1. LateMoon

    Well Anyone Got Any Good Advice?

    Alright so I am fairly new at this game and I am just awful. I will have the best gold guns and still get outgunned in fights and just all out destroyed in building wars. Just looking for some tips.
  2. Sithis

    Going off the College in August - Advice?

    I'd really appreciate some advice and tips for the college experience. I'm an 18 year old male with zero girl knowledge if that helps you get some ideas :) Thanks so much!
  3. Mizu

    Resolved: Looking to get new gaming gear, advice?

    I have been comparing different accessories now that I am finished building my computer and was wondering what kind of gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets you all recommend. So far I am looking into getting a razor keyboard and mouse as well as a steel series headset. What kind do you...
  4. doc holiday

    Relationship advice? Do you think its okay if...

    Hey I just want to get some opinions on this, if you are married and your wife goes to the movies with a guy you don't know... the only thing you know about him is that he is an ex, he has has hit on her while she was in the relationship with you, sent her love poems and even compared his...
  5. AppleJack

    Total noob cod player here. Any advice? yea the title says it all. My average KD is .33 =(. Any tips or advice? This is Call of Duty Black ops 2 by the way. Applejack
  6. Discoerd

    3DS advice?

    I am looking to buy an R4 gold card for my 3DS I already have a micro SD but I am having a really tough time finding sites that don't have a bunch of people saying don't trust them. Has anyone in Fever bought an R4 card for 3DS(possibly DSi, I'm just looking to put DS games I have on it, not 3DS...
  7. Choboy

    Bought my first car, any advice?

    I got a sexy 2012 Kia Optima in black this past Saturday! Anyone of you guys have recommendations on how I can take care of my new baby? My car didn't come with an alarm system so I'm going to get one installed soon, should I add any other cool stuff? All I know thus far is I need to...