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  1. RealZae

    2K Arena (Hotel California Parody)

    In a dark dimly lit basement, cool fan on my hair Warm smell of hot pockets rising up from the desk Up ahead on the screen, I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy and dim I had to reach it tonight There it sat on my game screen, I heard the Achievement bell And I was thinking to...
  2. RealZae

    Poor GameStop Experience with WoW Legion

    GameStop is a dying beast desperately trying to hold on to the old ideal of the brick and mortar game store from the 90's. Unfortunately it went corporate and collapsed in on itself into a hot mess of red tape and bad service. Glad it worked out well, but always be wary of GameStop.
  3. RealZae

    Underbelly Rap

    [INTRO: AnguishX(x8)] GANKAGE! [HOOK: AnguishX and the Hordeside Boyz] You ride up in the Underbelly scrubbie, I don't give a fuck Shakin' yo flag in the Underbelly scrub, I don't give a fuck Questin' fo' the profs, I don't give a fuck Bitchin' 'bout my gankage, bitch I don't give a fuck...
  4. RealZae

    So, how are YOU prepping for the launch of legion?

    Getting all my graphics and banners updated for the Legion hype train, and getting set to put out a ton of excellent Rogue content for the duration of the Expansion and beyond, Seeing old faces I haven't run into in a long time is getting me pumped for 110 to explore all the new features of the...
  5. RealZae

    Keep Hatin' Part II

    [INTRO; spoken - RealZae] I'm like a better Reckful I show better, my crew better Fast or slow, however you play let's go You already know I gank hard I am the rank 1 Rogue God Flow like a mistweaver, stun like a Warr A Feral don't stun as hard as Z You won't live long after you're...
  6. RealZae

    Rogue Review

    A lot of people have been worried about the Mutilate nerf, which is really just an Exsanguinate nerf, which is really just a nerf to the speed at which you actually kill people. Exsanguinate now increases the speed of your bleed ticks by 100% down from 400%. This changed absolutely nothing...
  7. RealZae

    News: Max Camera Zoom addon

    For those of you who preferred the maximum camera zoom possible and were slightly bummed with the removal of it, someone has already taken it upon themselves to code an addon to give it back. MaxCam - WoW AddOns - WowAce Hopefully this addon sticks around for a...
  8. RealZae

    Pornshire (Graphic)

    [RealZae {K.I.L.}] Hey, where Elwynn at? I'm tryin' to hammer that your glammer got raiders, roleplayers, et cetera havin' a damn attack And its that bam and back that's standing fat with your rack Let's get candid act like your dancin' at, while mashin the sack Or pretend your Starcraft's...
  9. RealZae

    Rogue Review

    After having about a week to look over the changes to Rogues, I am very much in disagreement with chicken little. The sky is not falling, but there are some troubles on the horizon. Rogue is not dying, rogues are not weak, and none of the specs are very far below the others. However they are...
  10. RealZae

    The Transmog Thread!!

    Perdition's Blade and Dragonfang Blade. Going old school. And then you notice Night Vision Mechshades because, why not?
  11. RealZae

    LEGION PRE-PATCH 7-19-16

    Part of me expecting to be one of the only Rogues I see after the prepatch. I swear the Rogue forums are absolutely going crazy with people claiming they're jumping ship. But I'll still be stealth'd up like I always am. Someone's gotta put a hurt on the egos of the brand new Demon hunters who...
  12. RealZae

    Show Off Your Best Moments

    I don't have it recorded, but apparently one of my highlights is me flying Pharah into a wall according to Blizzard's play of the game. Kinda wacky but I got a good laugh out of it. In addition to what the quote mentioned, any streaming program such as Xsplit will also allow recording mode.
  13. RealZae

    2 Pro's thought a 17 year old girl was Hacking and staked their Careers on it.

    That moment when you're so good people pretend you are cheating to feel better about themselves. They can't handle being outplayed. I'm glad to hear she completely shut them down inside and outside the game arena.
  14. RealZae

    jump the gap

    Immediately tried Pharah, just couldn't make it. saddened.
  15. RealZae

    Porn with a plot, or who cares just give me dirty videos?

    "Damn it Carl, you didn't make it to the end again, we need a new team member for competitive mode!"
  16. RealZae

    Friends with benefits

    The last girl I dated semi-seriously wanted a fwb arrangement. In my younger days I probably would have jumped at the opportunity, but the older I get the less likely I am to enjoy casual sex with people I hardly know. Not that I feel there is anything wrong with such an arrangement. If it's...
  17. RealZae

    Weirdest Turn ons/Turn offs

    Anyway, sweeping this back to the topic... My biggest turn on is a gal in greasy shop clothes tinkering with an engine. Not just any vehicle though, she's gotta be a Jeep girl.
  18. RealZae

    Porn with a plot, or who cares just give me dirty videos?

    If I wanted plot with porn I'd just watch an episode of Game of Thrones.
  19. RealZae

    socks on guys during sex

    Whether or not I'm wearing socks is the last thing on any woman's mind when they're around me. People need to stop setting themselves up for failure with these types of mindsets. The way I see it, you get rejected by 100% of the women you do not ask out. But if you work on your confidence, and...
  20. RealZae

    You Give Healing a Bad Name

    Ganked at the start, and you're to blame, darling You give healing a bad name A Pally's light is what you sell You promise me heals but get kicked all to hell Chains of Ice, got a hold on me When gripped out of sight, can't peel for free You're clicking on the run, yeah There's no one...
  21. RealZae

    Warcraft Movie

    I was very pleased with the movie, saw it the Friday it opened and thought they did an excellent job. I honestly hope they go further and make some of the expansion stories into movies as well. You can't tell me Wrath or BC wouldn't be awesome to see on the big screen, Wrathgate was cinematic...
  22. RealZae

    Leveling on sargeras

    Though I'm on Tich, not Sarg, if you need help with anything you can hit me up when I'm not neck deep in Overwatch I'm generally on my Rogue. RealZae#11993
  23. RealZae

    Pro Pharah Move!!!!

    Just one more taste of the awesome things you can achieve in Overwatch, this game is pure gold for sure. And I would love to have heard that team's voice chat when that happened.
  24. RealZae

    Genji wins in 1:17 AMAZING Genji play

    That was amazing to see. This game has no shortage of awesome mechanical visuals. It really makes for an interesting viewing experience, more so than other games in the FPS genre.
  25. RealZae

    Did you unbox anything fancy so far?

    I only have one box right now, and I got a neat little forum avatar and a couple skins for characters I don't see myself playing much, but it was still a nifty reward.