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  1. Bloodlotus

    Sea monster hunting!

    Greetings all, I am looking for people to go sea monster hunting with me sometime this coming week, I can take out our guild ship decked out with 8 cannons! so hit me up either here or in game if your interested in the adventure of a lifetime! all you need to bring are cannon balls! my family...
  2. Bloodlotus

    Guild grind night?

    I dont think there are enough of us that currently playing to form a guild, but how about a grind night like once a week, is anyone interested? Have only been playing for 3 weeks so my 56 ranger is not geared, but am working on getting her there.
  3. Bloodlotus

    In need of a plvl

    So after getting home from spring break last monday my driver decided to shit out on me and i now just finally got it replaced and getting everything reinstalled on my PC, so i would love a plvl and some help getting some gear :D
  4. Bloodlotus

    Resolved: My PC won't start up!

    That's the error report from from my computer trying to auto repair, and it just shutdowns when I try to start normally. I started to have problems every now and then a few weeks ago, I think it was after I downloaded paladins but was never able to play the game as I would get an error msg...
  5. Bloodlotus

    Show your Survival base

    Since not many of us are ever on at the same time and we dont know who all is on the Survival server or whos base belongs to who, share a screen shot of the outside :) and share your cords if you like, so we can stop by for a visit and a closer look :D Mine is at -169, 574 and i have a...
  6. Bloodlotus

    Farming the Rainbow Portrait!

    Would anyone be interested in spending a few hours farming this sometime this week? Am looking for three others that have Staff of Herding for the most efficient use of time. reply here for what days and times you can farm so we can work out the best day and time to get it, if more then three...
  7. Bloodlotus

    Just got Minecraft on PC

    So I just got the game on PC, who wants to play with a noob :D I am Bloodlotus13.
  8. Bloodlotus

    Approved: Bloodlotus's Application

    Games you play: Overwatch, D3, SamuraiSiege. Main Game: Overwatch Age: 31 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: bloodlotus#11896 MMO Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a...