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    QuakeCon 2018 Registration Announcement Delayed

    QuakeCon is one of our favorite events of the year at Shacknews and it is coming back to the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center on August 9-12. The organizers had previously announced that the BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) area wouild be twice the size. Sadly, we haven't head much about...
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    Ice-T Teases 'Exclusive' Gears of War Announcement Coming This Week

    Though Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games and Gears of War for greener (?) pastures with Boss Key Productions, cranking out the failed LawBreakers and the hot mess that is Radical Heights, the franchise wheels are still churning. Granted, it's been all quiet on the western front for Gears of War...
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    Atari's Stock Is Up Nearly 50% Since Cryptocurrency Token Announcement

    In the world of gaming, there are few names that bring up more mixed emotions than Atari. Once the pioneers of home console gaming, the name has now become synonymous with speaker hats and Kickstarters to get their microtransaction-based mobile games onto Switch. Even their recently revealed new...
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    Hearthstone Celebrates Update 10.2 with Wildfest Announcement

    The time has come for Hearthstone players. Update 10.2 is officially here and it's the one that reigns in several of the most out-of-control minions in the current Ranked meta. But Blizzard has also announced something special for Arena and Tavern Brawl players to go along with today's patch...
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    PAYDAY Dev Teases Announcement For Their Next Game, Overkill's The Walking Dead

    In a little less than 24 hours, PAYDAY developer will announce more details about their next game. They did tease a countdown clock on their social media channels with the statement, "Washington is about to fall." Our Next Game...
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    New Valkyria Project Announcement Coming Later This Month

    The Valkyria series arrived with a fresh, accessible take on the strategy genre and a lovely art style. The series experienced highs and lows on various platforms and a portal created by Sega has gone live, revealing that a new game based on the Valkyria properties will be revealed on November...
  7. Belos

    Event: Guild Wars 2 Expansion Announcement

    You’ve seen where one path ends, and it’s nearly time to learn where the Guild Wars 2 story will take you next. On Tuesday, August 1, tune in for a special livestream event at as we announce the details of our second expansion! Tune in at 8:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) on...
  8. sparkis

    Knights of the Frozen Throne Announcement The announcement for the next expansion coming August, Knights of the Frozen Throne, has just been released. It has a very strong death theme to the whole set where all the player heroes have died. Some key things to note: Introduction of the Hero...
  9. hregiment

    Awards Announcement

    Since I have received a sum of coins for unknown reasons, I am assuming that I won some kind of award. Have the awards been posted and where? Inquiring minds want to know. Besides, Sauron is getting antsy.
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    Microsoft E3 2017 Briefing Announcement Teases Project Scorpio

    Surprise! Microsoft is holding its E3 2017 press conference a day earlier than usual and the big announcement should have something to do with the company's upcoming hardware, Project Scorpio. OK, that's not a surprise, but the fact that the company is holding it briefing at The Galen Center in...
  11. A

    Public Service Announcement

    Hello Fever League of Legends, Over the past few days several members who attended the most recent LoL Academy have shared their experience with me. The told me how they really liked all the material the coaches talked about and they found it very helpful. However, they also told me of a very...
  12. Thaumius

    An Important Announcement

    On December 10 2016, I broke a 3rd monitor as said in my other post From that point, I was banned from playing hearthstone forever (parents still uncertain if I will get it back) I will reply to posts on feverclan on hearthstone and I can try to play hearthstone on my grace period times such...
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    Shack Ten: Video games that changed dramatically between announcement and release

    This week, in honor of a weird spin-off game that went underground and emerged as Final Fantasy XV, we're talking about games that changed significantly between their announcement and release. Read on to see what the Shacknews editorial staff and Chatty community had to say about games that...
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    Gearbox's Pitchford teases new game announcement later this week

    Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, loves to tease. He teased Borderlands 3 earlier this year, and now is hinting at a potential new Duke Nukem announcement later this week. In response to a fan tweet about how cool a Duke Nukem crossover with Gears of War would be, Pitchford tweeted "On...
  15. sparkis

    News: Live Post - Blizzcon Hearthstone Announcement

    Expansion: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Slated for release early December 2016 Links: Mean Streets of Gadgetzen Expansion Page Extra! Extra! Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Revealed! Inside the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan at BlizzCon! Hearthpwn Blizzcon Card Reveals Watch updates live: Twitch - Over Now...
  16. sparkis

    Blizzcon Hearthstone Announcement - 4th Nov. 12:30pm PDT

    Came across this in the Blizzcon schedule. I take it this would be the likely time that they'll announce the next expansion and probably not much else given the length of time. Curious to see if they'll talk about anything else e.g. Heroic Brawl, future plans etc. Any other ideas of what...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Announcement Teased by Rockstar Games on Twitter

