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  1. Aragos

    Zombie Gun!!

    So Idk if anyhone saw or watches Suns of Guns on Discovery but they had a Zombie gun episode a while back and one of the guns was a Bullpup design for a 22 semi auto. The Zombie 22 I'm am thinking of buying this soon!
  2. Aragos

    My current disappearance.

    Ha guys and girls. I've been real busy with my treatments and appointments as of late. The last 2 weeks I had to drive down to the Cities which is a 2 hour drive on a good day. For appointments that I had to take before they start my transplant. Two full days of appointments!! I've been...
  3. Aragos

    Gargantula Event Video

    Just a little video of the Gargantula the Spider Broodmother event. Still working on the right settings for better video quality on Vegas.
  4. Aragos

    New laservue DLP TV. Just wondering what you guys all thought on what this new tech for DLP is worth it. I know everyone wants that wall mount unit. But it seems from what I've been reading DLP offers better pitcures. I'd buy one once I have a house to put it in. Sent...
  5. Aragos

    Ops/Hard Mode Flash Points/PVP

    Ok starting Monday-Sun be on at 5-6pst. So we can do one or more of what is mentioned in the title. For HM Ops you will need ether maxed out War hero gear or half WH/BM and at least 15k hp. Colmni is also what you'll want. If there is not enough people on or right synergy for the Ops we will do...
  6. Aragos

    GW2 Feed

  7. Aragos

    Next SWTOR Update in Sept.

    Here is a little info I found so far on what they are doing PVP and PVE wise coming next month. I talked to David Hunt (Systems Designer), and he shed some light upcoming gear. He said that (for PvE), Terror from Beyond's Hard Mode will include a new set of gear that is a sub-tier of the...
  8. Aragos

    Ideas for some fun

    Alright @YoungDragon's Idea for the tournament got me to thinking that we should do this type of thing every weekend. I would like to see some more ideas from people about things we could do. Once we have enough I'll have it added to the Fever game night list.
  9. Aragos

    Ops Times

    Ok! So starting today I will be running Ops groups from Wed thru Fri. starting at 7pm cst. Please be on if you want to raid. If these times don't work for you I will try and help out and get you guys raiding in a second group asap.
  10. Aragos

    Resolved: Computer locks up.

    Ok so for some time now after my PC sits idle for a long period like over night. I will POP on try and open say Chrome and all I will get is the loading symbol of the mouse pointer. I try and open up the start menu and hit restart but that doesn't do nothing. So I have to do a hard restart then...
  11. Aragos

    GW2 Pre-Purchase

    Gotta love it they sent me an email saying last chance to pre- purchase and there damn web site won't let me buy the game.
  12. Aragos

    Taking time off.

    Ha guys I'll be gone from exstensive play for a few days. The after effects from my last treatment have really weakened me so just can't sit in a chair and play for long periods. Sent from my PH44100 using Tapatalk 2
  13. Aragos

    Video: Fishn Kidz! Video that my old WOW guild made. Sent from my PH44100 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Aragos

    Ops Groups.

    Ha guys my bad for not posting more about Ops group 1 raid time this week as well as getting group 2 going. Been in and out of the hospital getting blood transfusions. So for group 1 try and be on tomorrow or Friday at 6pst. Now for those that weren't in group 1, be on tomorrow around 5-6...
  15. Aragos

    2nd Ops grp

    To those that weren't in the Ops group on Wednesday post here. If your available we will try and get a second group together on Sunday or Monday. If that works let me know if not let me know when. I'll be gone from Thursday till Saturday night. If you would like to get something going around...
  16. Aragos

    Ops raid times.

    Ok! So I am looking to start Ops Group 1 On Wednesday Aug 1st. Starting time will be 6pm PST. to 9pm. Please be on at least 30 mins before raid time. If you can not be on at that time please post here or PM me. We will be doing Eternity Vault please read the Operations Content guide...
  17. Aragos

    ????New recruitment vid for Entropy????
  18. Aragos

    Closed: Wireless Headsets

    I'm looking for a good wireless headset. Looking for something under 200 dollar range.
  19. Aragos

    Video: Worse then the Shake Weight
  20. Aragos

    Resolved: Computer Chairs

    So I'm looking for a new chair. The seat on the one I have is worn out. I'm looking for something under 200 bucks.
  21. Aragos

    Gun Control

    Since the shooting happened in Colorado and one of the threads kinda got derailed into talking about gun control I thought I would make a post here about it. So lets go with your thoughts on it. Mine are I think they are fine the way they are, with what little I know about them for all...
  22. Aragos

    Operations starting soon!!

    Ok so as soon as you guys give me the info in these posts: Availability, In game Name I will be setting up a time this week for us to try a Eternity Vault Operation run. Please review Operation Content Guide for info on all the bosses. I am also looking for people that will be willing...
  23. Aragos

    SW Monitor

    Great little program that will let you see your real time dps, threat, heals. SW Monitor Peer to Peer Communications MoniTOR's peer to peer nature is unique among combat parsers for SWTOR and offers the following benefits: Live - Data from encounters is gathered realtime from the members of...
  24. Aragos

    US: Loot Lists

    Uploaded with
  25. Aragos

    Woot!! 1 year.

    Been in the clan for a year now. Enjoyed every moment of it so far. Looking forward another! Sent from my PH44100 using Tapatalk 2