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  1. Tamahawks

    Server Slots

    For the first time last night, we managed to max out the server slots. GREAT JOB! Lets keep this up so we can upgrade server slots!
  2. Tamahawks

    Fever Coins for patron status anyone?

    I'm curious if anyone is willing to give me patron status so i can actually log onto the archeage server. I'll give you all my fever coins which is just shy of 11k. Do i have any takers?
  3. Tamahawks

    PvP Event #1

    Alright guys, I had promised you all some events for the 7 days to die server, WELL HERE IT IS! PvP at it's best! So we will host a 1v1 tournement inside the "Tournement Zone" that i choose. Date: Monday, 22nd of September. 7pm Eastern Time. Requirements...
  4. Tamahawks

    Poll: What should drop on death?

    Belt Inventory Everything
  5. Tamahawks

    7 Days to Die server.

    The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Fever Clan has its own dedicated server for 7 days to die. SERVER INFO FeverGaming I.P Port 19248 Information about the server you may want to know before joining. 1.what drops on death : Belt. 2.zombies...
  6. Tamahawks

    7 days to die server.

    There have been some talks of opening up a 7 days to die dedicated server for the community. So my questions to the community is, 1. who owns the game 7 days to die? and 2. who would be interested in having a dedicated server?
  7. Tamahawks

    Firefall Army Recruiting.

    ALRIGHT! finally i pulled the nerve to create the army inside of firefall, and post on the forums about it. --INFO YOU NEED TO KNOW. Army name: Fever Company Titles: community titles do not apply to this game. Rules: Community rules are to be followed inside the army in firefall. (no racism...
  8. Tamahawks

    Resolved: Fiber vs cable

    Alright so I'm switching my Isp, I've heard alot of good and bad against fiber vs cable. At this current moment i can't say much bad against cable with my isp. the reason for the switch is i'd be saving over 100$ a month for alot more in my package. I just want to know fully what to expect when...
  9. Tamahawks


    has anyone or will anyone be picking this game up? i've been playing for several days now and i'm looking to get a team going for comp.
  10. Tamahawks

    Needing to VENT ARGGG

    I'm straight up shacking right now. I just spent 3 hours down at the police station. Here's the story. I have 3 kids. (NASTY "divorce") my youngest son today at soccer practice (which i coach) had massive amounts of big bruises on his knee's and elbow's. i asked him how it happened and whatnot...
  11. Tamahawks

    Anyone play Nether?

    I just got this game and i'm looking for others to play with.
  12. Tamahawks

    anyone play 7 days to die?

    just bought the game looking to play with other people. anyone play it?
  13. Tamahawks

    Tamahawks's Application

    Games you play: smite, diablo3, h1z1 Main Game: SMITE Age: 28 Gender: Male Country: Canada MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Tamahawks Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Steam Username: Tamahawks xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have...