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  1. Kazik

    Anyone watching GSL vs The World

    As the tittle ask's, is there anyone watching it rn? I am loving it and need to geek out with someone.
  2. Kazik

    Who's out there?

    Hey guy's I am still out here kicking it playing my ladder matches. I get on at random times, mostly late night. I just want to reach out and see who is out there in the community reading this!!! Holla I am in need of Practice.
  3. Kazik

    Finally did it!!

    pics cause it did happen!
  4. Kazik

    Conquest for xtra slot

    Hey guy's I was doing my season journey and am at the point where all I need is complete a 2nd conquest. I was thinking maybe doing a group to knock out one or 2 for my self and 3 others that may need it. We could do the Boss mode or the one to complete the acts in under an hour. LMK if anyone...
  5. Kazik

    Blizz con Finals

    Ok so , lets cut the BS. We all know It will be Maru vs Serral for that Final. Blizzard went as far as to make sure they are on opposite sides of the bracket so that they do not meet before then. If I was a gambling man I would put my money on Serral, I think it will be a match 7 too. Thoughts ?
  6. Kazik

    Nation Wars 5

    Nation wars is down to the round of 4. StarCraft II: NationWars V - Liquipedia - The StarCraft II Encyclopedia We have Mexico, Netherlands, Korea and Finland. I think Mexico will take it from this point. Anyone agree, disagree have other predictions. ( I think the finals will be...
  7. Kazik

    Error starting game after Patch

    Hey guy's and gal's, a few of us are having issues getting back on d3 after their patch this afternoon. While I know the team at HQ will take care of this, for now it is annoying. I have found that if I went to my options ( on the blizzard app) and Launched d3 in 32 bit instead of 64, the game...
  8. Kazik

    Late starters for Season 3?

    Hey, So I work every Friday night and will not be able to be on as soon as the season starts. I will be home at or around midnight. Will there be any others with a similar schedule that want to get in on some late night leveling ?
  9. Kazik

    Happy Holiday's / Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, Happy holiday's to all.
  10. Kazik

    Tuesday Night Game night Season Ending

    Hey guy's So the ladder ends on Wednesday the 19th. I will be hosting a game night tomorrow night to make that last push on ladder before the end of the season. Join me on discord at 6 pm EST Me and prottigore will be doing our July FSL match, come spectate then lets ladder. I hope...
  11. Kazik

    Blood Boil Map changes

    So the other day they hot fixed Bloodboil, They took out the gold mine and made it a normal blue one. I only know that they did this because I just noticed it on ladder and then went to news threads to look and found it. And they took out some reaper path. Im ok with an nerf to terran, even...
  12. Kazik

    Who's leveling a Necro with me?

    Sooooooo , Blizzard is finally givings us what we want, the Necromancer (queue nostalgia). Seeing as how the patch will hit on Tuesday, conveniently part of my 2 day's off. I will be leveling a Necro. My pc can not handle end game high level rifts, But I love the game. I just stopped playing...
  13. Kazik

    Looking for a new Headset/ Mic

    So my current headset and mic died last night, the mic is no longer taking any input. I can still hear everything through the headphones it is just the mic that has a problem at the moment. the cords that lead into the control box and into the headset are starting to fray. I have these for...
  14. Kazik

    Tuesday Night Game night

    Hey crew, I am starting a game night on Tuesday nights. This up coming week I plan to start at 6 pm EST, do not let this deter you in any way. I will be on for quite some time into the evening and so anyone from the other time zones can join up when ever they are available. I will be on...
  15. Kazik

    Tuesday or Wednesday Game night Poll

    Hey guy's since I am generally home on one of these 2 evening I was wondering how other peoples schedules looked, In order to set up a a game night on one of these two evenings. If you would be able to attend a game night on one of these 2 what time would work for you and what day. I am leaning...
  16. Kazik

    Lend me your ear then share me a tune

    Hey crew, As I figure it most of us probably listen to music when we are playing solo. Mind you, the sound track to sc2 is amazing and can be quite epic and compelling ; however , we all like our tunes even in our day to day. I want to know what you guys are listening too. Share with us...
  17. Kazik

    Patch 3.11

    As you may or may not be aware, the SC2 servers are scheduled for maintenance today, for the release of the new patch 3.11. Here is a link to the patch notes from blizz I am looking forward to buying to announcer bundle lol. Here are the unit...
  18. Kazik

    IEM Katowice

    The Intel Extreme Masters Katowice has been live. I have been watching it and it is awesome. The casters have been on point surprised Plipli made it through. I think he might get shredded in the next round. Some really good matches. Thoughts?
  19. Kazik

    Gaming keyboard and Mouse

    I know Razer is nice and pretty and a known brand. But Brood introduced me to this company, they are newer and cheaper and have a great product. So just passing a long the word check em out. Redragon USA
  20. Kazik

    New to fever, Hi! Need clan invite

    Hey everyone, I am new to fever, I primarily play sc2. Looking for people to play sc2 with. I am looking forward to meeting people from the community who play sc2. i play on NA tag kaz#1366
  21. Kazik

    Approved: Kazik's Application

    Games you play: Sc2, D3 Main Game: Starcraft 2 Age: 31 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: Kaz#1366 MMO Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and Teamspeak3: Yes How...