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  1. GamerKnoob

    LF Some help relearning Tarkov!

    Hey guys I just got back to Fever and I love me some Tarkov but I have been out of the game since before Interchange was around. I was hoping someone would like to group up and teach me the ways of Tarkov again! <3
  2. GamerKnoob

    Chronicles of Elyria

    Hey I've been checking out this game Chronicles of Elyria for nearly a year now and its development is going along smoothly. I was hoping to get some of you involved in the game with myself when it launches or perhaps, if you "pre-order", earlier than launch...
  3. GamerKnoob

    Blizzcon 2017

    Anyone going?
  4. GamerKnoob

    LFG for Leveling Heroes for 2.0

    Hey looking for a group of 4 other people to play QM or whatever with so we can level up some of our lower levels heroes and get that progression started before 2.0 is released so we can get all those sexy goodies. If you want in add me on battlenet, GamerKnoob#1536, or mention me on here...
  5. GamerKnoob

    CANCELLED: Wednesday Heroes of the Storm Game Night!

    Hey everyone! Lets get a Game Night started on Wednesdays Weekly with me, your host, GamerKnoob! Start Time: 6pm (EST) / 3pm (PST) End Time: 8pm (EST) / 5pm (PST) (Or however long people would like to go) We can get in some brawls, playing custom matches, or just Q up in Team League or...
  6. GamerKnoob

    Chronicles of Elyria

    The following is an overview of Chronicles of Elyria: "The most dynamic and immersive MMO to date, Chronicles of Elyria is the first MMORPG where your character ages and dies, encouraging you to think beyond your character to their role in a larger story. Fearless in its design, it embraces...
  7. GamerKnoob

    Chronicles of Elyria (Not Launched Yet)

    This is a new MMO that I stumbled across that will be coming out sometime in the future (Not a set date but it is coming). They are currently working on their playable demo for PAX East this year. If you would like to read about it I don't think I could give it justice in describing it so...
  8. GamerKnoob

    The Wild Eight

    Anyone want to play The Wild Eight?
  9. GamerKnoob

    Conan: Exiles

    Do we have anyone playing? I'd like to join up with some people if possible.
  10. GamerKnoob

    Final Fantasy

    Hey! I haven't played any of the Final Fantasy franchise and I have been really wanting to but there are just so many of them I don't really know if I should start at 1 and work my way through them or if it doesn't matter where I start. So my question to you is where should I start in the...
  11. GamerKnoob

    Fight! - 2nd Battle

    Wanna go bro? Ballbuster Warrior - Cragar Stone Haymaker 7DMG + WPN DMG. On a roll of 17 or higher on a D20, the enemy is stunned for 1 round. 20 Rage Fury Gain 20 Rage. Reduce DMG taken by 40% next round. Hack And Slash On a roll of 6 or higher on a D20, does double weapon...
  12. GamerKnoob

    Fight! - 1st Battle

    BigPun would you like to fight? Wizard - Kerzer Black Force Shield Reduces damage taken by 50% for the next 2 turns. As long as the shield is active, on an opponent's roll of 10 or less, the Wizard reflects back 33% of DMG taken rounded up (before shield mitigation). 25 Mana Magic...
  13. GamerKnoob

    Made it!

    With 2 hours to spare! Grinding all night from 10pm-7am from rank 18 to rank 10. Epic Mount status! Woot woot!
  14. GamerKnoob

    Updated my TS

    Updated my TS (HELP) My TeamSpeak prompted me to update it as I opened it so I did. Now I am unable to connect to our TS server and it just crashes every time I attempt to connect. Any ideas? Also it seems to be just our TS as I can connect to others. Could it be that ours isn't updated to...
  15. GamerKnoob

    Coming back to HOTS

    Hey I have been absent from HOTS for a while now and I am trying to make my way back into it. Would anyone be willing to play with me? I am online quite a bit, but I don't really know many people in Fever that play HOTS (I mostly play CS GO)
  16. GamerKnoob

    NA MLG Major

    Anyone going to the Major in April?
  17. GamerKnoob

    Xcom 2 :D!!!

    First I would just like to say OMG XCOM 2 I AM SO HAPPY <3 Okay now that I have gotten that out of the way. How is everyone doing in their Xcom 2 campaigns? Any funny deaths/victories you would like to share. Also, is anyone experiencing some pretty glichy gameplay at times?
  18. GamerKnoob

    NA Major

    Anyone going to the Major in Columbus, OH in April?
  19. GamerKnoob

    Absence, Weddings, and Bars OH MY

    I would just like to apologize for being and around then leaving for a while and then coming back over and over again these past few months a lot has been going on in my life though (all good) and I just haven't had the time to log on and make a ton of posts or even log on to let someone know...
  20. GamerKnoob

    Unboxed on my Smurf :D!

  21. GamerKnoob


    Hey what server should I play on?
  22. GamerKnoob

    Game Maker Studios

    I recently purchased Game Maker Studio off of the most recent humble weekly bundle and I am having trouble coming up with the first type of game I would like to attempt learning how to code! If you have any opinions on the matter just post them here and give me some suggestions! I have seen...
  23. GamerKnoob

    Anyone Play 7 Days to Die?

    I am looking to start playing it again but I hate playing alone
  24. GamerKnoob

    Blood Bowl 2

    Anyone else besides me and Cybernetcrash have the game and want to have some fun "friendly" matches :). If enough people have it we could even form a fun little Fever League :P
  25. GamerKnoob

    I wanna play

    So I am not the best at HoTs but I am looking for some people to play with. I like playing most of the supports in the game so if you want someone to just follow you around and pocket heal I got you! :D Battlenet: GamerKnoob#1536