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  1. Meowskers

    Game night's!

    Hey everyone your favorite cat here, I'm looking to gain some knowledge on an average database of people's schedules for the week. Looking at putting together some game nights for map completions and getting some uber elder's- shaper's - and other bosses done for everyone new and veteran. If...
  2. Meowskers

    Setting up groups for season start!

    I would like to see if we can get some leveling groups setup for those who are off work and would like to work together towards getting to maps asap so we can help some of our other guildies with 5 links, 4 link and tabula farms. I would like to see a lot more people do the shaper and uber elder...
  3. Meowskers

    Path of exile Roster and Positions Available!

    I will be taking over the Poe side of things in September if all things go smoothly like they are, the problem I'm having is I need a few bodies to help me with some recruiting and some other misc things while doing it. I'm hoping to get a few people before the next league start while I start...
  4. Meowskers

    Clan invite

    Hi, I'm already a part of fever, I applied on the bungie site, wasn't completely sure how to get invited to clan on Destiny 2. battlenet is ikerui#1225
  5. Meowskers

    Approved: Meowskers' Application to Join

    User name: Ike Game(s) you play:: Poe, league, overwatch, terraria Age: 32 Gender:: Male Current In-Game Username(s):: Meowskers Poe, ikerui#1225 bnet, fuzzyrakoon league Do you have a Mic and Discord:: Yes Referrer:: none How did you find us?: poe forums Have you been in FeverClan...
  6. Meowskers

    New hots member

    Hey i'm Ike, Not really new to fever but it's been a couple years since I last did anything due to real life stuff. I started playing hots again and wanted to get my food in the door with the community. I play just about any role and i'm looking foward to the 2.0 update. If you have any...
  7. Meowskers

    Diablo 3 Ubers!

    Hey all its the best dh Ike here j/p, This sunday codename and I will be carrying t10 ubers for those who need hellfire ammys. It will be going on probably around 12pm sunday central time us. If you would like to join please add me in game or just post here on the forums thanks. Bnet tag is...
  8. Meowskers

    Ike's Power Leveling And T-10 Runs

    Hey guys i'm ike and i'm a dh. I will gladly power level people or help them level gems or gear or do t 10 grift keys. If you ever see me on just hit me up I don't mind helping people out. My bnet tag ikerui#1225.
  9. Meowskers

    Support noob!

    Hey all my ign is fuzzysquirrels I have been in fever for about half a year or so now. I'm honestly looking for some solid help on being a better support. I do duo with a diamond friend in solo q and I have gradually climbed up the ladder over the past couple of weeks. But what i'm looking for...
  10. Meowskers

    Looking for duo in silver!

    Just got back into the game a couple days ago after a few month break. Figured i'd try to hit gold before the season ends currently at s3 was s5 a couple days ago. I main support and can usually carry my team with picks. Looking for someone who's not toxic and able to play without worrying about...
  11. Meowskers


    I'm honestly surprised there's no warframe section here considering how good the game actually is. I've been having a blast on it of late.
  12. Meowskers

    Smite noob

    I'm definately a newb and noob on smite atm. I'm not new to the moba scene but I feel this game has a bit of a different approach to the moba which I definately am enjoying but i'm also extremely lost on. If anyone could help or has some pointers to builds and just gameplay in general it would...
  13. Meowskers

    Sorry for absence of late.

    Sorry i've been absent of late been a lot of real life stuff going on so haven't been able to get on heroes that much. Real life is a pain lol! I'll try to be on more for game nights and such when i can!
  14. Meowskers

    Game Night 8-12-15

    Hello all hopefully we get some people to show up tonight. I will be hosting game night for customs and what not. The more the merrier, we would love for all to join up and have an awesome time.
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  16. Meowskers

    Positioning and maximizing dmg output.

    Though I feel I can pick up any character and play them average, I still feel my positioning in team fights is a little off. The problem is probably league gave me bad habits of being over aggressive. I'm definately looking for some tips or someone to play with that can hint when I should play...
  17. Meowskers

    Been trying to get a clan inv to diablo for a while now still nothing.

    Been trying for a while now to get this invitation on diablo and seems i'm just being ignored whats the point of having forums if people are overlooked. I tried to join in the actual game and ticked down to the final day. I don't understand why this has happened but seems somewhat...
  18. Meowskers

    In game invite

    I'm already a Fever member I was just hoping to get an invite to the diablo portion of the clan I submitted a request via in-game. The tag is ikerui#1225 thank you.
  19. Meowskers

    hakukusinagi's Application

    Games you play: Lol, D3, Wow Main Game: Wow Age: 28 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: fuzzysquirrel36 Starcraft 2 Username: ikerui#1225 SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: ikerui#1225 Steam Username: cuddlykoala xFire Username...
  20. Meowskers

    hakukusinagi's Application

    Games you play: Diablo, Wow. Lol Main Game: World of Warcraft, Aion Age: 28 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: ikerui#1225 Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames...