1. D

    Season 3 looks amazing!

    I am excited for the space theme, new skins, the bigger battle pass with more loot and I am hoping that the new .50 cal hand cannon will give the shotguns a little close range competition! What do ya'll think about season 3? it is looking sweet so far IMO!
  2. alastar886

    Shinedowns new album is amazing!

    Threat for survival is amazing! heres a sample Shinedown - "State Of My Head" (Official Video) - YouTube
  3. C

    The MOBA community, and why it's so amazing! ^^

    This was the post-game chat on a Smite game I just played with 4 other Fever members. The chat was so amazing, I had to share it with you all :D "This chat has more stars than Hollywood!" - Chaos
  4. BigPun

    Video: This is amazing!

    Guys this is amazing!
  5. Croatoan

    Well, this is awkward, and also amazing!