1. Phorceful

    Legal Question

    Last week I was in an auto accident. I yielded for a pedestrian in the crosswalk while signalling for a right-hand turn. I was stopped waiting for the person who was on a bike but sort of rolling it, I was rear-ended at full speed and it did lots of damage to my vehicle, possibly totalled. I...
  2. News Bot

    Game Devs Set Up Fundraiser for GDC 2018 Attendee Severely Injured in Car Accident

    GDC 2018 just wrapped up and, unfortunately, one of the attendees was injured while crossing the street in San Francisco. AI designer Dave Mark was severely hurt, but his developer peers have rallied to raise funds to cover medical costs, rehabilitation, and family travel expenses. Gamasutra...
  3. Ballbuster

    Car accident - A Okay

    Hey everyone, just in case anyone sent a game invite or something, I was in a car accident last night. All good just wanted to make sure you didn't think I didn't want to play with ya :P Here's a photo of me all hyped up on adrenaline with the first responders haha. Apparently I was the first to...
  4. News Bot

    PAX East 2016: The Overwatch monster truck got into a car accident last night

    PAX East started with a bang yesterday, and apparently a car accident as reports came in overnight an Overwatch monster truck struck a civilian vehicle. The accident occurred at the end of the first day of PAX East, roughly around 7:00pm ET. One PAX East attendee took video of the accident...
  5. Gyorn

    Racing: IndyCar driver Justin Wilson dead after fatal accident
  6. C


    I went to Savannah last Friday and I was helping a friend move into his new apartment. Then today was interesting i woke up at 7 then left Savannah at 7:40 and at about 9:23 me and my sister hydroplaned off the road into a ditch and proceeded to flip two times and end upside down on top of...