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  1. NovaGenetics

    Moving on.

    I'd first like to thank The Rev for making this process much easier. Please take the time to read through this and consider yourself in my shoes. I do not wish to have this seen as a "complaint thread" but a thread of my thanks and goodbye. As for why I'm leaving Fever clan... it's for one...
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    The Earth's Core

    I've been given a whole new perspective of the lives we live here on our plant Earth. It makes me realize just how little we pay attention to our planet and the dangers it can present to us, not only that but how it protects us from things that would wipe us from the face of the earth. If you...
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    RS3 Looking good

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    Why I love the Destiny Community.

    This is why I love Destiny and the players who play this great game.
  5. NovaGenetics

    Get your play money out boys and girls.

    Monopoly man (AKA Donald Trump) has won the Presidency of 2016. donald trump won - Google Search Donald - 1, America - 0.
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    How the Witcher 3 should be.
  7. NovaGenetics

    The Real Special Edition

    $40 well saved.
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    RS3 Clan rules and policies.

    The Rules - Both players and members are to be treated with respect. We want to set an example for Fever Clan. - Do not cheat, steal, or scam any members or players within the game. - Anyone in Fever can join, players outside of Fever will have to meet a Combat Level of at least 110 or...
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    Can you handle the Dankness.

  10. NovaGenetics

    Turned 20 Sunday.

    Here's my present that just arrived today. Thou shalt bask in it's glory.
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    A Fun Game.

    I got bored and wanted to put together a little game for everyone in Fever, male or female, boys and girls, ladies and gentleman. I have one question and one question only. Who is your ideal other? This person cannot be real. It has to be purely a made up straight from your imagination. I will...
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    RS3 Question for everyone.

    I've been sitting on this for the past few weeks, even months of coming back to RS and I want to ask you guys this. Would anyone here play Runescape if someone or even myself were to create a clan within Runescape for the members of Fever clan to use and communicate with each other within...
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    Let's talk about Bruno Mars.

    How is it, everytime Bruno Mars releases a song, it always so catchy and good. On that note, enjoy this funky and fresh new song from him.
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    News: This game needs some love

    I'm reaching out to all of Fever Clan, if you haven't seen or played this game yet. You gotta check it out, I will be writing a full review in the near future of the game and create guides for anyone who might be new to the game and could use a few pointers. Save 15% on SMASH+GRAB on Steam...
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    Borderlands 2 Fresh Start

    I'm looking for a group of friends who have Borderlands 2 an are willing to start a clean slate. No max characters, no guns. Nothing. Clean freshly made character straight from the character creation. If you have all the DLC that's a big plus, but if not then we can just play till you're at max...
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    This is why I love Dark Souls games.

    Gasp in it's glory ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
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    Seeing this all over the media right now.

    On all accounts you have the right to protest, but don't stop people from going to work, or from going to the store just because you feel like being a cunt and have your panties in a pinch simply over a matter you're upset about. Like come on people, have some common decency to let people live...
  18. NovaGenetics

    RS3 DXP Money Maker

    With RS3 getting DXP in just a few days, people are taking this chance to make some serious cash. If you want a rundown of some of the methods here's a video to set you on the path to fortune
  19. NovaGenetics

    1.4 Teaser information

    If you haven't heard or seen already. Massive has given us some big teasers on what we can expect to see in 1.4. If you want a brief run over of what we can expect here's a video from Skillup. Guy always keeps up to date with the latest news in The Division The Division | What We Can Expect...
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    Updates: The Crew Free till Oct 11th!

    Yes you read right, right now on Ubisoft's Ubi 30 celebration of their 30 years. They are letting players claim and keep The Crew, but after Oct 11th those that didn't claim it will have to buy it, but those that did claim it keep the game forever. If you have wanted to try out The Crew...
  21. NovaGenetics

    The Crew Season Pass

    Trading 1800 Fever Coins for The Crew Seasons Pass. $15 for DLC The Crew: Wild Run DLC UPLAY CD-KEY GLOBAL - G2A.COM
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    WTB Black ops 3 DLC Eclipse

    Done Bought the DLC myself, please close this thread.
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    Killing Floor 2

    Killing Floor 2 is the sequel to Killing Floor, originally being created as a mod before becoming a full fledged game. Killing Floor's story in summary is that a researching facility by the name of Horzine, had been creating experimental creatures that we have come to know them as "Zeds"...
  24. NovaGenetics

    NA Competitive Team

    I'm looking to start up a group for Competitive, if you're interested please fill out this sheet below. Battletag: Rank: How much time have you played? What roles do you play? Can you make practices and if so, are you willing to do practices every week twice a week...
  25. NovaGenetics

    Now I understand why they're called Witchers.

    They have magical flying steads to get them to their next hunt...