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  1. Nanbu

    Pending: Freeze on ONE game

    I have tried the controller fix and so far I haven't experienced any crashes. I haven't been playing much, but the few times that I did, it worked fine. Thank you! You can mark it as resolved :D
  2. Nanbu

    Pending: Freeze on ONE game

    I was playing yesterday after doing the whole verification and it crashed, so I will have to try the controller fix.
  3. Nanbu

    Pending: Freeze on ONE game

    I did the Steam verification again, just to make sure and it seems that every time I shut down the computer and boot it up again, one of the files goes missing. The verification process tells me that one file was lost and has been reacquired. So far, it seems that if I play after this, I don't...
  4. Nanbu

    Pending: Freeze on ONE game

    I disabled the cloud sync and played the game, but it still froze after a few minutes. I have also tried validating the game and changing the power management settings for "prefer maximum performance" on "ffxiiiimg.exe". These are some solutions that I found on other forums. So far none of...
  5. Nanbu

    Pending: Freeze on ONE game

    I will try that. I have to find the save files and copy them I suppose.
  6. Nanbu

    Pending: Freeze on ONE game

    I starting playing Final Fantasy 13 through Steam and the game keeps freezing after 20+ minutes of smooth running. Once it freezes, I cannot close it and am forced to restart the computer (tried force stopping, tabbing). Any ideas on what could be causing this issue?
  7. Nanbu

    News: Maiev Shadowsong, Hero Spotlight

    Not entirely sure how this one will play out.
  8. Nanbu

    News: ***IMPORTANT*** Looking For More Raid Leaders

    I'd love to participate in a raid as I have never done it.
  9. Nanbu

    Leviathan Raid [Post your loot]

    I would like to do it. What was your power level when you did it?
  10. Nanbu

    Pending: Gaming Mouse

    I was wondering if anyone knows a Corsair mouse with a "free wheel" (hyper scroll) feature?
  11. Nanbu

    Destiny 2 on PC

    I'll surely be playing on PC. 12 more days :D
  12. Nanbu

    What is the fastest build?

    I wanna try tweaking a Nat's DH next season and see if it's comparable to UE.
  13. Nanbu

    New host of Tuesday's event

    Couldn't make it, unfortunately. I'm on PDT.
  14. Nanbu


    That must have been stressful. Play some videogames to keep your mind off it. Welcome back.
  15. Nanbu

    New host of Tuesday's event

    Is that EST or PDT?
  16. Nanbu

    Help with Journey

    Good to know. Thanks!
  17. Nanbu

    Help with Journey

    Would anyone mind helping me with the journey? I'm missing doing a T13 rift in 4 minutes and a 3rd conquest (have done grift 75 and the money one).
  18. Nanbu

    NA Who'll be playing Destiny 2? Which Platform?

    I'm going to play on PC casually. Probably not going to PvP a lot, but definitely going to grind some.
  19. Nanbu

    Frozen Throne - Icecrown challenge

    I got on yesterday and finished all, but mage's. Wish I had more legendaries.
  20. Nanbu

    2.6.1: Many buffs incoming for PTR/next season!

    Cool. I'm going to retake the DH :D
  21. Nanbu

    Best Speed Farm and Gem UP Necro Build

    I tried following this from Bluddshed
  22. Nanbu

    Updates: NEW HERO ALERT! Garrosh Hellscream

    That throw reminds me of Dota's Tiny. Lots of troll moments with that one. I guess we'll finally see more warriors with this release. At least for a while.
  23. Nanbu

    Clan request

    Good to know. Thanks
  24. Nanbu

    Clan request

    Sent a clan request, but still haven't been accepted. Please accept my request :D
  25. Nanbu

    Resolved: H100i fans not spinning

    I tried that... didn't work. I switched the fan connectors and it worked! Thanks