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  1. skaisnotdead

    Any New to WOW?

    I've only been playing WOW for a few months and feel like I am years behind. Are there any other new WOW players out in the clan? I'd love to team up with some new players.
  2. skaisnotdead

    Hunt With Me!

    I don't know about you, but I've been having some fun with Monster Hunter World. It needs a little polishing and hopefully they're still working in making the game run smoother. Who else in Fever plays?
  3. skaisnotdead

    Monster Hunter World

    Any Monster Hunter fans out there? I'm getting it for PS4 and was wondering if anyone else was planning on getting it. It looks pretty awesome! :D
  4. skaisnotdead

    Approved: skaisnotdead's Application

    Games you play: Overwatch, diablo 3, Killing Floor 2, ESO online, Looking to get into Paladins more and I play a lot of single player RPG's Age: 27 Gender: Female Country: United States FPS Username: skaisnotdead League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: skaisnotdead#1209 MMO...