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    Event: Mercy Promo. 2019

    Hoowee it sure is taking forever to get all these stream sprays. I'll probably just turn on a stream and fall asleep tonight. Anyone else collected all 10 hours worth yet?
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    Some Highlights of the Crew Playing GTA V Together

    Some highlights of the crew Playing GTA V together (twitch videos unfortunately) @Atakapa @Croatoan @Kush @Jollibee @Bizbone3 Valentines Day Joyride GTA V: Race "Jumps!!!" (1) <---Choppy GTA V: Race: "Jumps, Jumps Beach" <---Not Choppy GTA V: Race: "Underground Race & Jumps" <---Wrong...
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    Noblesse is being animated

    Noblesse a Korean manhwa is being animated! Same producers of "Ghost in the Shell" and "Psycho-Pass" Try reading it if you like the animation!
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    Taking a Selfie

    Kinda bothers me when I click to check out a person's stats and they don't have a character picture. At least the game gives us an option for one though: Obvious stuff, but you still meet people above level 40 without one.
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    Blade and Soul: Gunma Server - Job/Guild List

    List your jobs/class you choose at level 15 on the Gunma server What jobs you say? B&S Professions Link Tags: @IB @Raiiken @Ocean @Jerks @Anonymous @Nooki @Pingusmonkey @Jollibee @Rezrolled @wal1ace @Atakapa @Nooki @DrSteveBrule @kamoric @goldenmist86 @opokalipse @Idolator @PapaRussia...
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    Screenshot Thread

    I don't think we have a thread like this for GTA so... Post Screenshots of GTA!
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    Crew Symbol

    I got bored yesterday and made a symbol for our crew that was a little different than our current one: One of the officers liked it and it got switched in. I'm surprised no one else has tried to do graphics, but it is GTA so I probably shouldn't be. Version 1.0: Version 2.0 - Made this one...
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    New PQs

    Some DB GT quests came out today: Revenge of the tuffle and small but strong. I'm way to low of a level to even attempt them, but fighting a super sayian ape sounds pretty sweet even if it's just like the other great ape fights (spam grab on tail).
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    Adv. Melee Combat

    I've been looking up melee combat lately, because I had begun to think the best moves involved flying in holding LT and then mashing X for a couple teleport/after-image attacks and ending with a super, but that's not true at all. Because the maps are so big I hadn't been trying regular dash in...
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    TV: Gamergate is Getting a TV Show

    "Law & Order SVU Intimidation Game Air Date February 11, 2015 (9 PM ET/8C Wednesday NBC) THE VIRTUAL WORLD BECOMES REALITY WHEN A VIDEO GAME CONVENTION TURNS INTO A CRIME SCENE Video game developer Raina Punjabi (guest star Mouzam Makkar) solidifies the launch of her first game amid a stream...
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    Updates: The Big Update

    So i've been played starbound a lot over the last couple days as there was the first big patch in over a year... I mean the game is pretty much the same but there's more story and questing involved, which is what made me more interested in it rather than terraria in the first place. The...
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    Music: Harry and The Potters

    i found the greatest musical group ever harry and the potters my ears won't stop bleeding... help. you can't make this shit up: Harry and the Potters are known for their elaborate live performances, and have developed a cult following within the...
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    This Video is Pure Evil

    Virgin America Airlines created a really disturbing in-flight simulation the video is nearly 6 hours long.;v=UsMZRl71Zo4 There's even a website you can go on... BLAH Airlines You can also call 1-844-BLAH-AIR (1-844-252-4274) but if...
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    TV: hatsune miku on letterman

    So this happened like 10 minutes ago I watched a bit of the live show and thought she sounded pretty bad during this performance. Edit: Found a video;v=wzG5pab0CnU and this Found a video...
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    Can You Ward Jump This Fast Without A Macro? Crazy stuff.
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    Soraka Rework?

    This rework is going to be bananas [Soraka Rework Preview and Discussion] Well then...
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    New Steam Skin (Only Shows Up If You're Opted Into Beta At The Moment)

    The new steam skin updated in the beta version of steam the other day (August 8th) if one was opted in (steam>settings>account>betaparticipation). People who use the beta know it's usually just a preview of what the future holds for steam, So if you don't like the new skin as I do you can...
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    Music: Someone Improved Blurred Lines
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    Discussion: Does Independent Animation Have a Future on YouTube?

    I copied RubberNinja's title so I'll list his video first: Tom Fulp's (creator of NG) 2 Cents The rest can be read: Here There's a lot of big names in independent animation chiming in: This is the one that kinda started the rockslide...
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    Movie: Spongebob Movie 2: Trailer I'm not getting good vibes from this, and I know they'll never be able to top the original:
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    Discussion: Google Bought Twitch

    "Google’s $1B purchase of Twitch confirmed — joins YouTube for new video empire" see more... and here... Edit: It's funny that this is now somehow "confirmed" when they still can't cite any proper sources. Not that I doubt it, but I'm not sure that this any different than the rumors that...
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    Video: Youtuber Posts Video of How to Kill Yourself Under the Guise of Keeping Cool

    Original Video: The comments are pretty hilarious even though the youtuber deletes them as fast as he can "I prefer to stay cool with a refreshing glass of mercury." - hivebrain Another video explaining the problems with this from a different guy...
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    Video: Star Wars: Force for Change (An Update from J.J. Abrams)
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    koihime musou looks pretty funny

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    Himegoto Intro Song

    I was watching an episode of this is on a website and was fooled into thinking this was the real intro *Facepalm*