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    Madden NFL 18 Has Tom Brady on the Cover

    Congrats to EA for taking a stand and pointing out some of the bad parts of football with its latest selection for the cover of Madden NFL 18. In an obvious nod to Deflategate, EA has chosen to highlight Tom Brady and his four-game suspension for all to see. They even called him the goat of the...
  2. VileKnight

    Weekly Sale: April 18 - 25

    There is a new weekly sale going on. Those who enjoy Lunara will be pleased to see this I am sure. Lunara $4.24 USD Sentinel Lunara Skin $3.74 USD Cyb'arak Anub'arak Skin $4.99 USD The blog post is here.
  3. VileKnight

    Weekly Sale: April 11 - 18

    There is a new weekly sale going on. Those who enjoy Johanna will be pleased to see this I am sure. Johanna $3.24 USD Centurion Johanna Skin $3.74 USD Desert Queen Zagara Skin $4.99 USD The blog post is here.
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    FIFA 18 for Switch to be 'custom built' by EA Vancouver

    In an interview with Game Reactor, EA's Peter Moore confirmed that the company's Vancouver studio will handle development of FIFA 18 for Nintendo's Switch console (via Nintendo Life). "Well, as we have said, we are custom-building a FIFA version for the Nintendo Switch," Moore said. "It will be...
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    EA's Vancouver studio will 'custom build' FIFA 18 for Switch

    In an interview with Game Reactor, EA's Peter Moore confirmed that the company's Vancouver studio will handle development of FIFA 18 for Nintendo's Switch console (via Nintendo Life). "Well, as we have said, we are custom-building a FIFA version for the Nintendo Switch," Moore said. "It will be...
  6. Requ1em

    New to section: Update 18 - Patch Notes

    Update 18 is now live! Unranked Dedicated Servers are now available in your Tools Library as well as the Black Ops III Remote Console Tool. You will also see a lot of new assets in the Mod Tools Additional Assets from the Campaign, Free Run and Zombies. Update 18 also includes bug fixes and a...
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    Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid's heroic mode should be available on October 18

    Bungie posted a weekly update in which it announced that the Heroic mode for Destiny: Rise of Iron's raid, Wrath of the Machine, should roll out on October 18 (via GameSpot). "Have you ventured deep below the Plaguelands to destroy Aksis?" the developer asks. "If you have not, there is still...
  8. Belos

    Updates: Billing maintenance 18 Sep 2016

    Our billing provider will be doing routine maintenance on Sunday, September 18, 2016 between 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC -7). During that time, purchases will be processed completely and items or products will be transmitted. However, e-mail confirmation receipts may be delayed...
  9. Requ1em

    Maintenance - August 18, 2016

    Agents, maintenance incoming. The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, August 18th at 09:00 AM CEST / 03:00 AM EDT / 00:00 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. There will be no game changes during this maintenance, however it will be used for server...
  10. TurtleStrong

    Is this an 18+ only section?

    I ask because I've written some smut I'd like to share here that I know a few people would like, but feel uncomfortable sharing it with those legally not allowed to read said smut.
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    Persona 5's latest trailer shows its first 18 minutes of gameplay

    Persona 5 is currently scheduled to release in North America on February 14, 2017, but it will be released in Japan five months earlier on September 15, 2016. With just two months left to go until its Japanese release, Atlus has decided to release the first 18 minutes of Persona 5 Persona 5...
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    Battlefield 1's closed alpha wraps next Monday, July 18

    Dan Mitre, Electronic Arts' global lead community manager, sent out a tweet announcing that Battlefield 1's closed alpha test wraps up this coming Monday, July 18. "The #BF1 Closed Alpha will end on Mon., July 18 at 1am PT. Use the weekend to get your fill and provide last bit of feedback on the...
  13. News Bot

    E3 2016: LawBreakers Public Alpha Coming July 18

    LawBreakers was on display during the PC Gaming Show this year, showing off a trailer that urged viewers to head to the official site to sign up for the Alpha right now. The Ice-T narrated trailer showed off some frenetic gameplay that did its best to pump up audiences. Cliff Bleszinski, CEO of...
  14. Baum

    News: This Week in Fever HotS #6 - May 18, 2016

    This Week in Fever HotS #6 - May 18, 2016 Message from the (Asst.) Company Commander Hey Fever HotS, Baum here. I am taking the column again this week. We have a lot of stuff going on with Fever HotS. First, welcome to all our new members, I know we have had at least 20 since the last...
  15. Linessah

    Proposed 18+ Clan Theme Song...

    If anyone has hung out in the D3 channels with myself and some others, you'll know that it can get a bit raunchy. I feel like this is a very appropriate theme song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJdbSMEG0B4
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    Trackmania Turbo open beta launches on PS4 and Xbox One on March 18

    Ubisoft has announced the open beta for Trackmania Turbo will take place on March 18, allowing fans to take a warm-up lap prior to its official launch on March 22. The open beta will begin on March 18 at 6am PDT and cross the finish line on March 21 at 6am PDT on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. All...
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    Danganronpa 2 releasing on Steam on April 18

    Spike Chunsoft has announced Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair will release on Steam on April 18, with pre-orders going live on April 4. Those who pre-order Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair will earn themselves a bonus mini-OST. Today’s news comes just a few days after Spike Chunsoft teased it...
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    Cities: Skylines should prepare for Snowfall on February 18

    Paradox Interactive is warning Cities: Skylines players to expect significant Snowfall on February 18. The Snowfall expansion allows players to experience a flurry of new weather-related features, such as a new in-game temperature system, new services that will help in keeping the roads clear...
  19. T

    Apexis Crystal Event Jan 13 - Jan 18

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/19998549/apexis-crystal-bonus-event-january-13-18-1-13-2016 Enjoy
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    Street Fighter 5 will have its third beta on December 18

    This year's PlayStation Experience concluded with the exciting conclusion to this year's Capcom Pro Tour and an amazing Capcom Cup tournament. With Kazunoko displaying a dominating performance that saw him defet Mad Catz' Daigo Umehara in the Grand Finals, it was time for one final announcement...
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    Hard West holds its horses for a 2-week delay; rides into town on Nov. 18

    CreativeForge Games has announced it’s pulling back the reins on the release of Hard West as the game will now launch on November 18. Hard West lead designer Kacper Szymczak says the reason for the delay is due to some last-minute changes which revealed “some excellent opportunities...
  22. Houyami

    Double Prestige Bonus (PvP) Oct. 15 - Oct. 18

    Double Prestige Bonus Oct. 15–18 | WildStar® Put on your game faces people. It's time to be a player versus other players! Power, Prestige, and PvP! is a limited-time bonus event that doubles the rate you earn Prestige. Which isnt, like it may sound, indicative of your recognition among the...
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    Rocket League adds Halloween items on October 18

    October is here and that means it's almost time for Halloween. It's usually the MMORPG that celebrates the season, but there are other games that also like to get in on the fun. This year, Rocket League will be among them, with new Halloween-themed items dropping on October 18. PlayStation.Blog...
  24. J

    18 Fast Leveling Tips for Patch 2.3 Season 4

    Hello everyone, It's exciting seeing so many people in game and in Team Speak playing Diablo 3 presently. I hope these tips help some of you who enjoy the challenge of power leveling. Some things have changed since the last patch. This video uploaded by Rhykker does a great job of explaining...
  25. Tazz

    Weekly Sale: August 11 - 18, 2015

    Hey guys! I'm Tazz, and I'm a new member of the content team, and I'll be posting threads and replies based on Updates, Patches, and some eSports news! Now, lets talk about the Update! It's a new week in the Nexus, which means it's time for a new Weekly Sale! The hero on sale this week is...