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  1. Bradley Dragon

    BDSM Test

    Test Results == Results from == 99% Daddy/Mommy 91% Voyeur 88% Master/Mistress 85% Rigger 84% Owner 83% Dominant 73% Experimentalist 71% Brat tamer 70% Degrader 69% Ageplayer 68% Non-monogamist 65% Primal (Hunter) 64% Vanilla 59% Switch 57%...
  2. Bradley Dragon

    any interest in istaria?

    Istaria is the BEST crafting MMORPG and has playable Dragons! free to play till lvl 20 in all skills, and i think skills cap at 100 each. not sure. has at least 9 playable races, including a 4 legged flying dragon
  3. Bradley Dragon


    it is both actually. tho dungeons are solely for grinding out loot and weapons and armor sets. there are lvl 50+ versions of each dungeons. lvl cap currently is 55. there is a shit ton of content. inclusing treasure hunting!
  4. Bradley Dragon

    Archeage 3.0 Fresh start servers

    im playing archeage fresh start server vengeance nuian side. hope to see you all there.
  5. Bradley Dragon

    site chat

    is the site chat down for anyone else or just me?
  6. Bradley Dragon

    would people be interested in playng eldevin?

    it is free to play on steam and despite its looks it is pretty good.
  7. Bradley Dragon

    *pokes my head in the door*

    just curious. how many members are furries?
  8. Bradley Dragon

    Info Official RuneScape Roster

    rs3 name : BradDragon92 Worggy
  9. Bradley Dragon

    anyone interested in Heros of Newerth?

    not at all. tho most of the population is eropean. the asian/china servers are dead. or the times im on they are lol.
  10. Bradley Dragon

    anyone interested in Heros of Newerth?

    be interested in making an in game guild for it perhaps.
  11. Bradley Dragon

    looking for people to play Eldevin with

    it is a free to play mmo that looks and feels kinda like old school runescape. dont let the dated graphixs fool you. it is actually quite fun to play. please join me in ts, need more friends playing this game!
  12. Bradley Dragon

    o.o oh geeze the messages!

    o.o oh geeze the messages!
  13. Bradley Dragon

    Closed: need some assistance getting through the week. anything would be appeciated.

    just got my laptop back today because the repair guy felt sorry for me. and i somehow have internet, tho extremely unstable and slow. i will be getting paid sometime by the end of the week. im just asking if anyone in the indianapolis area , im in lawrence. could help me out with at the very...
  14. Bradley Dragon

    Feed The Beast Modpacks

    what about the 3rd party packs? there are some very good ones out right now
  15. Bradley Dragon

    Dota2 vs HoN

    how would you compare and contrast these two very similar mobas?
  16. Bradley Dragon

    Discord App

    is disapoint
  17. Bradley Dragon


    its one of the very very very few mmos on steam that have good ratings, and as of a few months ago i think. has a guild system.
  18. Bradley Dragon

    Discord App

  19. Bradley Dragon

    Approved: Bradley Dragon's Application

    Games you play: all mobas, used to play archeage, Main Game: League of Legends Age: 23 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: Bradley Dragon tag: MMO Username: Steam Username: Bradley Dragon xFire Username: Other...