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    World of Warship Halloween themed ships

    I play it, I used to play it a lot in closed beta but after the reset, I can't seem to be able to play seriously. If you wan't we can try and start a WOWS group somehow.
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #199!

    Wish that could happen in skyrim
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #170!

    The Skyrim comic was really funny.
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    Totally Black And Blue!!!!

    It's gold and white
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    Monster Hunter 4 3DS Demo Codes FREE

    Can you send me one too if you have a code left?
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    Absolute duo (new winter anime)

    Absolute Duo is one of those guilty pleasure animes and they are made as fanservice for the light novel readers.
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #163!

    Gaudkiller I really like that sig
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #160!

    I really liked the comics
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    Is Body Odor Attractive?

    Actually it all comes to 2 things, confidence and genetics. Some people are genetically pre-disposed to smell attractive to a female/male no matter how bad their BO is. Usually their pheromones smell bad for people of the same sex and that is the point. Confidence is also a factor in all of this...
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    Discussion: LF Basketball Anime Series.

    God damn it! You beat me to it!
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    I'll need a favor

    Ok, I got one trough trading so ignore what I said. Can someone delete this?
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    I'll need a favor

    Can someone from UK do me a favor, please? There is a Diancie distribution for Pokemon XY in GAME stores. They should be giving the codes out for free. If someone lives near a store, can you please go there and retrieve one for me? Will find a way to repay you if you ever need my help with...
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    Most Brutal Game Ever! Made by a Polish Neo-Nazi Studio

    People are just overreacting. This is s genious marketing campaign. Manhunt is way worse and in GTA 5 as far as I know you can go on an even bigger rampage if you want.
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    My First 200v200 PVP Experience With Screenshots !

    Here is the image as requested
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    Discussion: Kamachi Kazuma 10 year anniversary crossover anime

    Here is a PV for the new 9th out of 10 anniversary announcements Looks like it's going to be an OVA or a full anime project with all of Kamachi Kazuma's characters from all his works. Exept for Index and Railgun Characters here are the other's by order...
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    Captain Poppin I know I will be doing it I'd be a fool to miss it. Also I will keep the mods I don't want in a 1-2 month or so those things will be worth a fortune. All hail DE... now put out one reactor blueprint please
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    Discussion: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The irregular at magic high school)

    Stickz thanks didn't know how to spoiler tag with the phone. Gaudkiller I really hope that they do that for another season but the time to reveal it kind of passed in the novel that was revealed trough internal monologue. There is a flashback chapter but it appears it will be left for a second...
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    Discussion: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The irregular at magic high school)

    Gaudkiller well that background reveal looks like is going to be skipped. Also I did not mention stuff that Miyuki will reveal in the following episodes. Also most of the stuff I said has been either skipped or omited by the anime so don't expect to see it any time soon.
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    Discussion: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The irregular at magic high school)

    Tatsuya doesn't feel anger he feels brotherly love. The kind of love where you would do anything to ensure your sibling's happyness and well being without being attracted to them as a potential partner. Usually with all emotions you won't take it to the extent Tatsuya does but considering this...
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    Is it embarrassing...?

    Not embarrasing usually boring as hell and useless most of the time. But having a second opinion helps a lot when buying clothes no matter whose it is.
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    Woman feeds daughter tapeworm to help her lose weight

    Those pageant moms are crazy if my wife turns into one of them I will devorce her ass and take the kid(if I ever have both).
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    Video: I want to be a drummer.

    I saw the thumbnail that is enough. I can't watch too many videos right now because I am on a limited bandwith internet so if I pass my limit my speed gets cut to 64kbs
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    Project Usagi

    Looks good. If he is up to it maybe we could be his early build testers and we can give our take on the game. You could ask the leaders if they are intrested.
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    Japanime Style Nosebleeds

    Sooo you get a nosebleed every time you see tits? Your blood pressure might be too high go see a doctor.
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    Video: I want to be a drummer.

    Doubt you would want to drummers are the most ignored ones usually.