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  1. Bhuego

    Warcraft III: Reforged

    Anyone else excited for this to come out? Should be in the the next few months.
  2. Bhuego

    Finally got legend!

    Yeah it was in wild with the OP patron warrior but I got that card back!
  3. Bhuego

    Fever Tribe on Official 365

    We're building a big new base and could use extra hands with all the new content: Baby dinos, leveling, building, taming, Halloween, etc. so if you're interested in playing with us add me (Bhuego) on steam and our tribe can show you the ropes. Here's a picture of some recent progress we've...
  4. Bhuego

    Server 365

    Hey I've enjoyed playing this game for a few days on the 'official server 365' I have a small set up and can give care packages to anyone who's starting up. Just let me know if you get on :)
  5. Bhuego

    Coaching or general help.

    I'm looking for a friend here that can help me with my game play and decision making. I've been playing since beta and barely miss a quest, so I have a lot of good cards, just haven't ever made legendary ranks. So if you got time to help a bro hit me up on here or in game: Bhuego#1456f...
  6. Bhuego

    GW2 is on sale

    If you're thinking of playing gw2 with the new expansion it's only $10 this weekend. Jump on it while you can
  7. Bhuego

    DXRacer and Maxnomic gaming chairs

    I have $100 staples chair that is nearly completely flattened due to excessive use and is no longer comfortable. So I've noticed many pro gamers use both these chairs and I think it's a worthwhile investment only problem is I don't know which company to buy from. Here are links to each...
  8. Bhuego

    Streaming help

    I want to start streaming and raising money for charities. I was inspired by programs such as Extra Life and Child's Play. My problem is I don't know how to jump start it. I have a really good computer that could handle HD streaming. I use xsplit (free edition) to stream and I may use...
  9. Bhuego

    Hearthstone Q's

    I've been playing this beta for a while now, but I still don't some things about it... I've made it to Diamond 2 star already and I don't feel I've put in too much effort is the ladder system messed up? In arena's I've seen people with legendary cards, like dragons or multiple giants, but...
  10. Bhuego

    I got my beta Key :P

    While I was away on my honeymoon for a week I received 105 email. Halfway through I got an email inviting me to the beta :D woot woot. So if any other fever members out there have a beta key as well and would like to play just add me (Bhuego) and let's play some Hearthstone!!
  11. Bhuego

    SoS finally downed Tequatl

    Yup, the sunless has been slain this day. You can all rest easy knowing that dragon no longer plagues our server.
  12. Bhuego

    Leave of Absence

    I have had some life stuff come up recently and need to take two or three weeks to sort things out. Sorry to leave you guys high and dry, but I have can't play GW2 or games much at all for a bit. Sorry. Seeing that this is my favorite game/guild I felt obligated to let you guys know...
  13. Bhuego

    Guild Stash now open to Members

    With the growth of our guild and the addition of a Treasure Trove our Guild Stash is now a free for all for anyone with Member status! Feel free to put in dyes, potions, food, or anything you think would be more helpful to other members in the guild. As a side note we are only 4k influence...
  14. Bhuego

    New to Day Z

    Bought this at this summers steam sale and so far it's frustrating. Without friends I can't get enough done to find the appeal. Does fever still play this much? If so, when and what server?
  15. Bhuego

    MLG Olympians

    Check this out! I love that gaming has made some amazing steps forward in the sporting world, but didn't think it would go that far so quickly. The tone of the article doesn't seem serious enough to have me fully convinced of it's legitimacy, but I hope it is :3 Can't wait to sit at Buffalo...
  16. Bhuego

    Quantity vs Quality

    I know our guild is striving for a closer knit player base, but the content progression of Guild Wars 2 requires a certain quantity that, at the present moment, our guild is lacking. Can we try and get our name more out there and invite more people to Fever for exclusive Guild Wars purposes...
  17. Bhuego

    Bhuego's Application

    Games you play: League of Legends, StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, War of the Roses, TF2 Main Game: League of Legends Age: 21 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Bhuego Starcraft 2 Username: Bhuego SWTOR/Diablo 3...