirety of the fireland raids just to get killed by the last boss. So, we...
  48. News Bot

    'Father of the PlayStation' Ken Kutaragi to receive GDCA Lifetime Achievement Award

    Ken Kutaragi, the former Sony Computer Entertainment CEO and commonly dubbed "Father of the PlayStation," will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's Game Developers Choice Awards (GDCAs). The ceremony is set to take place, alongside the standard game awards, on March 19 in San...
  49. News Bot

    DICE 2014 Award nominees announced, The Last of Us leads

    Sure, Hollywood may be abuzz with today's Oscar nominations, but the video game industry's Academy-equivalent has also announced their picks for best-of-2013. The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) have revealed their nominees for the 17th annual DICE awards, to be held in Las Vegas...