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  1. J

    So I made FeverC Famous for sucking

    Hi guys, Thought I would share this with all of you, FeverC is pretty famous now... but for sucking.. Sorry guys. YouTube Thanks Sasori for showing me this. Oh and maybe some Terrans can learn from this.
  2. J

    Guides: ZvT

    This is just Astra, whipping the hell out of me. I don't really do zerg too well so Astra feel free to comment, what you did and what you were thinking for any Zergs out there that want to improve (probably Diamond and below). For Terrans, don't get caught unseiged... and macro some more? :D...
  3. J

    Guides: TVZ Examples

    Sorry I haven't been around a lot guys, real life stuff really hit hard, but here are a few games that could give some ideas on TVZ for terran players. Its hard to fight a horde of z-lings early game but here is an example of a zerg just getting out macro'd with a little bit of Hellion control...
  4. J

    TvT bio vs mech

    So I'm aware that some people don't think bio can beat mech, well this is a diamond game, where I went full bio in a tvt and he went some awkward version of mech. This probably isn't the best example, but it does enough to show that bio can at least beat siege tanks. gebug This can help you...
  5. J

    Guides: Coaching

    Hi all, I'm a Diamond Terran and Platinum Zerg n Toss, I'm hoping to help out the community in anyway, so if anyone wants any kind of coaching (lower leagues ) or a practice partner, feel free to post here or add me and send me a message. I figure I can get more experience coaching this way...
  6. J

    New to section: Practice Partners

    Hi all I'm a diamond terran player looking for some practice partners (any race is fine, preferably around my plat or higher). I'm on NA and Asia Servers. If anyones interested add me... LeJunKie #6256
  7. J

    Approved: JunKie's Application

    Games you play: SC2, PuBG, CS:GO Age: 20 Gender: Male Country: Thailand FPS Username: Junkie League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: LeJunKie MMO Username: Steam Username: JunKie xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and Teamspeak3: Yes How did you...