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  1. Ocean

    Superhero Secret Identity Discussion

    In today's world with the modern technology we have (ex. Satellite Imaging, Facial Recognition, CCTV, Drones, Tracking Systems, etc.), Do you think it's possible for a modern day superhero to keep their identity a secret? This is assuming the hero wears a mask. If yes... How would they get...
  2. Ocean

    Just opened up this beauty

    Gyazo - abd1d76de5161acb51ec96ceb4e4f7.jpg Great mood right now.
  3. Ocean

    Resolved: Boot Crash After Update

    So Windows 10 did a forced update. (All your files are right where you left them) When I restart my PC (W10 is on SSD), I see the blue Windows Icon and then the spinning wheel. The wheel spins once and then cuts into static and the startup crashes. I tried resetting the drive when it tried to...
  4. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous On Sale Now! $15

    GETTT ITTTT And they're doing a promo where you get 32 Skins for ships plus this next DLC!!!!
  5. Ocean

    What music do you listen to while playing?

    I personally listen to a Deadmau5 playlist.
  6. Ocean

    Concept Art

    Some concept art of the coming up Horizons update.
  7. Ocean

    A Simple Mining Tutorial/Guide

    This fellow explains the basics and great tips to Mining in space! Enjoy!
  8. Ocean

    Got my rank today

    Gold Nova I any ideas for practice?
  9. Ocean

    What Server Do You Play On?

    I currently play on this server: What server do you guys play on? Raiiken Merconic Deacon
  10. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous Player Roster

    Elite Dangerous Player Roster Please post in this thread if you'd like to have your CMDR name added to the roster. Tag me in case I don't see it. Fever Name CMDR Name (In-Game) Ocean Ocean Wretch Atakapa Kesem TheBossGuy Virus Luck Mowr Thielt lukey_c SenpaiNoticeMe...
  11. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous On Sale Now!

    In light of new partnerships Virtual Reality companies, Frontier is having a massive sale on digital copies of Elite: Dangerous. Now on STEAM and the Frontier store for $26.99! $26.99!!!!!!! and It comes with expansions! For those of you who didn't want to get the game for full price between...
  12. Ocean

    Inviting New Players

    Now that Elite: Dangerous Developers have given news on the release of their expansions: CQC Battles (Arena) Planetary Landings I encourage anyone who's wanted to buy or try this game to do so now, as the stages of awesomeness are continuously getting better each quarter! If you decide to...
  13. Ocean

    New Player Help

    People who have recently joined the clan and play Elite: Dangerous or are interested. Do you guys want to learn how to play? Need the basics? Control options? Combat? Menus and Maneuverability? This should serve as a basic help thread. Post here (with player tags optional) and we'll get...
  14. Ocean

    Useful Tools and Websites for Elite: Dangerous Players

    Reddit: Trading: Trade helper (Mk1) - Elite & Dangerous Roguey Elite Trade Net Route Plotting...
  15. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous Re-Releases Lifetime Expansion Pass

    So as the title says, Elite: Dangerous has re-released it's Lifetime Expansion Pass for all future content to ever become available to players. People who already own the game get a 'Loyalty Discount' of $15 or 10 Pounds in the UK. You can find more information here...
  16. Ocean

    Elite Dangerous PowerPlay

    For those of you who would like to know more about PowerPlay: Players can choose to pledge allegiance to one of several galactic Powers. Powers control multiple star systems and offer players valuable perks for their support. Every player...
  17. Ocean

    Discussion: Parasyte (Spoiler Alert)

    Has anyone watched Parasyte? Any ideas on what happens? I honestly like Migi most of all characters. Kana was really fucking annoying. Glad she died. His girlfriend needs to grow a pair; cries about everything. I'm wondering how much progress will come from the shapeshifting. I'm expecting...
  18. Ocean

    Resolved: Contemplating the GTX 980 Ti Hydro

    So I have recently been following the GTX 980 Ti Hydro that has been released this month from EVGA: EVGA - Products - EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti HYBRID - 06G-P4-1996-KR And these are the benchmarks: EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hybrid Review - Liquid Cooled Overclocking and Thermal Benchmarks | Gamers...
  19. Ocean

    I Need a 2nd Admin

    Looking for a 2nd Admin to help me run things in Rust. Admin will be helping with Server Mods and Updates and coming Events. Admin will need to know how to use an FTP Client and the Rusty Tool or be willing to learn. Admins can play the game whilst being an admin. Admin Abuse will not be...
  20. Ocean

    Engram Calculator (To Settle Skills) Enjoy guys. Hopes this helps you figure out which way you'd like to craft. I've already made my skill plan. Raiiken Aug Afflikted wal1ace Bizbon3 ShortySwe Buccolta Lucas_J._Maaloe Blackstone...
  21. Ocean

    Resolved: Selling My Fabulous EVGA GTX 780 3GB

    The EVGA GTX 780 3GB is going out of production for newer models. So it's going to become a Classic out of stock GPU never to be available again. The current last price on Newegg and Amazon are both over $500 (without taxes and shipping). I'm willing to part with it for $425 OBO (It's...
  22. Ocean

    Updates: Elite: Dangerous Players

    Looking for people who play this! I'm insanely addicted. And I would like to find people to play with! Group Trading or Group Bounty Hunting. Please Respond to this!
  23. Ocean

    First Rust Fever Game Night!

    So now that the server is stable with all the new updates, our first Rust Game Night begins tonight! @ 9:00PM EST 4/11 EDIT: Gamenight postponed 30 minutes to 9:30PM EST If you don't know how to directly connect: Press F1 and than in console type client.connect and it...
  24. Ocean

    News: WTH IS THIS??!!!

    I've NEVER seen this before.. and it just gives you a card pack? AWESOME!
  25. Ocean

    News: Rust Game Night and Updates

    So as people may know, the Rust server game night is on Saturdays and Mondays at 9pm EST However, I have now had to cancel the GN 3x because of either updates holding the server back (the game can often update hourly, daily or weekly), or because no one wants to play. The game night time will...