    Rockstar Games took to social media this morning to post their company logo on a blood red background. The company is undoubtedly hyping up a long rumored sequel to their smash hit series, Red Dead Redemption. Gamers have been waiting for another chapter in the great story of the Marston...
  18. sparkis

    News: Hearthstone Expansion Announcement - 4th November

    An announcement for the new Hearthstone Expansion is expected to be made at Blizzcon on the 4th of November. HYPE! Source: Next Hearthstone Expansion Announcement Slated for November 4 - Hearthhead News - Hearthstone (one of a few) What are you guys hoping to see in the new expansion?
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    Amazon May Have Just Ruined Apple's iPhone 7 Announcement

    Ahead of Apple's press conference that's rumored to reveal the next iPhone 7 and additional new announcements, Amazon seems to have spilled the beans on the iPhone 7. While the page has been taken down already, the internet never forgets, and as such we've had a chance to look at some of the...
  20. Requ1em

    Public Test Server Announcement

    Last week, we announced that Update 1.4 will focus entirely on improving the core gameplay experience, and that we want you to be part of it. Since then, we kick started our Agent Intel[] forum section to gather your feedback on several topics, opened registration to the Elite Task...
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    Gran Turismo Sport being forced to enter pit road with delay announcement

    Sony and Polyphony Digital have announced Gran Turismo Sport is being delayed until 2017. Polyphony Digital founder Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed Gran Turismo Sport appears to be a much more ambitious game than the studio previously considered. “ we approach our planned release date...
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    Dark Souls 3 announcement teased for next week

    If you are still playing (and dying in) Dark Souls 3, then you will be interested to know that some big news is coming next week, possibly related to the first DLC for the game. The game's official Twitter account let fellow Ashen Ones said a "major announcement" is coming on August 24. We know...
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    Fake Half-Life: 3 announcement spotted at Gamescom 2016

    Gamescom is taking place in Cologne, Germany this week, and while we can expect a few surprises to be unveiled at the show, what we didn’t expect to be among promotional images for upcoming games like Titanfall 2 and Watch Dogs 2 was one for Half-Life 3. Yes - you read that right...
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    Apple iPhone 7 announcement coming on Sept. 7, according to report

    The new iPhone appears to be just a few weeks away from release as Apple will reportedly unveil the device on September 7. The September 7 date for Apple’s upcoming event is being reported by Bloomberg, which credits sources with knowledge of Apple’s upcoming plans. Apple spokesman...
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    Watch Blizzard's Hearthstone announcement right here

    Earlier this week, Blizzard teased a "special Hearthstone announcement" during this week's ChinaJoy event. Lead designer Ben Brode will make the announcement tonight at 11pm Pacific / 2am Eastern on Blizzard's official Twitch channel. You can use the embedded video to follow along. While...
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    Blizzard schedules Hearthstone announcement for ChinaJoy

    A new post on Blizzard's forums invites Hearthstone fans to start getting excited for a 'special Hearthstone announcement' during ChinaJoy later this week. The announcement will be made during a streaming event on Blizzard's Twitch channel, and the stream kicks off at 11pm Pacific...
  27. Ashi

    Ana Announcement Video
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    Evolve counting down to an announcement tomorrow [UPDATE]

    UPDATE (2:34p Pacific) Evolve has been pulled from Steam. GameSpot points out that this could be an error, or more evidence that Evolve may be going free-to-play when the countdown expires. Original story follows Time for another tease, this time involving the game Evolve. A countdown timer has...
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    Evolve counting down to an announcement tomorrow

    Time for another tease, this time involving the game Evolve. A countdown timer has showed up on the official site, letting us know that some announcement is coming at 9 a.m. PT / noon ET tomorrow, with the rather obscure hashtag of #StageUp. What could it be? It is unlikely that a sequel would...
  30. Makk

    14th Tournament results and Tournament 21st of may announcement with rules ETC.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF MAY 14th TOURNAMENT AND THANK YOU FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS. Unfortunately i have gotten a lot of complaints for the timing of this week's tournament and next weekend (the 28th) is taken up by daddy, i will elaborate more as to when we are hosting the tournament...
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    Battlefield gets a teaser video promoting tomorrow's announcement

    I've been on a rant lately about teasers to teasers. Battlefield actually started it with its tease to an upcoming announcement. Then Sega had a 30-second JPG to the eventual announcement of Dawn of War 3. Now Battlefield is again baiting us with a nine-second teaser to tomorrow's announcement...
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    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War announcement coming tomorrow

    We've had fun with teasers before. But I have to give Sega credit for this tease. It is a 30-second video that shows that could have been a JPG. So what do we know? Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War has an announcement coming tomorrow at 7 a.m. PT. That's it. the 30 seconds of static video shows...
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    Call Of Duty Announcement Incoming Tomorrow Via Livestream

