1. Nanospartan

    Never to Fever Add me if you wanna party

    Lol I mean new idk why it is never lol. Gamer Tag NanoSpartan#11754 Im in discord all the time just hit me up.
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    Rec Room Devs Add Free, Cross-Platform VR Battle Royale Mode

    There are a handful of social VR games that give gamers a chance to interact and play a host of mini-games with friends or strangers and Against Gravity's Rec Room is one of the premier ones. Paintball, charades, and other experiences are already part of Rec Room's bundle of fun, but a new one...
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    How to Add and Invite Friends in Sea of Thieves

    As Rare's open-world adventure Sea of Thieves continues to push into uncharted waters, more and more players have become interested in checking out what mysteries lay beyond the title's virtual shores. More than a game of simple exploration, Sea of Thieves is an experience that's firmly rooted...
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    Shanghai Dragons Set to Add Geguri, Giving Overwatch League Its First Female Player

    Overwatch League free agent signings started back on January 26, but there's one signing in particular that has caught the attention of Overwatch fans. Former ROX Orcas off-tank Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon appears set to join the Shanghai Dragons, which will make her the first female player to join the...
  5. LordsShield

    add me to the roster :D

    hey guys, im going to be joining you all shortly maybe tonmight but if not then tomorrow for sure! my in game name is LordsShield feel free to shoot me a clan invite! i am looking forward to playing with you all soon!
  6. Grimnaut

    Grim#1664 - Add me if we've played togeter...

    I just want to play, roster, no roster, clan, no-clan....I just want to play. Add me via Grim#1664 or find me in "Fever Clan" or "Greater Riftings" community chat in game. See you in game.
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    Easily Add Polls, Mini-Games, And More With Twitch Extensions

    Up until now, the path to creating more dynamic Twitch streams involved harrowing trips into third-party territory. A handful of entities have made the addition of polls, informative overlays, and the like easier to manage but Twitch is bringing these tools closer to home with their new Twitch...
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    Easily Add Polls, Min-Games, And More With Twitch Extensions

    Up until now, the path to creating more dynamic Twitch streams involved harrowing trips into third-party territory. A handful of entities have made the addition of polls, informative overlays, and the like easier to manage but Twitch is bringing these tools closer to home with their new Twitch...
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    How to Add Moves and Attacks to Your Combat Deck in Absolver

    Absolver is a melee brawler that may seem simple at first glance but, in actuality, has a very deep and complex combat system. Part of that system is improving your combat deck with faster, stronger, and less-predictable moves. As a true-to-form martial arts game, Absolver requires you to study...
  10. SathKa

    Hwo to add a Signature

    Hi Guys iam neww here i just did my sttings not much but i did not find a point for add signatur maybe im just as blind as Lee Sin and did not see it i searcht the sup forum and did not find aynthink only that iam knoww how that im some forum sections sigs are deaktiviert and you taked about...
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    Uncharted 4 Multiplayer to Add Lost Legacy Villain

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is the next big thing in the series, but that doesn't mean developer Naughty Dog has forgotten Uncharted 4. Coupled with the release of the new game on August 22 will be a multiplayer update for Nathan Drake and pals that will include villain Asav as a playable...
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    Dying Light Isn't Actually Dying, So Techland Will Add 12 Months of DLC

    Developer Techland had promised to move on from supporting Dying Light by the end of 2016, but an amazing thing happened. Apparently the community was still firmly invested in the title. The result is that Techland will be saying thank you to the community with 10 new pieces of free DLC over the...
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    Ghost Recon: Wildlands To Add Ghost War 4v4 PvP Mode

    The Santa Blanca Cartel in Bolivia has fallen, and now players will be tasked with keeping Special Ops forces from getting a new foothold in the country in a new PvP mode for Ghost Recon: Wildlands called Ghost War. The 4v4 action will be available as a free update sometime this fall...
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    Huge Twitch Mobile App Update Coming Soon, Will Add IRL Streaming

    Twitch has announced a major update to their mobile app. A whole bunch of new features are coming to Twitch for Android and iOS. Our new Twitch mobile app is rolling out over the next 2 weeks! Check out the new design, features, and more on
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    New VR Company Wants To Add More Visual Clarity to Headsets

    More and more companies are moving into the realm of virtual reality hardware, and while Rift and Vive get most of the press and new hardware startup is looking to change the way we see virtual and augmented reality. Literally. One of the biggest issues with the current crop of headsets is...
  16. Draugen

    Add me on Steam!

    Hey anyone interested in playing add me on steam - SmileAllDay! Thx cya
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    Battlefield 1 to Add Premium Friends, In Case Regular Friends Aren't Enough

    EA has a new service for lonely Battlefield 1 players called Premium Friends. Don't have enough real-life friends with the best maps? Let EA hook you up with some uber-elite buddies who do have access to play with for free. The new program, based on feedback from the Battlefield 1 community...
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    Rocket League To Add New Dropshot Mode Next Week

    Rocket League continues to throw more goodies into its game, with its next update adding a new mode with breakable floors, and electrified ball and a damage stat. The new mode is called Dropshot. Players enter the Core 707 stage "where traditional scoring is turned on its side as players...
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    PS4 System Update 4.50 To Add Numerous Options Tomorrow

    PlayStation 4 firmware Update 4,50 is coming tomorrow, adding numerous new features and changes to the console. Among them will be improved 2D images for PlayStation VR and voice chat for Remote Play. In addition to custom wallpapers and external HDD support that Sony revealed last month, the...
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    Nintendo Switch Will Still Require Friend Codes to Add Some Players

    With the launch of Nintendo Switch, all indications seemed to point to Nintendo moving away from the cumbersome way to add friends to play lists. Unfortunately, a day-one patch preparing for tomorrow's launch of the console has revealed that the dreaded friend code is still there. In the menu...
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    Civilization 6's Next Update Will Add Australia to the Country Roster

    Civilization 6 will be getting another update in the next few weeks, this time adding the country of Australia to the roster of playable civs. And if that wasn't enough, the free patch associated with the DLC will add modding tools and Steam Workshp support are also being included in the patch...
  22. TheDrummerNerd

    Add me! - High Gold Support

    Hey everyone! New to the clan, looking to add some folks in LoL. Was high Gold ranked Support a few seasons ago, played near Plat in ranked 5s. Looking to work on other roles, too, but I never mind playing support Summoner Name: Funereal
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    Pokemon Go to Add 80 New Pokemon This Week

    It has been a long time coming, but Pokemon Go is finally pushing through an update this week that adds 80 new Pokemon to the roster, as well as new goodies to make them easier to catch and evolve. New trainer outfits and accessories are also part of the patch. The little critters are being...
  24. L

    Add me!! :D

    Hey, so if there's a guild for fever in gw2 I would love to be added. Loony.1580. ty so much!! see you in tyria :love_heart:
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    Injustice 2 will add extra characters as alternate skins

    NetherRealm's Injustice 2 has a deep bench of DC comic characters to choose from, and will be expanding its roster, in a sense, with alternate skins. The Injustice 2 pre-order site (via IGN) reveals three alternate characters. Power Girl will substitute for Supergirl, while Reverse-Flash and...