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  1. WaywordOne

    Anyone Vape?

    Got the snowwolf vfeng and its an awesome mod. as for a tank im using the super beast v12
  2. WaywordOne

    Do any of you ride?

    I havent rode a bike with an engine but i mountain bike
  3. WaywordOne

    Multi Shot Demon Hunter

    Why not cube the COE and get focus/restraint and replace the neck with hell fire or squirts? I run it with squirts and its helped me push GRs
  4. WaywordOne

    Raid sign up

    I can DPS and tank down the road
  5. WaywordOne

    Anyone here into getting some raids in???

    Just started as well and would be down for raids.
  6. WaywordOne

    Approved: WaywordOne's Application to Join

    User name: WaywordOne Age: 23 Gender: Male Game(s) you play: FFxiv, League of Legends, Escape from Tarcov, BDO, star craft, and a lot more Current In-Game Username(s) you would like to share: WaywordOne Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes What is your Discord username and #...
  7. WaywordOne

    Finding anon

  8. WaywordOne

    BDO is TO pay to win. Sliphantom's video on WoT made me realize this.

    idk i hate the mp and i do buy pearls but im behind u guys in GS but not in other departments
  9. WaywordOne

    BDO is TO pay to win. Sliphantom's video on WoT made me realize this.

    WoT is ptw and bdo isnt really i mean the only pay thing that makes a huge difference is a value pack however u can get it in auction... so pay for convenience
  10. WaywordOne

    Web Site Updates / Upgrades (vbulletin) Aka old

    I agree with the declutter
  11. WaywordOne

    Status of Star Citizen

    So I haven't been following Star Citizen since the garage module was released. I am curious where the game is at now and if we have a group already started up.
  12. WaywordOne

    Event: FSL August Sign ups

    For sure, I want to get back into SC. I haven't played since Co-op was introduced...
  13. WaywordOne

    Tag Team Fighting Tournament

    I wanna do a tourn. it would be a bunch of fun if we can get the guild on and ready at a good time (not 3 hours waiting to do something)
  14. WaywordOne

    Fishing and Partial Trading

    Honestly this video is very helpful and the guy who does the guides has a lot of valuable info to give out!
  15. WaywordOne

    Event: FSL August Sign ups

    i would but im moving at the start of august so bad month for me
  16. WaywordOne

    Returning Possibly.

    For sure :)
  17. WaywordOne

    Does anyone still play?

    I personally love playing modded (arkmon ftw) but if anyone wants to play id be down
  18. WaywordOne

    Returning Possibly.

    So I havent touched league in god knows how long, and I have been thinking on returning. (I havent played since start of season 5) I was wondering what state is the game in atm.
  19. WaywordOne


    When learning the maps try and find the health packs. They will save u time and time again. It is great to watch youtubers but i always say it's best to learn the game at a steady pace by playing matches. The community is fairly noob friendly as long as you avoid comp until you are ready.
  20. WaywordOne

    Fact of the day

    Fun fact, the sky appears blue when light from the sun enters our atmosphere it collides with molecules in the air. The blue part of the light gets scattered more than the other parts during these collisions and thus makes the sky appear to our eyes as blue.
  21. WaywordOne

    socks on guys during sex

    I don't wear socks ever #sandalsforlife
  22. WaywordOne

    Season 11 Event Kick-Off: 7/20/2017

    Can't Wait!