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    SCII player also plays HotS!

    Hello Fever Clan HotS community, I joined fever as a member of the starcraft II part of the clan, but I still play a large amount of games of HotS as well. If anyone would like to play with me, I play most days after 8PM PST and have achieved some pretty good ranks throughout the seasons...
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    Are MOBA's fatally flawed? (I promise, it relates to Starcraft)

    Hello fellow fever members, INTRO: I don't know about the rest of you, but I generally have a suite of games I'm playing despite my busy schedule, and switch between which game is my "main game" of the moment. I have found myself coming back to Heroes of the Storm for a few years now, after...
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    Event: FSL June 2017

    gbdallin I'm down to play tonight or tomorrow if you are!
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    Tuesday or Wednesday Game night Poll

    Too early for me mate, sorry
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    Finally got Diamond on my main account

    Nice job. I want to get there! I was playing plat 1 last time I checked, not too far off..
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    LF Zerg Coach

    Hi Whistler, I'm not a zerg player, but I would still be happy to review a few of your replays and try and give some commentary. Post a couple on here and I'll get to it when I can, all I ask in return is if you give a try to analyze one of mine :P
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    Event: FSL June Sign Ups

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    Event: FSL May

    billy_da_bob Hey mate, I tried PMing you for times to play our match but you haven't yet responded. We've only got 3 days left to play our game- Which evening works for you?
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    The Epic Conclusion to the Fever Clan in House Tournament!

    Hi Darkslayer, Thanks for taking the time to cast this. Was this the result of the April Tournament? GG Synizta & Billy
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    PvZ defense!

    Hi Papa, I checked out your replay, thanks for sharing! Mainly you beat this guy because in the mid game, you spent your money and he didn't. You would have had even easier time beating him in that early attack where he hit you with ravagers if you: kept your oracle alive and used it in...
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    SC2 peepsss discord

    Cool man, I'm in.
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    SC2 peepsss discord

    What is the new discord channel? I'll be happy to make the switch, I only downloaded TS for the clan, so now all my chat channels will be congregated on one piece of software again hah
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    Lend me your ear then share me a tune

    Kazik Hey Kazik, When I can, I really enjoy listening to music while I play solo as well. Here's a song I bet you've never heard before, though I don't know how well it will jive with your game: http:// Enjoy, haha.
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    Late game Protoss

    I think you're right that I've got to practice using disruptors more. I hardly ever use them, but they can swing battles majorly in your favor when used correctly.
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    Late game Protoss

    You're right that microing collosus makes a big difference, and that when they are moving forward to focus collosus if you move them back that helps a lot. I think one of my things I need to work on is better engages- after watching more replays and streams lately, I can see that a lot of times...
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    Late game Protoss

    Hey Kaz, Thanks for the response! Yeah, I never use collosus without the extended lance, the extra range does wonders. My games almost never make it late enough to use carriers extensively, but I also make sure to mix in a good number of immortals. I'll be happy to practice with ya...
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    Late game Protoss

    So I've been playing a lot of 1v1's for awhile now, but I find myself losing damn near every single game if it gets to late game. It seems like even when I think i've got a stronger army (and this is born out of graphs after the match) that my protoss army just can't contend with enemy armies...
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    Event: May FSL Tournament Sign Ups

    FightingIppo#1489 OK guys, let's try this again! I may have lost in my first round of the April tourney but maybe i've gotten better ;)
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    Event: SC2 April Tournament

    Let's shoot for Friday @9:30PST? Thanks for workin' with me mate
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    Event: SC2 April Tournament

    Well Billy I'm going to go to sleep now, so i'll check for ya tomorrow or thursday.
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    Lib doesn't understand ranked

    I believe KingCatNip is right here. When I did my placements this season, it initially placed me in Gold 4. In my next 4-10 games, I moved very rapidly into Plat 2. After I got to plat 2, it has held pretty steady... Now I seem to be very slowly gaining headway into plat 1.
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    Event: SC2 April Tournament

    Hi Billy, I'll be on tonight, but if I don't see you i'll look for you tomorrow evening. Tonight I estimate i'll be able to be on between 9:30-12:00 PST. Wednesday I'll probably be on from around 11:00-12:00 PST. If those don't work for you, let me know another day!
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    Event: SC2 April Tournament

    I suppose that means it's me 'n you in round 2 billy the bob. What day would be a good day for you? Tuesday or Wednesday evening may work for me...
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    Event: Psi-Ops Academy

    I feel bad that I missed out on this one, as well as the game night on the 31st. My vacation got in the way of my starcraft gaming, haha! Glad you had a good session proteggiore, i'll be sure to try to make it to the next one.
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    Event: SC2 April Tournament

    FightingIppo#1489 I'm perfectly willing to play in the tournament, if still available. Give me a time after 8PM PST on any day and i'll make it work! Sorry I'm late. Thanks everyone!