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    Have any of you ever had Ladder Anxiety?

    personally i've dealt alot with anxiety, not just in starcraft 2 but in alot of other games aswell such as Hearthstone, CSGO etc. The only way to really deal with it is to force yourself to click that play button. I know it's hard but if you really love the game then there is kind of no other way.
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    BSG/PDM practise groups

    thanks for the notice!
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    Does anyone need a coach? (Protoss)

    Thank you for telling me, really appreciate the help!
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    BSG/PDM practise groups

    i would really like to join your little group, i main protoss and now i would be bronze but i think i can reach silver pretty fast since i'm used to playing at that level.
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    Does anyone need a coach? (Protoss)

    personaly i would really like some coaching, i know the gist of playing protoss but my multitasking is way off and i don't really know how to play against the other races so some help would be really nice. :P
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    Anyone Still Playing EVE?

    i dabble in the game occassionally and i think the best way to learn PvP is to get a bunch of cheap ships and go blow them all up.
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    Hello and thank you, i haven't played heroes of the storm that much to be honest but my favorite...

    Hello and thank you, i haven't played heroes of the storm that much to be honest but my favorite heroes are Azmodan and Muradin, My current level is 15 so i'm slowly making my way up and yes i do in fact play Hearthstone and i would love to get some coaching :P
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    NA HotS Roster/Battletags

    Add plox, Xetraa#2584 i mostly play on US but i also play on EU
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    Approved: Weggy's Application

    Games you play: Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone Main Game: Heroes of the Storm Age: 20 Gender: Male Country: Sweden FPS Username: Weggy League of Legends or other Moba Username: Xetraa tag: Xetraa#2584 MMO Username: Gedri Steam Username: Weggy xFire Username: Other...