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  1. PerfectEnigma

    Poor GameStop Experience with WoW Legion

    I pre-ordered the collectors edition of WoW Legion. I was called today and told my game had arrived. I went in tonight to get my game and was told they ran out of copies. I was told that they could order a copy of the collectors edition off of their site. I choose this option. When I asked how...
  2. PerfectEnigma

    High Fives All Around Guys

    Beautiful job to everyone on the Greeting Team the past month. Keep up the good work!!!! Sura JSTFY PerfectEnigma efgodlike NobleLion sasabo Nne Jam Teeze iDell GaMeOveR Masirus KillerClown Remeku Requ1em Supguy123 Brute KittyMae jesseb12 DrClawizdead...
  3. PerfectEnigma

    Other: Michael Bisping the new Middleweight Champion

    Who all imagined we would wake up this morning with Michael Bisping as the new middleweight champion and defeating Luke Rockhold via KO. I got to admit it really felt good and I am not a Bisping fan. I just wish Uriah Faber won the belt last night too.
  4. PerfectEnigma

    PvP: LF Geared Alliance PVP Restro Shaman For 2s on the North America Servers

    LF Geared Alliance PVP Restro Shaman For 2s on the North America Servers. Hit me up Enigma#1576
  5. PerfectEnigma

    Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Reboot

    I just beat this game on the PS4. This is by far one of the best games I have ever played! I can't wait until they get Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PS4 at the end of this year! :)
  6. PerfectEnigma

    Please Congratulate JSTFY

    JSTFY was given the Hospitality Award based on him going above an beyond for the Greeting Team over a long period of time. Sura NobleLion MorbidLemming JSTFY BamBam Sithis ep556 Apoc99 Quietriot87 ravenloc Baum wilmate PerfectEnigma efgodlike Aug sasabo
  7. PerfectEnigma

    Team 1 - 1/5/16

    New Members: TheFadedBrit Polansia Sasquatch455 JSTFY NobleLion Sithis Apoc99 efgodlike PerfectEnigma Sura MorbidLemming Aug
  8. PerfectEnigma

    Team 2 - 1/5/16

    New Members: Jaska Lussa Maqical FealtyGaming BamBam ep556 Quietriot87 ravenloc efgodlike PerfectEnigma Aug Sura MorbidLemming
  9. PerfectEnigma

    Team 2 - 1/1/15

    New Members: Blez Jacobia Ohici sompel Arkainan leverage Sarakiel Doubleday FealtyGaming BamBam ep556 Quietriot87 ravenloc efgodlike PerfectEnigma Aug Sura MorbidLemming
  10. PerfectEnigma

    Team 1 - 1/1/15

    New Members: Heisenberg1497 beanstalk5000 Artega Thangs ExtraLube AAA SOULEATER Want_Some123 Tsuvarskyei JSTFY NobleLion Sithis Apoc99 efgodlike PerfectEnigma Sura MorbidLemming Aug
  11. PerfectEnigma

    Anyone else have the PS4 version of this game?

    I just got this game on the PS4. Feel free to add my PSN PerfectEnigma if you want to play together sometime.
  12. PerfectEnigma

    Thoughts on using the WoW Teamspeak channel as a meetup?

    Every time(except a couple times) I have joined the WoW teamspeak channel I am the only one there. I was thinking that using WoW Teamspeak channel as a meetup for the WoW Section would be a good idea since we have a lot of people on different servers and different factions. Thoughts...
  13. PerfectEnigma

    Don't be afraid to bring up any questions or concerns you may have on the Greeting Team

    If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Greeting Team feel free to bring them up. I would advise asking in the chain of command below unless the person is unable to answer the question, unavailable, or the problem itself is with that person then feel free to ask the person at the...
  14. PerfectEnigma

    PvP: Starting off the day correct

    Better screenshot here
  15. PerfectEnigma

    Please Congratulate MorbidLemming

    Please Congratulate MorbidLemming. He was promoted to the 2nd Greeting Team Manager. Thanks, PerfectEnigma Sura NobleLion RedPh03nix MorbidLemming JSTFY FealtyGaming BamBam Sithis ep556 Apoc99 Quietriot87 ravenloc XliquifyX PerfectEnigma efgodlike Aug
  16. PerfectEnigma

    Greeting Team Messages

    I have noticed a lot of people are posting their standard Greeting Team welcome message after someone has already posted 1 on here. We only want 1 standard greeting team message posted to new members because we don't want the new members to feel like they are getting spammed. If someone has...
  17. PerfectEnigma

    Rich Franklin Officially Retires From MMA

    Check it out here. Rich Franklin is my favorite athlete of all time. :)
  18. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    I watched this movie last night. It was amazing! Thoughts on the movie?
  19. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: The Green Inferno Discussion *possible spoilers*

    I just watch the movie last night. I wasn't expecting much of it but it turned out to be pretty good. Thoughts?
  20. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Angry Birds Movie Trailer
  21. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: The 5th Wave International Trailer
  22. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: New Knock Knock Trailer

    Check it out here!
  23. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Wes Craven Dies at 76

    RIP Wes Craven Source
  24. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Sinister 2 Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    Sinister 2 just came out. I am unable to watch it this weekend and will go next. I have been looking forward to this movie. I really enjoyed the 1st one. This thread was created to discuss the movie and may contain spoilers. I will post my thoughts on it after I watch it next weekend. :)
  25. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Ant-Man Discussion *Possible Spoiler*

    I just watched the movie last Friday. I enjoyed it. It was alright. Thoughts?