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  1. BoondockEOD

    Future of the Game

    Apex Legends Executive Producer Drew McCoy, just shared the future of the game. Here are the details; To say that the launch of Apex Legends exceeded our expectations would be an understatement. 50 million players in the first month (and more since) is staggering for any game, let alone a new...
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    1.1.1 Notes

    Hey All, Leeeeeee-RSPN here with RespawnSean, Jayfresh_Respawn & Scriptacus to give a quick update on live balance for Legends and weapons. LEGEND BALANCING At the start of Season 1, we previously talked about how our beloved Thicc Bois (Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic) were getting...
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    Apex Game nights 7:30pm EST!

    Starting tonight we have a new game night host LifeOnDeck! He will be hosting game nights on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 730 EST. Come out and shoot some stuff with us!
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    Season 1 Notes

    Hey! Happy Season 1 Day! The update is scheduled to go live at 10:00am PST on all platforms that you will need to download. Patch notes are below. I do by best to account for everything but there may be cases where I miss something. It's not intentional to omit anything from the patch notes...
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    About the crashing

    Hey! In the patch we released on Tuesday, we included a way to better capture information when Apex crashes on PC. The game should now write an apex_crash.txt file to your My Documents folder when it crashes. Since then we got many submissions of apex_crash.txt directly from our fans...
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    Reddit Post by Respawn

    Hey everyone! First off, we know you folks are fired up for info on Season 1 and Battle Pass. We still have work to do to get everything ready for prime time and won’t be talking about it yet. There are a lot of moving parts and coordination that go into big announcements and launches like...
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    Origin Names

    Please post your origin names below so we can add people up and get together easier! Mine - BoondockEOD
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    Looking for people to help with Apex Legends Section!

    Hey everybody, I need some help with recruiting, game night hosting, and a company admin. If you want to help grow the section feel free to drop me a message either here or on discord. Or you can reply to this thread if you prefer and we can chat about what is still available! If you need some...
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    January 29th 2019
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    How to defeat Caustic Traps

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    Legend Guides
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    Patch Notes

    VALENTINES DAYS - Store items will be available starting at 6pm PST on 2/13. Added "Live Die Live" Banner Badge: Revive a member of your squad between 2/13 and 2/19 to earn this limited time badge. Added Valentines Day cosmetic items to the store. They will be live and available in the store...
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    Apex Legends

    Trying to gauge how much interest there may be in a new section for this. If you plan to play it or currently do let me know! Pop your name down below and we can see about setting up some game nights or something.
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    6.1 Patch Notes

    Season 6 | 6.1 Update Notes New Arthurian God Merlin The Master Wizard Passive – Overload Every time Merlin casts a spell he gains a stack of Overload. When Merlin next fires a basic attack it will be augmented with lightning, dealing extra damage to the first Enemy 10 (+15% of your...
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    Patch 42.1 Notes

    Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes – January 23, 2019 Blizzard Entertainment 2019-1-23 We’ve just released a new Heroes of the Storm patch to apply a number of balance changes and bug fixes. Assassin Gul'dan Talents Level 7 Curse of Exhaustion (E) Movement Speed Slow...
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    January 8th Patch notes

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – January 8, 2019 Blizzard Entertainment 2019-1-8 We've just released our newest patch to the live servers which brings Imperius, Archangel of Valor, to the Nexus! Read on for details. General Imperius Improvements were made to the appearance of Imperius'...
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    Updates: 5.24 Patch notes

    New Arthurian God King Arthur Wielder of Excalibur Steadfast Each time King Arthur’s abilities damage a god he gains a stack of Steadfast, reducing damage he takes and increasing the rate at which he builds energy. This Additionally, King Arthur does not benefit from Attack Speed. Bonus...
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    Patch 9.1 Notes
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    Patch: 8.24b Notes
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    Updates: Patch notes 5.23 NEW ADVENTURE – LOKI’S ON THE NAUGHTY LIST PROJECT OLYMPUS Player Gifting It’s the season of giving! In SMITE update 5.23 you’ll be able to send gifts directly to other players! For full details on this new feature check out our...
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    Dec 9 Patch Notes

    Dec 9 7.20e: == * Wraith Band: Bonus agility reduced from +8 to +6 (cost reduced by 25) * Bracer: Bonus strength reduced from +8 to +6 (cost reduced by 25) * Null Talisman: Bonus intelligence reduced from +8 to +6 (cost reduced by 25) * Power Treads: Bonus damage reduced from 16 to 12 *...
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    Patch: Patch 8.23 Notes
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    News: PTR Mega Thread

    I will be posting all the information and findings I get into this thread. If anyone has anything I may miss feel free to drop it here and I can add it to the main post. New potential GR Levels based off a Chinese Players Calculations Video Overview of 2.6.4 by Rhykker
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    News: Season 16 Haedrig's Gift

    Season 15 is due to end around 16 December, which will put the start of Season 16 sometime around the end of the year or early next year. With that if the rotation stays the same here are the sets for Season 16 gifts. Barbarian – Immortal Kings Call Crusader – Seeker of the Light Demon Hunter...
  25. BoondockEOD

    PTR for Season 16 PTR PATCH 2.6.4 - v2.6.4.49286 To provide feedback on patch 2.6.4, please visit the PTR Feedback forum. To report any issues you experience while playing, please visit the PTR Bug Report forum. For...