    After a weekend of teases that included a wild goose chase through facebook messenger and cryptic messages appearing on social channels, Infinity Ward has finally opened up and given more details about the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise. The fun begins at 10:30AM PT, on the...
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    Rumor: New Call of Duty may be Infinite Warfare; announcement could hit next week

    Update: A new post on NeoGAF shows an entry in the PlayStation Store for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, apropos given the developer. Activision is keeping mum at the moment, but things are getting curiouser and curiouser. Original Story: The timing is about right for a new Call of Duty game...
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    Rumor: New Call of Duty announcement may hit next week

    The timing is about right for a new Call of Duty game, and as if on cue, an image has shown up that says that an announcement for the next game in the franchise should be unveiled next week. The image was tweeted by internet personality Jim Sterling (via NeoGAF) supposedly shows a retail sheet...
  36. Rookie

    Dota 2 Tournament Announcement

    Dota 2 Tournament Since our last tournament on the 9th of April was a large success I can think of no reason to stop preparing for the next one. The planned date of this next tournament will be on May 7th which is a Saturday. Time will be given out as soon as my coworkers and I know ourselves...
  37. C

    Announcement from Me

    Attention everybody. I will be away for a while. I bought Fallout 4. I will probably show up in the Fallout 4 sub thread after playing some but don't wait up for me. Good bye for now!
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    Watch the 'What's Next for Hearthstone' announcement here

    The Hearthstone Americas Winter Championship is kicking off today, with the competition expected to kick off at around 1:00pm PT. But prior to that, Blizzard has prepared some news it’d like to share with Hearthstone players. Many are speculating the announcement could be a new expansion...
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    Danganronpa 2 Steam announcement teased by its developer

    Spike Chunsoft has yet another tease for Danganronpa fans that pretty much confirms Danganronpa 2 for PC will soon be announced. The developer teased Danganronpa 2 news will soon be announced on its English Twitter account, although it’s currently waiting for Monokuma to get back from his...
  40. Synfull

    Overwatch Release Date Announcement

    MAY 24TH, 2016 Officially announced via Blizzard this morning =) 3/7/2016!!
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    Forza Horizon 3 teased for E3 2016 announcement with Lamborghini Centenario as cover car

    Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have revealed the Lamborghini Centenario will be the cover car for its upcoming Forza game, which it announced will be showcased at E3 2016. As for what the new Forza game will be, both companies are being tight lipped about it for now. Considering Forza Motorsport...
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    Titanfall 2 release date announcement may be imminent according to GameStop

    While we know Titanfall 2 will be a multiplatform game and will include a single-player campaign, we still don’t know when it’s launching. But one GameStop store may hint at its upcoming release date announcement. A NeoGAF user spotted placeholder boxes for Titanfall 2 at his local...
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    Ratchet & Clank dev Insomniac Games teases new game announcement

    Insomniac Games is teasing its next title as it just released a new trailer simply titled “What’s Next?” The trailer doesn’t give us much information as to what the upcoming game could be, although we’re treated to a beautiful underwater location. The trailer takes...
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    Starpoint Gemini 2 celebrates one year with 'Titans' DLC announcement

    Starpoint Gemini 2 is on the verge of commemorating its one-year anniversary, so Iceberg Interactive and Little Green Men Games are planning to celebrate with the gaming audience. The game is not only getting a massive discount for its anniversary week, but the game is also set to receive a...
  45. HisMightyShield

    Announcement :O

    Hey guys. The new expansion is the Grand Tournament. There is a new ability called inspire, which triggers when you use your hero power. The expansion itself looks great and this is what I took away 1) Hunter is Buffed 2) Shaman is ultrabuffed
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    Watch Blizzard's special Hearthstone announcement here!

    Blizzard Entertainment has announced a special Hearthstone announcement will be taking place today, and since the majority of the Shacknews staff is helplessly addicted to the collectible-card game, we’re all waiting with bated breath to hear what they’re preparing to announce. The...
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    Battle Detected: Shacknews examines tomorrow's Hearthstone announcement

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has already released two adventures and one card expansion, and the popular digital CCG is gearing up for another big announcement tomorrow. Chances are this is another card expansion, but Blizzard's decision to hold the announcement at a special event in San...
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    D23 Expo will feature Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement and Star Wars Battlefront hands-on

    The annual D23 Expo is home to the biggest Disney convention of the year. That will often span movies, television, theme park memorabilia, and pretty much anything else Disney. And yes, that includes video games. Today, Disney announced the games that will be attendance at this year's expo...
  49. jbo96

    Diablo 3 Expansion 2 Announcement & Release Date - discussion based on educated guessing

    I am hoping this pans out as true, what are your thoughts?
  50. Layfon

    Anybody else hyped for STAR WARS Battlefront 3 Announcement as well as Total War: Warhammer 40k!!!!!

    title says it all! Check out both trailers for all the hype!!!!!!!!!! Especially the Total War one below! Crazy rendering. That trailer easily costs a million or more.