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  1. Etrigahn

    NA A New Video Approaches!

    Hey guys here's another installment of the series I am officially calling Etrigahn Plays! A nasty little game with Anub'arak. Are there other games you'd like to see Etrigahn play? Let me know! Revenge of King Bub!
  2. Etrigahn

    NA It's new! And Improved!

    Hey guys! Finally another video for you guys and this time in true HD! Yaaaaaay!!! Here it is! And Now for Something Completely Different! Commentary was a little off on this one sorry guys. However, Im still happy with how it turned out. Let me know your thoughts and feedback and I'll...
  3. Etrigahn

    New Video! I Am The One Who Flaps!

    Hey guys! Etrigahn here back with another awesome youtube video for you guys. Sadly this one has been in the oven a bit too long and it has gotten a little toasty. This was recorded in late-ish June early July and so the game content is a little outdated but since I'm going away for a few days...
  4. Etrigahn

    A Challenger Approaches! New Video Content Up!

    Hey guys, Etrigahn here with another live commentary in Heroes of the Storm! Hoping to make these uploads a more regular process. Again any feedback is both welcome and appreciated. [NSFW Lang] Your Tiny Firelord Commands! -- Heroes of the Storm 2.0 - YouTube If you guys have any...
  5. Etrigahn

    New Hero! Malthael!

    Alright guys, announced today was news of the latest hero to come to the Nexus! It's the renounced villain of Diablo 3's fifth act, Malthael!! A melee assassin, Malthael looks to be a very interesting hero with a lot of self healing and lane potential mixed with a butt tonne of % Health...
  6. Etrigahn

    First Heroes of the storm video!!

    Hey guys, my first heroes of the storm video is finally going up! It's taken waaaay too long for me to get it put together but I'm super happy to say it is finally finished. If even one person finds it entertaining then I will consider it a victory! [NSFW Lang.] What did you say?? Five...
  7. Etrigahn

    Hey guys! New Content Creator on the Scene!

    Everyone! I'd like to announce that as of today I am taking on a content creator role here in the Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3 sections. I'll also tease my intentions to soon be posting on the Fever Clan Youtube channel! To that end I'm wanting to take a poll here in the Heroes gaming...
  8. Etrigahn

    Replay Files

    I just had an incredible game with some new friends here in Fever and was wondering if there was a way to access/share the replay files from games of Heroes of the storm. I understand there must be some sort of method to do so but perhaps someone could point me to an easy answer? Thanks in...
  9. Etrigahn

    Does anyone play Warhammer 40k?

    Hello! I'm fairly new to the community and always looking to connect with like minded people. Does anyone around play the popular table top war game Warhammer 40k? I've been following/off and on playing the game for about 12 or so years now and have always found connecting with new people about...
  10. Etrigahn

    Approved: Etrigahn's Application

    Games you play: HOTS, Diablo 3 Main Game: Age: 25 Gender: Male Country: Canada FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: Etrigahn#1329 MMO Username: Steam Username: Nalzeroth xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and Teamspeak3: Yes...