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  1. tiltedslim

    NA Mordhau?

    Anyone in here playing Mordhau and want to party up sometime?
  2. tiltedslim

    Who's out there?

    Playing again....we'll see how long it lasts. If I'm playing I'm usually on discord if you want to not be lonely as the 1v1 ladder can feel that way. I'm also always down to play team games and whatever else. Plat Zerg BTW for practice info
  3. tiltedslim

    Liquid Taeja is back!

    Hellz yeah! Says he'll be streaming a lot. I hope he gets back up there too.
  4. tiltedslim

    eSports: GSL Season 3 finals are tonight (or tomorrow morning)

    If it wasn't for Serral I'd agree. At this point I think he's the best Terran SC2 has had. Better than MVP and peak Innovation.
  5. tiltedslim

    eSports: GSL Season 3 finals are tonight (or tomorrow morning)

    I think it's Maru all day 4-2. Who you got?
  6. tiltedslim

    Event: Who wants some game nights?!

    Would be down anytime in the pm except Sat night.
  7. tiltedslim

    eSports: Was Neeb playing that good or was Rogue playing that poorly?

    I was really stoked on Neeb's play in this match up until I realized that Rogue made some very questionable choices (2 base Swarm Host?). You tell me.
  8. tiltedslim

    Event: FSL September sign ups. It's back baby.

    Tiltedslim#1368 Gold - Terran So I don't have to play ZvZ :)
  9. tiltedslim

    For old time's sake : Innovation vs Taeja

    TaeJa either just did or is about to complete his military service. Hope he comes back to the game.
  10. tiltedslim

    eSports: GSL vs. The World Brackets

    I finally watched the Stats vs Serral match today. Games were great! Serral is playing too good!
  11. tiltedslim

    eSports: GSL vs. The World Brackets

    I swear if Serral loses to some ZvZ and I don't get to see him play against Maru I'm going to be disappointed. Although the prospect of Serral vs. Rogue is interesting, but fuck ZvZ. What do you think?
  12. tiltedslim


    Well, I got 2 teeth pulled the other day so I ate some hydrocodone and tried to play some Zerg. I was waaaayyyyy too slow, so I played my placement games for protoss and got placed in silver and lost a bunch of games but had fun. We get a second night of GSL in a row tonight. Game night is...
  13. tiltedslim

    So far no good

    Dude I thought you came into the chat in discord last night. Reaper was there, he could have hooked you up.
  14. tiltedslim

    eSports: Best PvZ I've seen prob since LotV

    You've probably seen it somewhere, but just in case you didn't. Game 2 of this set is awesome.
  15. tiltedslim

    Favorite moment from HSC

    DrSmitherine his introduction for SoO for the finals was pretty great too.
  16. tiltedslim

    Steam Summer Sale

    I snagged this bundle with the controller last year for like $45.00 or something like that. Not the worst deal.
  17. tiltedslim

    Steam Summer Sale

    How's your summer sale going? What games are my fellow Feverians getting that could use another player? I haven't gotten a whole lot of anything yet and I'm looking to pick up a few games that I can play with some of you.
  18. tiltedslim

    eSports: Is Maru a bonjwa?

    With his win over Zest last night Maru is back to back GSL Code S champ. Pair those with his WESC win earlier in the year and he's looked unstoppable. Let's say if he wins Season 3 of Code S and Blizzcon, would we have the first bonjwa of SC2?
  19. tiltedslim

    KumihO's help thread

    Kumih0 - I think you should drop some of your replays in here, maybe with a little explanation of why you did X thing and Y matchup.
  20. tiltedslim


    Aw you're cute. I haven't been bronze since season 1 of WoL man c'mon. I did actually think of you when I started wanting to learn Terran. I was thinking of playing unranked or practicing or something like that and then I remember that night that you, me, and Billy Da Bob all played random...
  21. tiltedslim


    I just now figured out that they made separate MMR for all the races and random for 1v1 while I wasn't playing this game. So now I'm trying to place as Terran and it is......interesting. Why don't the workers become the buildings? Why can't I just make marines, A-move and win? To Bronze...
  22. tiltedslim

    If you didn't see MC and MMA on the B stream of WCS Austin

    Someone posted the whole MMA playing Protoss match.
  23. tiltedslim

    If you didn't see MC and MMA on the B stream of WCS Austin

    You were missing out. It was easily the best part of the whole day of watching Starcraft. MC was coaching MMA to play Protoss and MMA was coaching MC to play Terran. Just one of many great clips. The entire vod of them with Rifkin...
  24. tiltedslim

    What type of music do you like to listen to?

    I have horrible music ADD and I'm constantly trying out new stuff. 311, Incubus, Deftones are the top 3 forever and always. Lately it's been also Periphery, Attila, Cage the Elephant, Nero, Mord Fustang, MGMT, and a whole lot of anything related to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (I'm...
  25. tiltedslim

    General Tips and Tricks

    Hi Fluffaluffapuss . I can't really speak for Terran, but I think one of the first things a player getting serious needs is a couple of build orders to practice. You can find all kinds of BO's at Spawning Tool: StarCraft 2 Build Orders . Here is a TL post from PiG with a beginning Terran strat...