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    I'm back!

    Hello again everyone, Been pretty afk for the last few weeks for work commitments and what not, but it's settling down now and I'm back for the time being (presuming nothing else randomly pops up). I'm sure if anyone was interested they would've looked at Disconcurs podcasts themselves, but...
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    News: Heroes Untapped - Episode 15 (YouTube)

    And as time moves forward, so has another week, and the YouTube upload is now available for your viewing pleasure. Also, does anyone know why the "Media" Prefix was removed and what not? o.O
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    Event: Heroes Untapped - Episode 14 (YouTube)

    Heroes Untapped episode 14 can now be watched here; Again, sorry for the late post, I think Disconcur had a break last week due tot he ANZ tournament that was on or something, didn't watch it personally as I wasn't home. Anyway enjoy this (last...
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    Heroes Untapped - Update

    Sorry for no post of the twitch stream this week I wasn't on myself to watch it. There has also been no youtube upload as of yet either, so I will post when it's up :) There is an ANZ Tournament on currently at Twitch if anyone wants to watch that instead (kinda forgot about it oops).
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    Event: Heroes Untapped (Episode 13) *Youtube upload*

    The youtube upload for anyone that's interested/didn't watch the stream on Wednesday. Enjoy! :) I'll add a poll this time too seen no one really wants to give any feedback (Except you Juugo ;3) I guess clicking twice is easier than writing opinions.
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    Heroes Untapped - Episode 13 (Stream)

    For anyone who's around at the moment, the Heroes Untapped Podcast is now live at Twitch Tune in this week for some stuff about HotS that I can't say because I forgot to ask before he started.. oops. Either way, enjoy!
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    Event: Heroes Untapped (Episode 12)

    So the first post (of many hopefully). Again let me know if you enjoy these or if I'm wasting my time blah blah etc. Heroes Untapped Episode 12 upload can now be watched here; Major note for this week; Team Immunity disbanded after returning from...
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    Heroes Untapped - ANZ HotS

    So even though the ANZ scene is still relatively small, there is someone who does put in a fair amount of effort into producing content for the ANZ scene called Disconcur. He runs a weekly podcast which is directed mainly towards the ANZ competitive scene and the opinions on patch notes and...
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    **** SPOILERS ****

    Congrats to Navi on their 10-0 win during the Heroes of the Storm EU Championship, definitely an interesting last game they played there on Battlefield for Eternity . What was everyone's thought on the Tournament overall? I didn't end up watching every game, but from what I did there were some...
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    Fever Tournament idea

    So yesterday JordyPordy was talking about IXDL server hosting and it being increasingly more popular in the US/EU scene. Although initially it might not help much, I think over a long term period it could become a fairly useful tool for Fever members to use between themselves outside the FML...
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    I'm back!

    So, even though I originally said I was a big D3 player I had a few latency disturbances that hindered my ability to actually do anything at all in the game whatsoever (some ISP thing not really sure). But on the upside, I've been back on D3 for a couple of days now and the game seems to have...
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    | Perfection? | Heroes of the Storm Gameplay

    Completely unexpected wombo when we were half practising in QMs tonight (Valla is a rand 5th).
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    3 Support meta?

    So apparently C9 recently played this 3 supp meta kinda deal which I presume is a common pick of tass/tyrande/healer (theirs was a different variant) does anyone have any idea on the origins or know where I can do some reading on it? I've been looking but can't find anything. Never played...
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    For new HotS players

    Over the last few weeks I have noticed a lot of newer HotS players coming into Fever, and I was just reading some things on reddit when I came across this guide. It covers basically every...
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    OCE TS Channel

    So as of yesterday, we now have a Heroes of the Storm (OCE) TeamSpeak channel. So to anyone who was originally interested in it, it's now here to use if you're still interested :D devandre was one I can remember and some others. But as normal same TS rules apply, so anyone is welcome :)
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    Butcher Release

    So does everyone here agree that AA build for butcher is going to be the staple build for him, it seems pretty OP in a lot of situations.
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    To all potential OCE HotS players in Fever!

    To all current/potential OCE HotS players in Fever! Over the past few days, I have decided that I would like to invest my time with Fever into creating a OCE community specifically for Heroes of the Storm. I believe that this will be not only a general benefit in the area of growth for the...
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    New Nexon game - thoughts?

    Just thought I'd put out the idea of having a new dedication in the clan towards Nexon's new game; Dirty Bomb. Just a quick idea of who likes the game, doesn't like the game so on, so on. For any of you that don't have it and would like to try it, you can't find it on the Steam Store (free). It...
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    My opinions on Valla :3

    Hola peoples! After listening in today on the Hero Academy talk I thought I'd just share a few opinions on Valla as she is a fairly viable, and frequently chosen pick in the current meta. This is a build I've been using quite a lot recently that is based off the fairly current Korean builds...
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    Consoles: What console to buy - 2015 opinion

    Greetings fellow Fever members. I've been considering buying one of the newer consoles for a few months now (xbone or ps4), and from the opinions of various people on forums from 2014 I'd come to a solid conclusion that ps4 was the way to go. My concern is as of recent announcements that sony...
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    iSThisReal_'s Application

    Games you play: WoW, LoL, HOTS, Diablo 3, Hearthstone, CSGO, probably others just depends. Main Game: League of Legends Age: 18 Gender: Male Country: Australia MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: BoopBeep Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username...