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  1. Ncola

    Storm Lords Amateur Tournament

    This is a free friendly amateur tournament running every Tuesday at 9pm est. I think it's a good place to start getting some games in before we go for esl tournaments. What do you guys think about competing in it? Think we will be ready for Tuesday or shall we wait for the week after? Also...
  2. Ncola

    Looking for more Members:

    If anyone knows anyone who is around 3k MMR and mains DPS, Flex or support please ask them if they are interested in joining the team.
  3. Ncola

    PTR Patch notes within

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes -- August 10, 2015 Lots of new stuff, not all of it will go live next week but it's a good base as most of it will.
  4. Ncola

    Amateur Tournament: Storm Lords

    A guy I know is hosting a monthly tournament with weekly qualifiers. Very amateur friendly but still decent levels of competition. Winner gets $50 bucks first month with prize pool increasing every month with popularity. First qualifier is August 15th. This is a much less intimidating tournament...
  5. Ncola

    North America Open - August

    Hey guys, just a little reminder that the NA Open for august is next weekend. Prize pool has gone way up for this event: 1. $12,000 2. $5,000 3. $2,000 4. $2,000 5. $1,200 6. $1,200 7. $1,200 8. $1,200 9-16. 600 17-32. 300 (9-32 are payed in points) If you're...
  6. Ncola

    Chaos Squad Recruiting

    Chaos Hey guys I'm Ncola and I'm the commanding officer of Chaos. I have been playing Heroes since early beta and have participated in some tournaments including road to blizzcon. I am looking for 5 dedicated members to join Chaos, one at each role. By signing up for a role you are committing...
  7. Ncola

    Updated: 7/20/15 Butcher Patch Team Liquid Quick Talent builds (All Heroes)

    Here's a link a team liquid page where you can see the common builds for all the heroes, very good stuff, most of them are really good or the meta. Quick Talent Builds
  8. Ncola

    Kerrigan updates coming

    Taken off the blizz forums here: Trikslyr Community Manager Posts: 182 Just wanted to pop in here and say we hear you on the feedback and have some stuff for her in the works! Should be seeing something relatively soon with an upcoming patch. Kerrigan mains definitely felt the nerf on...
  9. Ncola

    Starting back up next week:

    Who's still in? Regamis; lokela; Still; Shozen; nitroyoshi9; Hazazer;
  10. Ncola

    Eternal Conflict Heroes/Mounts/Skins
  11. Ncola

    Free week Sylvannas OP play

    GGWP Best Sylvannas NA.
  12. Ncola

    Cool Huk Montage

    I know we have a lot of starcraft players and huk fan boys, *cough cough* tiltedslim. I saw this montage he made and thought some of the plays were pretty cool. Definitely worth a watch.
  13. Ncola

    Sweet Dream hack infograph

    Found this on reddit, all the bans and picks from the last weekends dream hack pro tournament. Very interesting stuff.
  14. Ncola

    Must Watch: Cognitive vs Cloud 9 NA June Open

    Round of 16, Game 3 right now, game 2 was super intense with cog just barely winning. Game 3 is a much watch, going to be great. Four court jester and schamtoo are the caster. The winner goes on to next weekends round of 8 qualifier. here is the link, gonna be a great game and good...
  15. Ncola

    Saturdays Tournament:

    Alright, so Viizion is out for saturday cause he has work which is a bummer since he's one of our main dps players which we seem to be lacking in. Here's my team meber comp for the tournament right now without him, let me know what you think: Shozen - Support nitroyoshi9 - warrior lokela...
  16. Ncola

    Team Comps:

    We will discuss role comps and current meta here like 2 warrior and 2 support which we've been seeing more frequently now. Also talk particular hero comps like the ones we built around murky or johanna to things like dive comps and what not. I have started a spreadsheet for all the games...
  17. Ncola

    Roles and Heroes:

    Please post your top 3 roles and top 3 heroes at each role. Really think about this, order matters as well. We need to start working on roles and comps and teamwork. Going to have to find our starting 5 too at some point or at least a rotation for the tournament. I know we all have pretty good...
  18. Ncola

    Missing Practice:

    Post here if you are going to be missing practice or unavailable for a certain time or day(s).
  19. Ncola

    Fever Chaos Roster:

    Fever Chaos Roster Tryouts to be held soon CO/Manager: Ncola XO: King Captain/Shot Caller: King11105 Player: Sojin Player: Lavender Player: Chairman Ray Player: Grudge Alt: Aervenor Mention List: Ncola; Please read through the section and respond to any threads that ask...
  20. Ncola

    Tentative Schedule:

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 5:00-8:00 5:00-8:00 5:00-8:00 5:00-8:00 5:00-8:00 n/a n/a all times pm and est
  21. Ncola


    Log events here: Clan wars (win / loss) Successful practices Things that need to be improved.
  22. Ncola

    Miscellaneous: Heroes Squad: Quack Like a Duck

    Quack Like a Duck (QLaD) CO: Ncola XO: Regamis member: lokela member: Hazazer member: Shozen member: nitroyoshi9 member: Viizion alt/coach: Maverick not actively recruiting. practice times tentatively set 8-10 pm est weekdays. roles and starters will be set later...
  23. Ncola

    Who's your favorite hero to play?

    So far I really like hulk, he's really strong and has a passive that revives him if for some reason a freak accident happens and I die. Who's your favorite?
  24. Ncola

    New ranked mode changes!

    Check this link, In depth talk about the changes coming to ranked including: Placement matches, Grandmaster League, rank points, seasons and team league. Definitely worth a read to anyone who plays HL or TL to see what changes are coming...
  25. Ncola

    New Meta! I'm more then down to try this in QM if anyone else is in.