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  1. Adelius

    Barb LFG for Paragon Farming Groups / LFM

    Ok Neat! What is your battle tag? Do you want to play zmonk tonight at 830 Central? I am interested to see if your zmonk + my dps barb can farm higher GRs than my barb can alone. And if adding additional dps pushes it even further.
  2. Adelius

    Barb LFG for Paragon Farming Groups / LFM

    Ah yeah? What you have leveled up at this point. Barb + ZMonk we can probably just find 2 other dps of any kind and go to town.
  3. Adelius

    LF xfaction Achievement Hunter partner

    Looking for someone who wants to do any of the following: Trade kills in Wintergrasp for achieves there. Trade kills in BFA for warmode achieves there. Thrade kills in Draenor for achieves there. Do dungeon raid achievements. I have everything before Pandaria, but Pandaria/Cata/Legion we could...
  4. Adelius

    Barb LFG for Paragon Farming Groups / LFM

    Hello. S19 character. I have 600 paragon, can solo GR93. I have all gear to make whatever zbarb spec. But I've never played zbarb or really done any of the high-powered paragon farming group-play in previous season. This season, I'd like to. I hear that in S19 barbs can be either dps or...
  5. Adelius

    Approved: Adelius's Application to Join

    User name: Adelius Age: 32 Gender: Male Game(s) you play: Diablo, WoW Current In-Game Username(s) you would like to share: Adelius Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes Do you have a account?: Yes Do you use Twitch?: No How did you find us?: Search Engine Have you been in FeverClan...
  6. Adelius

    D3 Season 19 - Leveling Event - 22 Nov 2019 - 5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Eastern

    Hello. I'd love to be in a |Fever| leveling group. Was a member of clan in seasons long-gone. I will play barb this season. Only thing is I will be 60-90 minutes late most likely. Is anyone else looking to start at 800-830CST?
  7. Adelius

    (Breaking News) Is it gonna be D4 or another expansion pack?

    Expac seems fine, the game is in a place where it is fun it just needs fresh content
  8. Adelius

    Let's Discuss | Diablo 3: Necromancer

    Can't wait to try it out next season.
  9. Adelius

    Looking for Sprinter & Boss Mode Conquests

    Hi All, Well I've gotten my GR70. Now I just need two conquests. I've never done Sprinter or Boss Mode before and I think now's the time! Is there anyone else who needs em who would like to group up? Preferably someone who has some experience. I'm in the speed wizard archon build, so I should...
  10. Adelius

    Anyone get in the necro beta?

    Wow even $20 is a steep price... I wonder what Blizzard's longterm plan for Diablo is? This plan makes me wonder if maybe they are working on its successor instead.
  11. Adelius

    Exited for the Necromancer?

    it's gonna be sweet! And the first season it comes, sooo many gear-sharing runs :)
  12. Adelius

    Think I will only play HC from now on.

    I am thinking next season might be my hardcore season. Let's talk at that point perhaps?
  13. Adelius


    When they release this, that season everyone will be necro right? Haha that should be pretty funny.
  14. Adelius

    Approved: Adelius's Application

    Games you play: D3 Main Game: Diablo 3 Age: 30 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: Adelius#1971 MMO Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and Teamspeak3: Yes How did you hear...
  15. Adelius

    Season 7 Leveling Event! *SIGN UP*

    Edit: turns out I can't guarantee I will be here right at 7p. I might be, but I might be a tad late. So, regular group for me please!
  16. Adelius


    Level 21... game is insanely fun. Even it can't motivate me to exercise tho, so I must be a lost cause...
  17. Adelius

    Menagerist goblins HUNT!!

    I am interested! Adelius#1971
  18. Adelius

    LF Hardcore powerlevel

    Done, thanks!
  19. Adelius

    LF Hardcore powerlevel

    This is now my last journey req :) :)
  20. Adelius

    LF Hardcore powerlevel

    Would appreciate it! Can PL you on softcore side or help you out in a set dungeon or something. I'll be on for a few hours tonight and tomorrow night.
  21. Adelius

    First Game Night of Season 6

    I have sporadic playtime but I can duck into a group late for a little while. Adelius - Monk - NA
  22. Adelius

    Season 6 Leveling Event! *SIGN UP*

    I will be there! I will likely be late :(
  23. Adelius

    2.4.1 New Cosmetics!

    Nice! Should spice up the new season a bit.