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  1. skaisnotdead

    So what hero do you play?

    I play support mostly, Moira and Mercy the most often! I also tank. I've been trying to break into DPS but that's kinda the first thing people fill.
  2. skaisnotdead

    Grim Dawn - On sale

    I picked it up! What a deal.
  3. skaisnotdead

    Diablo Immortal - Thoughts?

    Diablo Immortal: A lesson in how not to handle unexpected reactions
  4. skaisnotdead

    Any New to WOW?

    I'm in the guild for my Hord toons, I didn't realize that Alliance didn't play on Mal'Ganis. I only have one Alliance toon I made as a joke so it's not a big deal. I just have a weird wook schedule so I'm not on a lot when other people are.
  5. skaisnotdead

    Any New to WOW?

    I've only been playing WOW for a few months and feel like I am years behind. Are there any other new WOW players out in the clan? I'd love to team up with some new players.
  6. skaisnotdead

    Event: Overwatch Event Schedules

  7. skaisnotdead

    Hunt With Me!

    Shiva I own a PS4 but I don't want to get the online subscription. How do I find this group on steam? I've been loving the game!
  8. skaisnotdead

    Hunt With Me!

    I don't know about you, but I've been having some fun with Monster Hunter World. It needs a little polishing and hopefully they're still working in making the game run smoother. Who else in Fever plays?
  9. skaisnotdead

    Monster Hunter World

    YES!! I won't be able to play until this weekend tho. Why does this and new WOW need to come out so close together!?
  10. skaisnotdead

    Stardew Valley MP is here!

    I really need to pick this game up
  11. skaisnotdead

    Monster Hunter World

    Upon further discovery it was a different monster hunter game for switch. BUT it's coming out for PC next month!!
  12. skaisnotdead

    So what hero do you play?

    Moira is my fave healer
  13. skaisnotdead

    Paladins Game Night Tonight!

    Are there game nights often? I have the game downloaded but haven't played much. I'd love to know who plays!!
  14. skaisnotdead

    Monster Hunter World

    It was announced for the Swtich? Before PC? Annoying!
  15. skaisnotdead

    NA GCC 6v6 Overwatch Tournament (Cross Community event)

    This sounds like a ton of fun! I'm in as support (heals specifically).
  16. skaisnotdead

    Monster Hunter World

    Well I'm 100% ok with waiting for the PC release then.
  17. skaisnotdead

    Monster Hunter World

    Did they announce it for PC? For some reason I thought it was a console exclusive. I'd totally wait for a PC release to play!
  18. skaisnotdead

    Monster Hunter World

    Any Monster Hunter fans out there? I'm getting it for PS4 and was wondering if anyone else was planning on getting it. It looks pretty awesome! :D
  19. skaisnotdead


    I still play sometimes on Steam!
  20. skaisnotdead

    Opening Night....Who's In?

    I'm trying to decide what class I want to play for next season!!
  21. skaisnotdead

    Morrowind Live! NA PC - Who else currently plays?

    I play!! :P The game is part of the Humble Monthly Bundle this month us people are interested!!
  22. skaisnotdead

    Which skin do you think looks best for any hero?

    I love the Cruser! I may do it for Halloween since it's pretty simple.
  23. skaisnotdead

    List of Hero Guides

    Ohh! This is super helpful!!
  24. skaisnotdead

    Overwatch Fever Playerbase - Post here to be added!

    skaisnotdead#1209 PC
  25. skaisnotdead

    Approved: skaisnotdead's Application

    Games you play: Overwatch, diablo 3, Killing Floor 2, ESO online, Looking to get into Paladins more and I play a lot of single player RPG's Age: 27 Gender: Female Country: United States FPS Username: skaisnotdead League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: skaisnotdead#1209 MMO...