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  1. Thaumius

    Finally did it

    Yeah I am SO glad I got legend before the zoolock meta hit the game.
  2. Thaumius

    Finally did it

    Yesterday I reached the legend rank for the first time with odd paladin, yay!
  3. Thaumius

    Stuck trying to get legend, looking for coach

    So here is the situation: This season the highest I've done is rank 1 2 stars with Odd Paladin. Now, I've dropped down to rank 2 3 stars because I faced nothing but hard counter decks like Taunt warrior, Even Warlock x3 I don't think that Odd Paly will be reliable enough to get me legend...
  4. Thaumius

    Golden Heroes

    I have Warlock and Warrior, paly is at 300 or so.
  5. Thaumius

    Has anyone heard from Chaosknighti?

    Hey, does anyone happen to Chaosknighti? I enjoyed being with that guy long ago. I wondered if he still plays hearthstone. If he does does anyone have him on their friends list?
  6. Thaumius

    I'm back.

    Hello Everyone, I am back from a long inactivity, I am here to start being active again. -Thaum
  7. Thaumius

    patch is Live!

    Vicious Fledgling has been removed from arena Synergy picks have been removed from arena PS: Finish your arenas, a new format is coming soon! You can now obtain Nemesy, a Warlock hero skin by visiting a established fireside gathering. Many interactions have been removed Evolve...
  8. Thaumius

    Hearthstone BM

    I only BM to those who BM'ed me or I need to play extra stuff for xp or quest requirements
  9. Thaumius

    Hearthstone BM

    I squelch every opponent I play against. Why can't they just implement a disable emotes feature?
  10. Thaumius

    Frozen Throne - Icecrown challenge

    Done mine :)
  11. Thaumius

    Free Future Campaigns?

    I wish the lich king gave you a DeathKnight and not a pack D: At least Arthas was a good reward!
  12. Thaumius

    KFT Reveal Stream - 28th July 2017, 11am PDT

    NeverBrode RIP 4Head Emote Hopefully warlock gets a good hero
  13. Thaumius

    In-game names!

    I still play Thaumius#14401 NA huge collection
  14. Thaumius

    Hearthstone Fever Clan Update - July 2017

    Sounds good! I am looking forward to meeting new people and practicing against them!
  15. Thaumius

    [Brawl] A Midsummer Night's Brawl

    Or you can be an absolute Degenerate and play face decks to be the biggest party crasher ever!
  16. Thaumius

    [Brawl] All-Star Squad

    Soulfire Warlock is decent too
  17. Thaumius

    Quest Completer Warlock

    Do you want to complete your friends quest with fun? heres a deck I made that makes it really fast AAEBAf0GArYHhRcOnQOPBs4HwgitELasArisAsW8Apa9Avi/Aq/CAt3CApDHApPHAgA= Copy paste that link to make the deck If you are missing anything, use cheap cards that target your hero. If you want to...
  18. Thaumius

    Hard game to get back into after a break

    There is no shame in playing wild if you cannot get up to date in standard :P
  19. Thaumius

    Kel'Thuzad vs. Rafaam

    Rafaam seems ridiculously overpowered KT needs his old resurrect hero power.
  20. Thaumius

    Quest Decks?

    Quest Rogue can be easily dealt with dirty rat. Most common players keep all the bounce cards in their hand. You can punish them by playing dirty rat on their bouncers. It makes their quest hard to complete.
  21. Thaumius

    Quest Decks?

    Warrior quest has actually been struggling with a 56.3% winrate when kept, therefore its more likely for the taunt warrior to win if he mulled away his quest
  22. Thaumius

    Hearthstone Pack Drop Rate Announced

    how about goldens?
  23. Thaumius

    Wild Heroic Brawl Coming This Week

    Heroid Brawl? Nope Wild Format? Super Duper Nope!
  24. Thaumius

    Free Packs are In!

    1 epic the rest, nothing good