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    new to LoL as well

    I mainly play hots, but have become increasingly interested in learning this game. i am currently lvl 12. Lonerandom is my username on the LoL client. would love to meet some other players that be willing to teach me the game as well.
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    looking for a coach

    Leverage#1105 i'm currently in bronze and am looking for a coach to help me get better at the game. i am available most nights.
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    looking for weekend hots play

    i am in school at uab, and my weekdays, and nights are filled. i am interested in maybe some TL, or just gaming with some folks on the weekends. HMU, leverage#1105
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    looking for duo que partner.

    i need a duo q partner. or partners. im currently silver 5 and want to get out of silver hll, and into gold hell. my bnet is leverage#1105
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    sorry been gone for a month now during move

    i moved to birmingham al, and didn't think to post here about moving. been without Internet for two weeks, but glad to be back online.
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    Sun. night game night

    leverage here, been busy the past few weeks with school. moving game night to sun night. &pm est. till whenever. it's a great way to meat up with other players. have some fun playing hots, and just hanging out with each other. leverage#1105 is my bnet, or you can message /join feverclan in chat...
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    i wont be at game night tonight, but have fun anyway.

    title says it all. leverage here, and i will be going camping with my son tonight. but y'all can still get together and have fun tonight with out me. :biggrin-new:
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    i will be out of town this friday night for game night.

    leverage here, and i will be going to pick up my son Friday and won't be able to host Friday night game night. i encourage yall to still get together and have fun and play some hots.
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    hero league tips for noobs a team liquid article

    hero league tips. Great stuff in this article. Hero League 11
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    5 heads is a freak.

    in nature no animal has five heads. when counseling with couples i often tell them two heads is a freak. there can only be one head. Now all the parts of the body can inform the head, but the head makes the decision and the body follows. this is good in marriage and in team play. i read in this...
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    hostng friday night game night

    leverage here, and i'll be on-line Friday night. if you wanna play some hots, holla at me. maybe do some team or hero league as well. bnet: leverage#1105
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    thinking of getting into league: is it too late?

    been playing heroes of the storm for a few months, my first moba, and was wondering if it was too late to start playing League.
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    sorry for not being active

    been sick for a week, then had my son for spring break, now getting everything ready for school, im going this summer session. just wanted to let the clan know i was sorry for bein inactive with heroes of the storm, and am going to try and be online and participate more. thanks all for your...
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    Black ops 3 on ps4

    i know this is mainly a pc community but if any pne plays blops3 on ps4 go ahead and add me to friend list: iamleverage
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    Approved: leverage's Application

    Games you play: hots, wow, black ops 3 (ps4) Main Game: Heroes of the Storm Age: 41 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: leverage League of Legends or other Moba Username: leverage tag: leverage#1105 MMO Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other...