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  1. Thaumius

    Finally did it

    Yesterday I reached the legend rank for the first time with odd paladin, yay!
  2. Thaumius

    Stuck trying to get legend, looking for coach

    So here is the situation: This season the highest I've done is rank 1 2 stars with Odd Paladin. Now, I've dropped down to rank 2 3 stars because I faced nothing but hard counter decks like Taunt warrior, Even Warlock x3 I don't think that Odd Paly will be reliable enough to get me legend...
  3. Thaumius

    Has anyone heard from Chaosknighti?

    Hey, does anyone happen to Chaosknighti? I enjoyed being with that guy long ago. I wondered if he still plays hearthstone. If he does does anyone have him on their friends list?
  4. Thaumius

    I'm back.

    Hello Everyone, I am back from a long inactivity, I am here to start being active again. -Thaum
  5. Thaumius

    patch is Live!

    Vicious Fledgling has been removed from arena Synergy picks have been removed from arena PS: Finish your arenas, a new format is coming soon! You can now obtain Nemesy, a Warlock hero skin by visiting a established fireside gathering. Many interactions have been removed Evolve...
  6. Thaumius

    Quest Completer Warlock

    Do you want to complete your friends quest with fun? heres a deck I made that makes it really fast AAEBAf0GArYHhRcOnQOPBs4HwgitELasArisAsW8Apa9Avi/Aq/CAt3CApDHApPHAgA= Copy paste that link to make the deck If you are missing anything, use cheap cards that target your hero. If you want to...
  7. Thaumius

    Am I being rude or no?

    The story: So I went on hearthpwn and I saw a guy offering coaching. So I added him to talk about it. He didn't mention about what timezone he is in. With a upset attiude he calls me rude and a fag and Deletes me from his friends list. I reported him to hearthpwn to tell people to...
  8. Thaumius

    Guides: How to buy Discounted Hearthstone Packs Perfect for UNGORO

    1. Download BlueStacks 2. Go on the browser and type Amazon Underground 3. Follow the instructions to get Amazon Underground 4. Make a US Amazon Account 5. Put your own US Address if you have one if not use this address PO BOX 942873 x Sacramento California 94273-0001 916545266...
  9. Thaumius

    Accidents happen

    I was playing against a priest in wild until I missclicked and costed me the game... Enjoy! Thaumius vs. Gazlek
  10. Thaumius

    How fun Wild truely is

    Thaumius vs. jessieeeeB What a game!
  11. Thaumius

    News: Year of the Mammoth Plans Revealed!

    Blizzard has just revealed its plans for the year of the mammoth, yay! 1. Classic set cards that will be moving to the wild format - Azure Drake - Power Overwhelming - Conceal - Ice Lance - Ragnaros The Firelord - Sylvanas Windrunner You will receive dust compensation for how many...
  12. Thaumius

    News: Small-Time Buccaneer and Spirit Claws nerfed! + Ranked mode changes

    Small-Time Buccaneer now is a 1/1 pirate instead of a 1/2 pirate with same text it had I think this nerf was too hard, I honestly think It would of been better as maybe a 2/1 or its text changed to +1 attack. Playable: No Spirit claws Now costs 2 mana instead of 1 I am glad this card...
  13. Thaumius

    How unlucky can you possible be?

    Thaumius vs. QuirkyTurtle
  14. Thaumius

    How good is dirty rat?

    At the reveal of Dirty Rat, I thought this was the most unplayable card in the set, I rated it a 0/5 After testing it out in control warrior, it was a 4 star card out of 5! I rate it 4 star because it is overall good but not Dr. Boom good, that it belongs in every deck. It allowed you...
  15. Thaumius

    Top Gadgetzan MUST crafts

    1. Patches the pirate, just a 100% recessary tool for board control and SMOrcing tool. 2. Small time buccaneer, just an insane 1 drop good in any aggressive pirate deck. 3. Aya Blackpaw, mandatory must craft for a jade deck 4. Draconid Operative also known as Draconid OP, is possibly...
  16. Thaumius

    Good news!

    After my long suspension, things got somewhat better I can play hearthstone, but for only 1 hour a day, hopefully more if my behavior improves :)
  17. Thaumius

    An Important Announcement

    On December 10 2016, I broke a 3rd monitor as said in my other post From that point, I was banned from playing hearthstone forever (parents still uncertain if I will get it back) I will reply to posts on feverclan on hearthstone and I can try to play hearthstone on my grace period times such...
  18. Thaumius

    Why am I even playing this game anymore?

    I broke 3 monitors because of how badly cancer this game is. I have no clue now what I should be doing. I do not want to quit the game, I need help to prevent myself from breaking more monitors. Someone suggest anything to help me out? Thanks ~Thaum
  19. Thaumius

    19 games later...

    GOLD WARRIOR! - YouTube
  20. Thaumius

    NA Lonely? add me :)

  21. Thaumius

    Resolved: How do I avoid tangled wires

    How are my wires like this? what can I do to prevent them being like this? I've tried many times untangling them but they keep on doing this.
  22. Thaumius

    How many people are actually still playing hearthstone

    post battletag if you still do. mine is Thaumius#11401
  23. Thaumius

    How hearthstone ruined my life

    I'm very addicted to hearthstone. but my addictions go off ridiculously. I spend evety single dime I have on cards. my dreams are me playing hearthstone. When I attempt a game I have the mind of I am going to get so destroyed and yet i always do. I just want legend but I suck so bad. I don't...
  24. Thaumius

    4 MANA 7/7 and 0 MANA 5/5 taunt WTF BLIZZ

    I am sick and tired of playing nothing but aggro shamans. turn 1 tunnel trogg into totem golem into squire into feral spirit UGH CANCEROUS!